Blue Shimmer Make-up Look

The other day while tidying up my make-up, I rediscovered this bright blue eye shadow than had been hidden in my make-up box for what feels like forever. So the beauty blogger in me was like lets make a look with this eyeshadow and post it for the world to see. I had no plan for this look when I started I just kind of stared at my make-up collection (which is actually pretty small) and experimented. I actually quite like the look that came out, even if my family did give me that 'what is that' look when I went down stairs to take photos outside.

BLACKPINK Inspired Make-up

Sophie's Spot

So I'm once again back with my K-pop inspired make-up looks, and though I know probably the majority if not all my readers on here are not too bothered about k-pop I enjoy making the looks so I hope you find them somewhat interesting.

Anyway just this week a new group from YG Entertainment debuted, their first girl group since 2NE1. And I have to say I'm loving them already. But apart from the music this post is on their make-up, which is absolutely gorgeous. I've tried my best to make it for more double eyelid type of eyes, so I hope I've done a good job.

First Impressions | Simple Moisturiser

I've been trying to find the best moisturiser for me for some time now, and I thought while doing that I could write up a post on my first impressions of the one I've been using at the moment.

What's In My Holiday Make-up Bag

I don't think I've done a post like this for quite some time now, but since I'll be going on holiday soon, as I'm sure many people are going to or have already gone, I thought it would be as good enough time as any to do this post.

I was actually trying to keep this make-up bag light since I don't want to spend a long time doing my make-up while on holiday as I'm sure goes the same for many other people as well, but somehow it seems my make-up bag is full to the top. Either I've packed too much or my make-up bag is smaller than my past ones.