Outfit Snaps | Another Summer Day

Shorts - H&M | Top - Newlook | Cardi - Select | Shoes - Newlook | Sunglasses - Primark

Though the weather was still warm as the rest of the week, it had definitely cooled down a few notches particular in the evenings. I stuck with my favourite and only pair of shorts that had become a key part in any outfit I had worn, and which I can reassure you will be appearing in many more fashion posts in the future. This time though I paired the shorts up with a black crop top. Okay, so maybe black isn't a typical colour to wear when it's not just hot but the sun is blazing down, but since it was cropped - and I spent most of my time inside blogging anyway - it was pretty much the same as any other top in my wardrobe. Together these two pieces go perfectly well, however I like to have something covering my shoulders when I go outside, since I burn super quickly even with factor 50 sun-cream. Anyway this cardi (I think you would call it a cardi) has been one of my favourite pieces recently. I don't own anything else like it, and though I don't style it often I do really like the festival kind of vibe, which I wish I could rock more often. To finish off this outfit snap, I paired it with sunglasses and a pair of slip on shoes. The sunglasses I don't think I have to talk about too much, but the shoes are a pair from newlook I got ages ago and found under my bed, the amount of stuff under there is amazing. And since they are a bright blue colour, I felt they brought something to the outfit.

I once again had nowhere to go out too, but who said getting dressed up was only for those who had places to go.

I actually changed up this outfit from a few weeks before at a university open day where I had paired the same outfit but with full leg length jeans instead of shorts when the weather had been much less warm. As well as with more sturdy shoes for walking around a lot.

Funny thing is, while I'm writing this post as I'm going to schedule it for when I'm on holiday, it is actually raining outside. Oh leave it up to British weather to always be changing it's mind.

Anyway, since I've done quite a few posts with these shorts now, how would you style them?