Blue Shimmer Make-up Look

The other day while tidying up my make-up, I rediscovered this bright blue eye shadow than had been hidden in my make-up box for what feels like forever. So the beauty blogger in me was like lets make a look with this eyeshadow and post it for the world to see. I had no plan for this look when I started I just kind of stared at my make-up collection (which is actually pretty small) and experimented. I actually quite like the look that came out, even if my family did give me that 'what is that' look when I went down stairs to take photos outside.

So for this look I pretty much only focused on the eyes, as this was just a fun look I created randomly, so started with a base nude shadow to create a decent canvas for the bright colour that was to come. Which it did being this bright blue that I found.

I placed that on the centre of my lids and then used a darker blueish black to push into the crease and blend. Blending is a total key to this eye look I realised as I went along. I also took the darker shade along the bottom outer half of my eye and the lighter shade on the inner half.

I then went back to top up the bright blue on top, and lined both top and bottom water lines with a black pencil eyeliner. I actually rarely fully line my bottom water line with dark colours so this try out was pretty fun. Of course I then had to wing out the liner on the top so my eyes didn't look so swamped in just shadow, as well as a good coating a mascara.

Finally I tidied everything up with concealer (and a bit of foundation), added a pearl shade eye shadow to the inner corners of my eyes and I was done!

I think the results came out pretty good since I was pretty much just playing around with make-up. But that's the fun of it right to experiment and express yourself through art on your face. Even if your family does give you weird looks afterwards.

I very much stepped out of my usual comfort zone for make-up with this blue eye shadow, do you often use bright colours? Or do you just stick to those natural colours?