3 Spring Hairstyles

Heyy everyone,
Really how do people write introductions so well?
Anyway since I've spent probably too much time on Pinterest recently, I've been noticing some really pretty spring hairstyles coming up in the recommended photos. So with that I thought I could maybe give them a try.

For all these looks we mainly used hair elastics, bobby pins, a hair bow, and a curling wand, simply really.

Hairstyle No.1

Shout out to my little sister for sitting through nearly 2 hours while being my little model.
So anyway to start of this hairstyle I split her hair into three sections, focusing the middle section to more to the crown of her head, and tying each one off close to the head. With those three sections I went onto braid each one, trying to give them a bit of volume by tugging on them (am I explaining this well?). Anyway with those three sections now braided I went ahead and tried to arrange them into the spiral kind of pattern. For me I took the left side piece first and took it over the top, pinning it in as I went, then went onto the middle piece and tried to create a kind of wide spiral in the middle, then I took the right side piece and took it round the bottom trying to fill in all the gaps I couldn't get with the middle piece. For this look when hiding the elastics I kind of just tucked them in a bobby pinned them into place. Really bobby pins where the life savers here. To finish off the look we decided on the bow to cover where the elastic at the top of the middle braid was showing through.

This look was surprising quite simple to re-create, and I'm quite chuffed with how it came out. I think my little sister loved it as well.

Hairstyle No.2

I tried my best to make the flower looking bun, I'm not the best at hair ahha. Anyway lets try to explain this. I first sectioned the hair into 5 pieces, 2 coming from the sided then the rest split into three. With the front two I brought them to the back to the head looping over the side 2 of the middle three, for the two front pieces to join the very middle piece and then had the middle-side two in my hands. Those two pieces then joined together, tied with a hair elastic, that I then braided - similar to in the first hairstyle - trying to give it at least a little volume. Which is a little difficult on my sisters hair since its so fine. Anyway with that braid I then started to spiral it up into this circle shape, and once at the head and in place where you want it to be I simply bobby pinned it in. For the rest of her hair we put in some loose waves with a curling want to give it a little more texture.

I think this one was the hardest to explain, if you want a picture instructions there over on my hair Pinterest board here.

Hairstyle No.3

Final of the three hairstyle, I think this was my sister's favourite out of all of them. For this hairstyle it is simple a dutch braid, if you can call them simple, that is tied off at the base of the head/neck. Dutch braids are really in at the moment, well any braid is really ahha. To create this braid I started from the front of her head and then like a french braid as I braided I took extra pieces into each strand, but unlike the french braid rather than taking the strands over the top you take them under - does that even make sense? So yeah you could totally just leave it like that, but we put in a few more curls to the bottom of her hair to give a bit more texture.

Pheww, I describe them all. Did you guys even understand what I was talking about? Anyway I'm glad I did this post finally, not only did I re-create some cute hairstyles, but it also gave me a chance to have a bonding session with one of my sisters. I had a bonding session with the other little sister the other day when we went out shopping. I try to be a good older sister ^_^. It's also kind of nice that someone is interested in my blog, I've only told like three friends (one who already has a blog and YouTube) and my mum has no idea what she's doing with technology.

So yeah, which out of these three hairstyles is your favourite? The original of all these looks are over on my Pinterest if you want a look. If you re-create any of these tag me in your photos on Instagram.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox