My not so Organised life

Heyy everyone,

So while I've been on study leave over the last month (though I'm back at college now again), I've found out the most common way for me to procrastinate was to tidy my room. I legit re-organised everything in my room while meant to be studying for exams. My only excuse is 'a tidy room is a tidy mind'. Well anyway after a month of being able to find time to organise my room from top to bottom I felt it was as good as any time to write a post on some of my organisation tips. However before I start this I just want to say I am no way the most organised person, things get left out on my desk piling up all the time, but I'm going to give you some tips that hopefully everyone can use no matter how much you like things tidy.

  • The first thing I do when having a spring clean, is too clear out an open space. Okay at this moment in time nothing has to be neat round the edges but you have a space that you will be able to empty each section of your room into to look through. I find being able to see everything makes sure I don't miss anything out if the area I'm cleaning is a small space with lots of stuff in it.
  • Another thing before you even start to organise through you stuff was to make sure you split the room into sections. For example while tidying my room I did my wardrobe, then my bookcase, then the shelves and finally my desk. By doing it this way I've not felt overwhelmed by the amount I have had to tidy.
  • Okay next on my organisation journey with everything from one section spread out on my floor, I start to go through things and see what I don't need first. For clothes this was 1. the ones that don't fit anymore, 2. the ones I haven't worn in years, 3. the ones that don't fit my style anymore and I can't think how to style. Through this process I was able to throw out a charity bag of clothes and even realised I have a dress I got when I was 13 and it fits better now than it did then - found while cat-walking in front of my mirror, we all do so, so no lying ^_^.
  • With only the things you want left I then start to categorise things. This part of tidying up is really the key organisation part. It also is very dependent on the person how you are going to categorise things. For me I don't over do it, and just divide my wardrobe into types of clothes, but I know some people will then colour code. I totally envy those people for keeping it so neat, I'm way to lazy to keep that sort of organisation up >_<.
  • My final tip for organising would be to keep the things you are most likely to use daily in an easy to reach place. I find this mostly comes up with my make-up, keeping my everyday make-up on the top of my bookcase (which is kind of like a dressing table for me) while the rest goes in a make-up box which I actually use with a bunch of other boxes as a bedside table.

So those are five tips of mine for keeping things organised that hopefully will be helpful to someone. As you can probably tell I'm not the most organised person, particularly through this exam season as I tend to have everything all over my room in piles to reach for when I need to do revision for each subject, but I had fun procrastinating cleaning my room, and hopefully some good tips came out of it.

Have you got anymore organisation/tidying tips for my not so organised life? Has anyone procrastinated this way through exam season? I promised I still revised loads, tidying doesn't take 4 weeks sadly ahha ^_^.

Bye Lovelies