Summer Accessory Wish List

Heyy everyone,

So it has been awhile since I wrote my last wishlist post way back in spring, which feels so long ago with everything that has gone on since but really it was only like three months ago. Anyway after the people of Spring challenged me on writing a summer wishlist post, I thought it was about time to write a new one. Who doesn't love online shopping when in all fact you know you wont buy it in the end, oh the dreams of looking fabulous.

Cat ears, cat ears and more cat ears. Okay so yes I guess I am kind of falling into the trap that cat ears are, with everyone wearing them at the moment. But you can really deny that they are adorable. Cat ear headbands have been on my wishlist for a while now, the only problem I've had when trying to find a pair is that my head is too big that the band does not fit comfortably, is this only me? I honestly didn't think my head was that big >_< that the ends of the band touch the top of my ears. But still they are just too cute!

Baseball caps have also been on my wishlist for this summer. Recently I've seen quite a few people rocking this type of hat, and though I don't want to be one to follow all the trends all the time, something about a simple baseball cap reminds me of when I was younger and my parents would force them atop of my head to make sure I didn't get burnt while playing outside. Also apart from the memories of them, baseball caps are the sort of hat you can kind of just style with any outfits, plus they hide bad hair days. In the end they are a simple accessory that I feel would be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe for the summer.

And finally sunglasses. Can one ever have too many sunglasses? Only the other month I wrote up about my sunglasses collection, but I'm still buying and wishing for more. The other week I bought a black pair similar to the bottom two in the picture about and I have to say I'm in love with them. I've never owned a round pair of sunglasses before but I've fallen in love with them, maybe it's the Harry Potter feel I get from the or something. Anyway I've gone off on a tangent this is a wishlist post anyway. In any case sunglasses are my must have accessory for the summer so why would they not make it onto my wishlist. In particular this year the retro look in sunglasses has become very popular and I have to say I can see why. I think I've always loved the retro fashion that reappears so with sunglasses it is not something I can say no too. Who knew I could waffle on about sunglasses so much, do I make it obvious they are my favourite accessory? ^_^

What's on your summer accessory wishlist this year? Is they any trends that have caught your eye?

Bye Lovelies

*All photos used in this post are off the Spring website.

Summer Time Haul

Heyy everyone,

So the other week I asked on twitter if you guys liked reading haul posts, and majority vote said yes, so here's the post. I've never done a haul post before but since over the last few months I've seemed to buy a few things I thought it would be about time for the post. Like I said I bought these items over a couple of months, pretty much one per a shopping trip, but anyway here's a collective summer haul, even if the weather is not really summery as I write this post. Well maybe it is for England with all this rain ^_^

The first of the summer purchases. This top was kind of an impulse buy. I didn't really go out to buy tops since they are not really a need buy at the moment as my mum puts it. But this strange things one jumped out to me. Though I don't out many I do love my printed tees, particularity ones with cute quotes on them, "strange things happens every day" is one of those, it kind of makes you think to appreciate ever little thing even if it is completely wacky. Anyway the colour also makes it one of the few lighter colour tops that I sort of needed for summer, rather than my dark wardrobe. In addition, the shorts were a must have addition to my wardrobe. I haven't owned a pair of shorts in years, mainly due to body confidence, which I don't have much in the terms of my legs, but this year I'm taking steps to over coming this. Just got to jump right in, right? Anyway this grey pair are now my favourite and I love how they fit, I also think grey is one of my new favourite colours. Both of these items are from H&M and were on the sale, got to love summer sales.

Next up is this crop top, is it even a crop top? My sisters were saying it wasn't but it sits above the top of my jeans making it cropped on me. Anyway this top is super comfy, it loose but not overly baggy, making it great for days going out where you want to look well put together but at the same time have comfort. The two things about this top that caught my eyes were, one, the purple sleeves, come on they're super cute and the colour is really pretty I don't know if the pictures do it justice, and second the girl gang pocket detail. It actually made me think of The Girl Gang group that Jemma from Dorkface created, of which I haven't joined in a twitter chat of in ages due to exams *sad face*. But anyway the top now adds to my summer collection of tees, that though small will hopefully grow. Oh and I almost forgot, this top was was from Select and once again off the sale ^_^.

At last I got a bomber jacket! I've been wanting a bomber jacket for ages, I just love the shape and styling them into outfits. And with this being such a gorgeous colour I couldn't say no when my mum said she would treat me and my sisters to a bomber jacket. There is quite a funny story behind this bomber jacket. We had gone into Select just to look around and found a few things to try on, so once we had finished trying things on I gave the jacket to my mum to change since the original had a pen mark on it or something, while I finished off in the changing rooms. Once I had finished I went outside the shop to stand with my dad while my mum went to pay. However later when we got home we realised my mum had picked up a different style bomber jacket than what I had originally tried on. So this one wasn't the original one I tried on. Luckily this one actually turned out to look nicer than the original, but we all found it so funny, such a typical thing of my mum to not notice if something was slightly different. Though after it all this is now one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.

And lastly in this haul is actually the first thing I bought for summer, way back in March. When I saw this long cardi in Select I couldn't help but love it. It has a kind of hippy, festival feel to it, which is a theme I don't particularly have in my wardrobe. The colour is a lovely dusty pink which has been one of my favourites recently, along with the really pretty details and tassels won it over for me. Even though I've had this for a couple of months I haven't had time to wear it out yet since it always seems to rain when I need to leave the house, just my luck, and before it was exam season so it was leggings and baggy tees all the time as I stayed inside to revise, so it legit still has the price tag on it, but I do hope to wear this a lot over the summer months coming.

Tahdah! That's my little haul. Which is your favourite piece of this collection? Have you bought anything new for the summer recently? I've missed doing outfit posts similar to this even if it is tricky by myself, though I think I've mastered the self-timer button ^_^, the only downfall if that I have a tendency to blink everything a photo is being taken so the process is long, but it's still fun. If there are any other type of fashion posts you would like to see just let me know in the comments ^_^.

Bye Lovelies

My not so Organised life

Heyy everyone,

So while I've been on study leave over the last month (though I'm back at college now again), I've found out the most common way for me to procrastinate was to tidy my room. I legit re-organised everything in my room while meant to be studying for exams. My only excuse is 'a tidy room is a tidy mind'. Well anyway after a month of being able to find time to organise my room from top to bottom I felt it was as good as any time to write a post on some of my organisation tips. However before I start this I just want to say I am no way the most organised person, things get left out on my desk piling up all the time, but I'm going to give you some tips that hopefully everyone can use no matter how much you like things tidy.

  • The first thing I do when having a spring clean, is too clear out an open space. Okay at this moment in time nothing has to be neat round the edges but you have a space that you will be able to empty each section of your room into to look through. I find being able to see everything makes sure I don't miss anything out if the area I'm cleaning is a small space with lots of stuff in it.
  • Another thing before you even start to organise through you stuff was to make sure you split the room into sections. For example while tidying my room I did my wardrobe, then my bookcase, then the shelves and finally my desk. By doing it this way I've not felt overwhelmed by the amount I have had to tidy.
  • Okay next on my organisation journey with everything from one section spread out on my floor, I start to go through things and see what I don't need first. For clothes this was 1. the ones that don't fit anymore, 2. the ones I haven't worn in years, 3. the ones that don't fit my style anymore and I can't think how to style. Through this process I was able to throw out a charity bag of clothes and even realised I have a dress I got when I was 13 and it fits better now than it did then - found while cat-walking in front of my mirror, we all do so, so no lying ^_^.
  • With only the things you want left I then start to categorise things. This part of tidying up is really the key organisation part. It also is very dependent on the person how you are going to categorise things. For me I don't over do it, and just divide my wardrobe into types of clothes, but I know some people will then colour code. I totally envy those people for keeping it so neat, I'm way to lazy to keep that sort of organisation up >_<.
  • My final tip for organising would be to keep the things you are most likely to use daily in an easy to reach place. I find this mostly comes up with my make-up, keeping my everyday make-up on the top of my bookcase (which is kind of like a dressing table for me) while the rest goes in a make-up box which I actually use with a bunch of other boxes as a bedside table.

So those are five tips of mine for keeping things organised that hopefully will be helpful to someone. As you can probably tell I'm not the most organised person, particularly through this exam season as I tend to have everything all over my room in piles to reach for when I need to do revision for each subject, but I had fun procrastinating cleaning my room, and hopefully some good tips came out of it.

Have you got anymore organisation/tidying tips for my not so organised life? Has anyone procrastinated this way through exam season? I promised I still revised loads, tidying doesn't take 4 weeks sadly ahha ^_^.

Bye Lovelies

Q&A with my non-blogger friend

Heyy everyone,

When starting this blog I wasn't sure whether I would tell my friends about it or not, I'm not the most confident person sometimes and I wasn't ready to face judgement while still in school. But once I got into college my confidence some how boosted, so I picked up the courage to tell my closest friends, which is like 2 or 3 people. So today I thought I could do a little Q&A with one of my non-blogger friends. I've been wanting to do a Q&A for a while now and since I don't any questions really myself I thought I would just quiz my friend instead.


> When did I first tell you about my blogging?
> I can't really remember, I think it was sometime before Prom.
> So Like about a year ago?
> Yeah round about.

> Okay this kind of fits into the first one, but how did I tell you? Like was it direct "oh yeah I write a blog" or more indirect "oh I'm busy taking blog photos"?
> I think we were talking about make-up or something like that and you said that you'd written about it on your blog so the second option.

> Have you even read any of my posts?
> I have actually so blergh to you >_<

> Okay well putting into perspective the time frame in which I told you about my blog, how long have we known each other?
> We've known each other since year 9.
   Hung out with each other since year 11.
> Ahha so long ^_^ (reading back this made me realise that it's not how long you've know a person but if they have stayed no matter what - for me that was GCSEs and starting college)
> Oi!
> Hehe

>What was your first impression when I told you I blogged?
> I thought it was something different, you don't really hear about many blogs any more.

> You kind of answered it, but did you even know what blogging was?
> Yeah

> Would you ever consider blogging yourself?
> Honestly, probably not because it's not something I think I'd be any good at.
> Ahh I'm sure you would do fine, consider me who can't write a single sentence that makes sense sometimes.

> If you could choose one ting to help me with when blogging what would it be - considering I'm mainly a fashion and beauty blogger?
> Probably taking the photos because you complain your sister's won't help you.
> That's quite true >_< I haven't been able to take good outfit photos in ages, still trying to find an efficient way of using tri-pod and camera.

>Okay that's all the blogging questions I've got, thank you so much Bluebell.
> It's okay, happy to help.

> Oh one final question, which one do you think is more unique and quirky, my love for K-pop and K-dramas or blogging, and why
> K-dramas, because I had no idea they were a thing. I knew K-pop was a thing, though, because of Gangman style.
> I'm sure most of the people who read this blog (blogging friends) had no idea about K-dramas and K-pop either, I've taught many people hehe.

So yeah, have you told any of your non-blogger friends about your blog if you have one? If not do you think you will or not in the future?

Bye Lovelies

MISSHA Cushion Foundation Review

Heyy everyone,

Back in April I think it was I wrote up in my make-up wish list where I mentions that I really wanted to try out a cushion foundation at some point. Since then I seemed to have some luck or just a really nice friend - who got the wrong shade - but I was able to get my hands on a cushion. So after wearing it out in different environments I feel I can give a decent review on the Missha Magic cushion.

Okay lets start with the facts. This cushion has SPF50++ which I think is typical for any Korean cushion, but is always great for me who burns so easily. It also has PA+++, which I don't actually know what that means but I'm going to guess it's something good ^_^. As I mentioned in my past wish list I was worried about the colour of the foundation since I couldn't try it out beforehand, but this one is in No.21 and actually fits me quite well - maybe even better than my usual foundation.

The packaging also is super cute. The one my friend passed on to me is actually of the Line Friends collection, and this one is Sally the duck I think. Though I probably wouldn't normally pick up something with yellow packaging as I'm more of a blue kind of person I can't argue how adorable it is on this. Simple but affective! The cushion puff on the inside also has cute little duck faces on it. Come on what's not cute about it.

The cushion puff is also now one of my favourite ways of applying foundation. I guess it is similar to the beauty blenders which I have still yet to buy myself. By using a pressing motion the foundation becomes evenly distributed across the surface of my face, though I still do end up kind of wiping it due to hold habits of using a brush. But unlike a brush it doesn't leave streak marks which has won it over for me.

The cushion also comes with it's own mirror, which is actually a pretty good mirror maybe better than the compact mirror I have already in my college bag, meaning it's handing to just throw this foundation in your bag for the day if you want to touch up your make-up. I don't know if you can tell from any of the photos but the overall size of this product is also pretty decent. It's not overly large or to small, kind of perfect size to not only use daily but have on the go as well. I think this might be a go to if we go camping again this year.

The actually foundation itself it lighter than my Seventeen On Spot foundation in Porcelain, and is much less red toned than it as well, which actually seems to fit me a lot better at the moment since I'm still my pale winter self. Maybe once it's gotten more sunny (trying not to jinks English weather) I'll find it doesn't fit as well but for my skin colour as of this moment it fits. Though the coverage isn't as high as my western brand foundation, on good skin days it gives enough coverage to even out my skin colouration. The coverage, also, though doesn't completely hid my dark under eye-bags, it does seem to brighten them some what, about enough that I can still go outside with out feeling like I look like a walking zombie.

However I do have to say one thing that I don't get along with this foundation is due to the dewiness of the foundation. I do know that Korean make-up does tend to go for the more dewy look, but for someone who already has quite oily skin by the end of the day I look so so shiny. More than a complaint I would just say this is a warning to those with oily skin wanting to try cushion foundation. Though I am trying to find a way around this, as powder kind of works though can make it look a bit too cakey, maybe if I got a mattifing primer it wouldn't be so bad. Anyway if you do like the dewy look - maybe a more summery look - then I would say a cushion foundation will do the job well.

Overall I think I shall rate this product 4 out of 5 due to that though I had some struggles with it, I was kind of predicting them before I started using this foundation - why do I have to have such an annoying skin type - and if you take away that the only problem I had was the coverage, everything else was as the box said it would do, well of what I could work out, most of it was written in Korean.

Have any of you guys tried foundation or bb cushions out? I've seen some starting to come out on the western market as well, maybe I'll get to try them at some point.

Bye Lovelies