Q&A with my non-blogger friend

Heyy everyone,

When starting this blog I wasn't sure whether I would tell my friends about it or not, I'm not the most confident person sometimes and I wasn't ready to face judgement while still in school. But once I got into college my confidence some how boosted, so I picked up the courage to tell my closest friends, which is like 2 or 3 people. So today I thought I could do a little Q&A with one of my non-blogger friends. I've been wanting to do a Q&A for a while now and since I don't any questions really myself I thought I would just quiz my friend instead.


> When did I first tell you about my blogging?
> I can't really remember, I think it was sometime before Prom.
> So Like about a year ago?
> Yeah round about.

> Okay this kind of fits into the first one, but how did I tell you? Like was it direct "oh yeah I write a blog" or more indirect "oh I'm busy taking blog photos"?
> I think we were talking about make-up or something like that and you said that you'd written about it on your blog so the second option.

> Have you even read any of my posts?
> I have actually so blergh to you >_<

> Okay well putting into perspective the time frame in which I told you about my blog, how long have we known each other?
> We've known each other since year 9.
   Hung out with each other since year 11.
> Ahha so long ^_^ (reading back this made me realise that it's not how long you've know a person but if they have stayed no matter what - for me that was GCSEs and starting college)
> Oi!
> Hehe

>What was your first impression when I told you I blogged?
> I thought it was something different, you don't really hear about many blogs any more.

> You kind of answered it, but did you even know what blogging was?
> Yeah

> Would you ever consider blogging yourself?
> Honestly, probably not because it's not something I think I'd be any good at.
> Ahh I'm sure you would do fine, consider me who can't write a single sentence that makes sense sometimes.

> If you could choose one ting to help me with when blogging what would it be - considering I'm mainly a fashion and beauty blogger?
> Probably taking the photos because you complain your sister's won't help you.
> That's quite true >_< I haven't been able to take good outfit photos in ages, still trying to find an efficient way of using tri-pod and camera.

>Okay that's all the blogging questions I've got, thank you so much Bluebell.
> It's okay, happy to help.

> Oh one final question, which one do you think is more unique and quirky, my love for K-pop and K-dramas or blogging, and why
> K-dramas, because I had no idea they were a thing. I knew K-pop was a thing, though, because of Gangman style.
> I'm sure most of the people who read this blog (blogging friends) had no idea about K-dramas and K-pop either, I've taught many people hehe.

So yeah, have you told any of your non-blogger friends about your blog if you have one? If not do you think you will or not in the future?

Bye Lovelies


  1. Lovely post! It was really interesting to hear what your non blogger friend thought of your blog! I have told my close friends about my blog and one of them even started one of their own! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you ^_^ That's great it must be awesome to inspire someone to start blogging x