Outfit Snaps | A Summer Heatwave

With the weather heating up quite drastically over the last week I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring back another outfit snap for you guys. I've actually spent the last week pretty much inside all the time, quite frequently in front of the fan trying not to over heat, I really don't do well in heat, I'm somewhat jealous of people who don't burn and melt in this heat, as I pretty much become really hopeless at functioning well in heat ^_^.

So anyway in this outfit snap I'm wearing my new found favourite being my grey high waisted shorts. If I haven't mentioned before I really not confident in how my legs are to the point where I would wear full length trousers all the time even on the hottest of days. However over the last year or two I've been learning to feel more confident in my body to the point I can now go outside (as in walking about town not just in the back garden) in shorts or skirts. It probably helps that these shorts from h&m, they were in the sale so I have no idea if they are still there, fit really nicely for my liking. For tops I've been trying to wear something light or not overly fitting. I posted about this top back in my summer time haul the other month, and have loved wearing it, particularly over this hot week since its one of my few lighter coloured tops, my wardrobe isn't the most summery. I didn't really pair this outfit with any accessories, apart from the sunglasses because we all know how much I love them, since I didn't want the extra heavy weight on my while I'm trying to stay cool, however I do tend to always have a hair tie on my wrist at all times, to have if I ever wanted to tie back my hair - though with my now shorter hair it made it hard to tie it back.

I should also mention that my little sister took all these photos minus the close up of the sunglasses, so though she doesn't know it I'm going to make sure she has the credit. I'm quite thankful really as though I've figured out ways of taking outfit photos by myself it is definitely easier with a helping hand and takes much less time.

What has been your go to outfit for this last week? Are any of you away on holiday yet? Where have you gone? I'm not being to nosey right ^_^ When I go on holiday in a couple of weeks I might not post, depending if I can get some written this week or not, but otherwise I'll be sure to take lots of photos.