30 Things That Makes Me Smile

Heyy everyone,

So I've been a little absent this last week, I really have no excuse for that apart from that I just wasn't feeling up to blogging. I don't know why it was happening to me, I just couldn't produce anything that I felt like was good enough to post on the internet. I'm sure every blogger has gone through this phase, so instead of mopping about not getting anything right I gave myself the allowance to use the pause button from writing. Despite this though I have tried to get myself to work with coming up with ideas and taking photos. Legit spent the last week taking photos, watching dramas and doing chores for my mum as well as some college stuff. But anyway this is the post I had planned in for today, so we might as well get into it.

I'm actually someone who either smiles and laughs a lot or I'm completely silent, it depends on where I am and who I'm with. If you can make me laugh, we would probably become quick friends. But I thought for this post I would create a list of things that make me smile no matter where or when or what I'm feeling originally. If you relate to any of these let me know in the comments ^_^.

  1. When friends randomly pop up and hold a decent conversation.
  2. When my sisters' do one of those unexpected nice things.
  3. Family in general.
  4. Adorable romance scenes in dramas.
  5. Happy endings.
  6. Idols on reality or variety shows, being adorable dorks and making me laugh.
  7. Quotes that make me feel like I'm not alone.
  8. Getting really sweet comments on a blog post.
  9. Chatting with other bloggers in twitter chats.
  10. And finding more people you can relate to.
  11. When a photo comes out really great.
  12. The times my sisters' and I get along unexpectedly.
  13. Evening pink sunsets that lead to clear nights where you can see the stars.
  14. K-pop reaction videos.
  15. Ticking everything off my to-do-list.

  16. Music!
  17. When it's raining but you're inside in the warm.
  18. Completing a blog post that I've been planning for a long time.
  19. Looking through old photo albums.
  20. Good mirror days.
  21. Accomplishing something good on this blog.
  22. Getting a good grade back on a test.
  23. Chocolate!
  24. When my notes look neat and pretty after spending ages on them.
  25. Fresh air after long car journeys.
  26. When I remember something I learnt years ago but think of randomly.
  27. Giving someone a helping hand.
  28. Pausing while reading a good book to savour the moment.
  29. When an unexpected song comes on in a playlist.
  30. My Pinterest feed.
I thought this post was going to be trickier than it actually was too write. It seems I smile quite easily. I think I could have added more to the list, but then the number of points wouldn't be a nice number so I left it at 30 >_< .I would love to know what makes you guys smile, giggle and laugh. Oh as well, I've been meaning to join more twitter chats over the summer so if you recommend any can you let me know the hashtag and time ^_^