Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Review

Heyy everyone,
It has been forever since I've done a review about something, it was definitely last year some time when I wrote the last one. So finally I'm back with a new one and this time on a Korean skin care product. You guys must know by now that I've been wanted to try out some Korean skin care for a while now, so as my birthday just past, I was lucky enough to receive this Holika Holika nose strip set. It was actually one of the presents I chose since I saw it in T.K.Maxx and was like I have to pick this up. It's so hard to find places that ship to the UK and at a decent price at that. Anyway since I've tried this product out twice I thought I would at least be able to give you guys a decent review, so lets stop waffling and get into the actual review.

Let's start this off with a little info about the product. The Holika Holika strips are designed to extract those nasty blackheads located on the nose. I can't think of many products like this in the UK par the Biore nose strips and maybe a Superdrug own one or something, but there seems to be a many different kinds on the Korean market, so it was definitely a good place to start looking.

For pros I would have to say the fact they give you a three step plan for the process is pretty cool. The first step preps your nose, the second is the actual strip then the third is like a soothing gel - because we all know it's not going to be the least painful process. Due to this three step plan, it definitely make me feel more pampered. The two times I've tested this out I've been able to sit in front of my laptop and either catch up on YouTube or watch an episode of a K-drama. Another point would be that it has a set of English instructions! You don't understand the relief I went through when I saw the English instructions, I knew I wasn't going to make some stupid mistake when trying to use the product. I don't know if this is a normal thing to have English instructions since it's a Korean product, but if all Korean products had English instructions I would definitely be buying more in the future. My final pro for this product would be that I found the morning after I had used this product (considering I had used it in the evening) that the amount of oil my nose had produced over night was considerable less. I have such oily skin so this made me so happy ahha.

Despite the pros I do have a few disappointments with this product (being completely true to you guys) one being that it doesn't really pull out that many blackheads. Considering on the box it calls itself a black head 3-step kit, it didn't actually pull many out *sad face*. As well as that after the third step I felt like the residue at the end left my nose pretty sticky, even after tapping it into my skin like the instructions said. I actually had to get my towel to remove some since I wanted to sleep minus the sticky nose. I don't know if it was just me or not that experience it, let me know if that happened to you in the comment. Finally and a pretty big one (well for me it is) is that it's so difficult to get a hold of them in the UK. Even if I find a website that sells them it tends to be an American one that also doesn't ship to UK without a huge shipping cost. Of course I understand they have a cost for shipping. Just hoping one day I find somewhere in the UK that sells it.

Overall, this product was a pretty good start into my exploration of the Korean skin care market. Though it didn't really do everything the name says it does I still enjoyed the process of using it, so I think I shall rank it a 3/5.

I think this has been the most detailed review I ever done. Do you guys want to see more review in the future? Have you tried this product out or similar ones to it, what were your experiences with using nose strips?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox