Back To School Lookbook

I've pretty much left this till the last minute but who really wants to think about going back to college till it's almost September. Okay, I have been thinking about it but that's because I've been off since July and I'm so bored at home I want to get back to college to get me out the house (I've also had 'summer homework' to do).

Anyway, I didn't want to do too many back to school posts since a ton of people already either post blog posts on them or create YouTube videos for the season, so this one shall be the first of a two-part series. After my more personal post on Wednesday, I decided I wanted to do more fashion posts so that's why one of my back to school parts is this lookbook. Who knows if I'll actually wear these outfits to college, I tend to find an outfit and wear it continuously (okay maybe not that much I would probably stink but you get the point) as I'm not the bravest of people when reaching out of my comfort zone for fashion, but we'll see.

In this photo, from the knee upwards, I am wearing some light washed blue mom jeans, a black tank top and a hippy styled long kimono
From the knees down are showing in this photo. Wearing light washed blue mom jeans paired with black trainer socks and black and white low top converses
A shot of the same outfit as in the past photos but taken from the angle as if I'm looking down at my own outfit

Back To School Look no.1

One of the slightly more dressed up casual outfits from my wardrobe. I don't have many interesting tops so instead, I layer up with nice throw overs like this one from Select. The jeans are a pair of comfy boyfriend style jeans from Peacocks, as we all know that comfort is key for long days at college. To finish off the look is just a pair of black converses from Newlook, which are pretty much my go-to pair of shoes for college since they look nice and are comfy to walk in.

Taken of the upper body, I am wearing a dark red short sleeve top tucked into a pair of black skinny jeans. Matched with a black backpack as well
Showing more of the black jeans in this photo
Looking down on an outfit of a dark red top, black skinny jeans, black and white converses and a black MI backpack with a leopard print front pocket

Back To School Look no.2

Is a slightly less girly look, and probably one for those less sunny days with the dark colours in it, but saying that the majority of my wardrobe is darker wash pieces anyway. This is definitely one of those looks for a running late day with a pair of black jeans that I'm sure everyone owns at this point and a slouchy top that can either be worn untucked or tucked in. I prefer my tops tucked if the jeans are high-waisted like these ones, mainly to show I still do have a figure under there ^_^.

Upper body shot. An outfit consisting of a black skater skirt, white top and light washed blue denim jacket
Lower body shot showing the black skater skirt, white top and blue light washed denim jacket. The model is also wearing a white nail polish and is carrying a pastel purple binder
A photo of some black school shoes paired together with some black socks

Back To School Look no.3

A more girly look that though is one that I'm not sure I will wear since I don't normally wear skirts or anything other than jeans to college really is one that I'll have at the ready in case it is needed. You can't really go wrong with a skater skirt as I'm sure they suit everyone and being black as well means it's really easy to match into different outfits. The denim jacket is a new addition to my wardrobe and came off the sales in Newlook, and I thought it gave the outfit a bit more ump. To finish the outfit off I paired it with these heeled shoes (though not that high) which made it feel that much more put together.

After a year a college I think I've finally got used to having to pick out an outfit to wear each day instead of a uniform there ready for you. Which out of these 3 is your favourite? Do you wear anything similar or is your daily look for school/college completely different?

Also, I'm curious about what sort of fashion post formats you prefer, ones where it is just one outfit or something like this lookbook?