First Impressions | Simple Moisturiser

I've been trying to find the best moisturiser for me for some time now, and I thought while doing that I could write up a post on my first impressions of the one I've been using at the moment.

I know many people love simple, though in the past I haven't had the best results due to lots of blemishes, and probably because of other things that kept my skin from tidying up. Anyway since the simple products has money off in Superdrug the other week I thought I might as well give the oil balancing one a go since my skin has been overly shiny this summer. Okay I'm doing really bad at this introduction so lets get onto the actual product.

Starting off with the packaging, it's pretty much the same as any other Simple product with the simple but clean look about it; that I do like very much. The product is also in a tube, so though tub moisturisers have become quite popular I feel (or that could just be me while keeping an eye on the Korean beauty market) I do find tube products much more practical. As, one I would always be loosing the spatula for the tub and tube is also much easier to take with me when I go anywhere, so you don't have to have more than one product. The cap is also one that doesn't come undone easily so all around yay for packaging.

On to the actual product inside. When I first opened the product I would describe the scent as a typical simple one, that I can't decide if I like or not but it something that doesn't effect how much I like a product. The actual consistency of the moisturiser is in plain words light. It doesn't sit heavily on the skin, and absorbs pretty quickly - which I love because I'm never one to sit still to long waiting for products to finish their job - as well as not being too sticky, which I have found in quite a few other moisturisers and I have to say I'm not a fan off. However I'm definitely becoming a fan of this Simple product.

Honestly when I first used this it did leave my face feeling slightly tight around my jaw, which though happens with quite a few other moisturisers (and is probably common and me just being overly fussy) I'm not a big fan of it. However, since I'm writing this a couple of weeks after starting using it, I have found it doesn't really do that anymore, so most likely was just my skin getting used to a new product.

Finally, the product from the short time I've used it, has done as the tube says in the terms of controlling shine and mattifying, which is why I bought the product in the first place.

Overall, unless I get recommendations for a better product I will carry on using this product and enjoying how much I look less like a disco ball when wearing it. Though if there was one thing I would add to a moisturiser it would be some SPF to the formula as it means less products to put on my face, but that's just me being lazy ^_^. I don't normally rate products but if I was going to I would give this a 4/5.

I'm definitely working on writing more detailed first impressions and reviews for you guys so I hope they are helpful to at least one person. What is you favourite moisturiser of all time or at least this moment in time?