BLACKPINK Inspired Make-up

Sophie's Spot

So I'm once again back with my K-pop inspired make-up looks, and though I know probably the majority if not all my readers on here are not too bothered about k-pop I enjoy making the looks so I hope you find them somewhat interesting.

Anyway just this week a new group from YG Entertainment debuted, their first girl group since 2NE1. And I have to say I'm loving them already. But apart from the music this post is on their make-up, which is absolutely gorgeous. I've tried my best to make it for more double eyelid type of eyes, so I hope I've done a good job.

So starting off with base makeup like always is the same yada yada, as well as the brows. Which once again I tried to keep as straight as possible, but in reality is not really possible with my brows which are rather curved and swoop round my eye, as well as being untidy as well. Anyhow that's pretty much the base, and then onto the eyes which once again is the focus of any makeup look I do.

I first used a light nude shade for a base colour of my eyelids, to not only cancel out any discolouration but it will also give the other colours the ability to show their true colours. So for this I used 'desire' out of my Stila palette as it is a pretty good match for my skin tone. Then before any more eyeshadow I tight-lined my eyes as that is always so difficult to do after putting on the rest of the make-up.

Back to eyeshadow I took a matte brown from my revolution palette and used that colour with a fluffy brush to blend in to my crease. Since BLACKPINK don't have much eyeshadow on their top lids I tried to create something simple, as without shadow on top my eyes look really out of proportion; resulting in this kind of shadowing of the top lips, that I kind of really liked. I just blended this colour out till it looked kind of smoky but also somewhat natural. Then in preparation for the black eyeliner that I will be winging out, I used a black eyeshadow out of the Stila palette to give it a some what smokier look. Then the black eyeliner came, which I winged out to how I normally wear it anyways.

Now onto the shadow for the bottom of my eyes. I took the darker of the pinks from the revolution palette and focused this on the outer half of my bottom water line. I actually struggled with this part of the make-up look, since I pretty much don't own any out there bright eyeshadows, mine a more everyday wearable colours. However in BLACKPINK's music video they has this gorgeous pink colour along the bottom eye line, so (though I have no idea if it's actually okay) I used the brighter of my pink L'Oreal lip cushions and dabbed this over where the shadow I had put on before. I have to say it some what worked, even if it still wasn't as bright as I wanted it but what you gonna do ^_^. I did then tidy up everything with some more concealer under the eyes and topped the eye look off with some mascara.


Almost done with the look, we're on to the lips. Which I kept simple with a gradient lip using the Benetint and a bb cushions, and topped it off with a bit of light pink lip gloss to give it a bit more of a shine. And tah-dah we are done!

I know most of you probably don't know who BlackPink is but I hope you liked this inspired make-up look, and if you have time maybe give their music a listen to. Is there anyone else you would like me to do an inspired make-up look off of?