25 Things I Want To Do This Summer

This post is pretty late since I'm already a good two weeks into my summer holidays already, but I decided I might as well still post it since I have over a month left of trying to figure out what to do. I'm sure I'm not the only one who says they are going to do a ton of stuff over the summer but then end up hauled up in their room all the time wasting time online watching TV or something similar, I actually spend a good portion of my time reading normally during my summers. So I thought this year if I wrote them down in a post there will be, hopefully, more possibility of myself keeping to the things I want to do.

  1. Make time to see my friends (as I'm such a terrible person at socialising)
  2. Bake something, most likely cookies but who knows
  3. Complete an online course
  4. Watch a sunset
  5. And hopefully watch a sunrise
  6. Reach another milestone on this blog, I don't care what in 
  7. Finish reading the book thief, that I started last year but never finished as I got distracted by books on wattpad
  8. Cook a meal, I've been meaning to trying cooking some Korean food at some point
  9. Drink more water
  10. Explore more while on holiday
  11. Spend time with my family
  12. Talk to new people, I have no idea how or when but let's give it a try
  13. Back to school shopping, we all secretly like it particularly the stationary
  14. Giving vlogging a go again
  15. Get to see the sea
  16. Remove my headphones for once and listen to the world
  17. Take lots of photos
  18. Learn more about different features on my camera
  19. Join more Twitter chats 
  20. Make sure I don't forget everything I learned at college the last year
  21. Have a movie marathon (what series do you recommend?)
  22. Pick up a sketch book again
  23. Enjoy the moments more often
  24. Spend more time in the sun
  25. Fully learn a BTS choreography
With these now written down I hope I can tick them all off, well at least the majority of them. What do you want to do over this summer? Have you been up to anything fun already?