25 Things I Want To Do This Summer

This post is pretty late since I'm already a good two weeks into my summer holidays already, but I decided I might as well still post it since I have over a month left of trying to figure out what to do. I'm sure I'm not the only one who says they are going to do a ton of stuff over the summer but then end up hauled up in their room all the time wasting time online watching TV or something similar, I actually spend a good portion of my time reading normally during my summers. So I thought this year if I wrote them down in a post there will be, hopefully, more possibility of myself keeping to the things I want to do.

Top 5 Disney Films

Heyy everyone,

Apart from my obvious love for Korean music I do actually enjoy some English songs as well, and though I do like listening to Fall Out Boy and Bastille I always end up back up at Disney songs. This leads onto this post which is actually about the Disney films rather than the songs, however my favourites do tend to have my favourite songs in their line up.

Anyway when coming up with this list I actually came towards the problem that I love so many films that the list could go on for a good couple of blog posts lengths, so to narrow it down I came up with the conclusion that I should write about the movies that I've seen more than once or twice, because that then would be a clear indication that they are truly my top favourites. But apart from that lets get into this list.

Oh and I also want to say there isn't really much of an order to these top 5, I couldn't possibly rank them from one to five as best to worst in the top 5, I enjoy them too much for that.

30 Things That Makes Me Smile

Heyy everyone,

So I've been a little absent this last week, I really have no excuse for that apart from that I just wasn't feeling up to blogging. I don't know why it was happening to me, I just couldn't produce anything that I felt like was good enough to post on the internet. I'm sure every blogger has gone through this phase, so instead of mopping about not getting anything right I gave myself the allowance to use the pause button from writing. Despite this though I have tried to get myself to work with coming up with ideas and taking photos. Legit spent the last week taking photos, watching dramas and doing chores for my mum as well as some college stuff. But anyway this is the post I had planned in for today, so we might as well get into it.

I'm actually someone who either smiles and laughs a lot or I'm completely silent, it depends on where I am and who I'm with. If you can make me laugh, we would probably become quick friends. But I thought for this post I would create a list of things that make me smile no matter where or when or what I'm feeling originally. If you relate to any of these let me know in the comments ^_^.

Summer Comeback make-up

Heyy everyone,

So recently with it being summer I've been trying to change my everyday makeup up a bit. Add that to the fact that a lot of kpop groups are releasing summer songs/music videos, I thought I could combine the two into a make-up post on a make-up look that is practical to wear everyday but also has that bit of a summer music video look in it as well. In particular this one is inspired off of Sonamoo and their make-up in their new music video for 'I Like U Too Much'. I'm obsessed with this song and doing pretty well at learning the dance as well, but this is a makeup post so let's get into it.

Like always for any make-up looks I do I started with foundation, really it would have been better to use a bb-cream or something lighter on my face for the summer but my skin is not in the best condition so foundation it shall be. I then did my normal concealer routine trying to make sure I didn't still look like a zombie.

June Favourites

Heyy everyone,

It's that time again, time for a monthly favourites, which are not really monthly any more because I don't typically find myself using new products each month and I don't want to bore you guys with the same thing over and over again. But I do think it is time to write up another favourites, plus I'm trying to get out of the runt I've been in since coming back after exams, so I'm going to ease myself back in with a familiar and favourite post.

Apart from that, can anyone believe it is already July? Like seriously that means by the end of this week I will have finished my first year at college. I don't feel old enough yet to be thinking about going to university next year, and I'm sure I only left school the other month. This year has gone way to fast. But alas this is a favourite post so I should probably get into talking about the products.

First up over this past month for my make-up I've started to go more brighter and girly with it since we are now fully into summer - it might be the only summery part of my look since I tend to wear darker clothes with black jeans being my main staple piece. Anyway this is the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick in 002 Virgin which you can see from the picture. I got this lip product back in March for my birthday from a friend and have only really recently started wearing it. The colour is a bright pink, which isn't light or dark it's kind of in the middle sort of colour. I'm not typically the sort of person who wears pink on the lips, I'm more of red, purple or some times nude kind of person, but this colour has won me over. It has helped bring some sort of colour back into my outfits. In addition it's matte, which is great for me, I'm not really one who goes for the glossy lip looks, so this has made it a great staple in my make-up routine.

Next up for make-up I have the Freedom Duo Brow Powder. Yes it is official I have started to try and tame my eyebrows. I know people have had them plucked and what not before but I don't really want to go spend money on something I would probably be terrible at keeping up, so instead I've been embracing my eyebrows as they are, as well as filling them in slightly as they can be so sparse. This due has been great for that, not only have I been able to create a gradient effect like natural eyebrows tend to have, but I'm able to mix the colours which seems to fit to me better. Plus the mirror is now one of the best I own ^_^. Also it was pretty cheap, and for how well it works I'm pretty proud of this little bargain.

So lastly for make up I have the L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Powder. If you didn't know I went through a stage of not using any powder at all for my make-up, but since it has been getting warmer (trying not to jinx anything) the shine on my face has been real. This product was actually recommended by a friend on twitter, and though I didn't actually pick up the right shade that I would typically use for my skin tone - what can I say I was in a rush - due to it being powder it is less noticeable, and maybe brings a bit more colour to my pale face. I legit don't tan it's so unfair.
Along with that I have also been loving the Nivea Purifying Cleansing Gel. Over the last month I have been trying to get my skin routine up and going again and this is just one of the steps. I use it every morning before I go in with moisturiser and then my make-up. To be honest with you all I don't know if it actually does much for my skin, since I tend to break out for a range of reasons making it hard to track, however it does leave my skin feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

How could I write a favourites post with out mentioning my sunglasses. I'm sure by now you guys understand my love for sunglasses. Sun's out = put sunglasses on. Don't want to do eye make-up = put sunglasses on. Can't find anything to hold hair off face = put sunglasses on. As well as that the different shapes and colours they come in can totally make an outfit. Plus I feel like a vampire when going out in the sun, so I've needed sunglasses this last month, as well to hide my eyes when the pollen count is high. Sunglasses therefore and evermore will be on my favourites list ^_^.

Would it really be a blog post from me with some kind of mention towards musics. I know the majority are not into Kpop (so you can totally skip this paragraph if you want to, I won't hold anything against you) but over this last few months the summer comebacks of many of my favourite idols has been none stop, just later on today I think Seventeen is releasing a new song, as well as Astro just the other day. But those aren't songs that I was listening to through the month of June so I shall get onto those now.

  • EXO - Monster
  • Henry - Fantastic
  • Monsta X - All In
  • BTS - Save Me
  • Baek A Yeon - So So
All of them are new out this year apart from Henry's song but I love them all the same. Frankly there are many more that I have been listening to and loving but these are the ones that I have had on repeat. Have you listened to any of these? Are there any other good songs that you think I should check out (I really don't care what language they are in)?

Well that's it, for June this year and my favourites post. Though it hasn't been overly summery here with storms and lots of rain - though mind you I do actually really enjoy that sort of weather as long as I'm inside - have you been loving anything this last month? Anything off my list, or something completely new?

Bye Lovelies