Sunglasses Collection

Long time no see everyone! Sorry I haven't posted since was it about two weeks ago? Possibly. I've been focused on exams that are coming up in just over two week (now that is scary) and have kind of been drained of energy to do anything else apart from study, eat, sleep and listen to music. I'm sure there is a bunch of us who are going through the same thing here in the blogging community so I'm not going to complain. Just know that what ever I'm doing about my posting schedule I normal update on twitter, so if you're not following me you know what to do. But anyway guys I hope you understand my absence from the online world for the next few weeks, but once exams are over I promise it will all be back to normal.

Okay so apart from what seems like a life update, for the actual content of this post I thought I would try and bring a bit of the sun out. Though who knew you could get snow when it's almost May.

So I thought it was about time I dug my sunglasses out my bottom desk draw, that is also filled with a lot of bits and bobs that I should probably give a spring clean to, and why not show you guys. It's not the biggest collection by all means but I love my sunglasses and I'm sure it's going to grow in the near future - they are just so great for those days where you can't be bothered to do much make-up, and trust me I have loads of those days over the summer ^_^

The first of my collection is my oldest pair. I think I got it out of a magazine when I was younger, I really can't remember just when, but when I first got them I felt like such a cool kid due to that the frames are very much the nerdy glasses type. Plus I think neon pink was also in at the time. I don't wear these much any more, I more lend them to my little sister, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them just yet. Who knows what fancy dress party will come up in the future right?

Second is the pair I think I actually wore the longest. This one was my first 'proper' sunglasses that made me feel a little more mature. Apart from the fact they gave me a headache if I wore them too long, I have a big head and Claire's sunglasses I think are more for kids, they became my summer staple a few years back. I quite like the print on these and the colour of the tinted lenses makes the world a pretty pink tone.

Next up is last years sunglasses feature. I had finally given up on the squishing head ones and found these in Peacocks for a pretty decent price. The frame is definitely one of my favourite shapes and the colour is also one of my favourites, it's a pinking nude and can match any outfit. And now I've realised with this last week off blogging my description skills are doing that great oopps. Anyway just know I love these sunglasses ^_^

Finally, this pair is the latest edition to my sunglasses collection, and from Newlook as well. I went for a slightly different frame this time with it being slightly more on the cat eye style of things but still has that rounded sort of shape that I feel suits my face shape better. I haven't actually worn these much yet since I only got them in March (I was totally going to say last month then realised it's May now) and you all know what the weathers been doing in the UK recently, would it just make up it's mind? Like even if it just rained all the time I would be fine at least them I would know what to expect and be able to plan what to wear better ahha.

Anyway that my small collection of sunglasses. Do you have a favourite out of any of these? Which shape sunglasses are you rocking this summer?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox