Summer Comeback make-up

Heyy everyone,

So recently with it being summer I've been trying to change my everyday makeup up a bit. Add that to the fact that a lot of kpop groups are releasing summer songs/music videos, I thought I could combine the two into a make-up post on a make-up look that is practical to wear everyday but also has that bit of a summer music video look in it as well. In particular this one is inspired off of Sonamoo and their make-up in their new music video for 'I Like U Too Much'. I'm obsessed with this song and doing pretty well at learning the dance as well, but this is a makeup post so let's get into it.

Like always for any make-up looks I do I started with foundation, really it would have been better to use a bb-cream or something lighter on my face for the summer but my skin is not in the best condition so foundation it shall be. I then did my normal concealer routine trying to make sure I didn't still look like a zombie.

With my base done I went onto my eyebrows. If you read my June favourites on Sunday I wrote about my new eyebrow powder that I've been loving recently, I know powder is not everyone's preference but I want to keep my make-up light and more natural. To go along with that more light look (if that even a way of describing make-up) I tried to keep my brows as straight as possible. Though the shape is totally up to you and your face shape, going off it being Sonamoo inspired I tried to keep my natural slightly arched brows more straighter.

Now onto the main part of the look, the eyes! 

I started off my using a black waterproof pencil liner to tight-line my eyes. Then using a thin detailer brush, the real technique one is my favourite, I used a light brown eye shadow and brushed it along my upper lid where I would place the eyeliner later, this gave me a more softer look to the eye. I also didn't take it too far up on my eyelid since I get quite oily lids and the eye shadow tend to crease quite drastically, so I kept eye shadow to a minimum. But I did though create a 'v' at the outer corner of my eye and took it slightly along the bottom lashes, this meant the at the end the who eye look blended in nicely together.

With base shadow on I came in with my black eyeliner and of course winged it at the end. My wings at the moment have been pretty straight, I would like to say it was inspired by Sonamoo but really it is because it is so much easier to get the two eyes looking the same when I draw eyeliner on straight, as I just follow the upper lash line when my eyes are closed. If anyone has any tricks on getting even winged liner let me know please.

And now onto my favourite part of this look, the gold accents. You know the trend of highlighting the inner corners and along the bottom lashes that has been around, well I kind of used that but mainly focused the gold along the centre of my bottom lashes. I don't know what it is about this trick that has become key in my everyday make-up, but it makes me feel happy and pretty. All sparkly ^_^.

To then finish off the look as always I added mascara to my top lashes, and tahdahh the eye make-up was done. All that was left to the look was to add colour to my lips. I had already put lip balm on before I even started the make-up look, so I just added a light pink lip gloss to them and there we are done.

I have no idea if people enjoy reading make-up blog posts any more, I feel people just tend to watch them on YouTube. Let me know how you prefer to read/watch make-up looks and how to do them. Have you changed anything in your make-up routines recently for the summer?

Bye Lovelies,
Sophie xox