22 Good Mood Vibe songs

Heyy everyone,
I guess I should say at the beginning that this list post is pretty much made a K-pop songs and though I know that probably most people who read my blog don't listen to it, maybe give it a read and see if anything takes your fancy. I'm always looking for new music to listen to it, so why don't we trade favourite songs ^_^.

Anyway the point of all these songs I've chosen this week are to be bright and bubbly. Recently I've definitely felt like my good mood has been slipping even if I try to be happy, so I've turned myself to some good music to try and lift up my mood. Trust me these songs are fun to listen to and to watch the music video for, so if you want a good smile maybe check one out. I'm sure in this list I've missed out some but this is going to be off of today, and I've also tried to keep it to one per a group as much as possible, it's so difficult to chose one song from some of your favourite groups. Anyway lets get into the list shall we...

SHINee - Married to the music
Red Velvet - Happiness
Got7 - A
Got7 - Just Right
Seventeen - Mansae
BTS - War of Hormone
BoA - Who Are You
CLC - Pepe
Block B - Jackpot
OH MY GIRL - Liar Liar
Up10tion - Catch me!
Junho - Feel
IMFACT - Lollipop
Astro - Hide&Seek
Mamamoo - You're the best
Girls Generation - PARTY
AOA - Heart Attack
Block B - Her
IKon - Dumb & Dumber
B.A.P - Feel so Good
Rainbow - Whoo

*Counts the list multiple times to make sure there is actually 22*

So those are my favourite feel good vibe songs as of the moment. This was actually surprising more difficult that trying to pick my top 5 favourite groups since I'm normally one for something less bright and more emotional such as EXO 'Peter Pan' and Day6 'Congratulations'. But yeah most of these are definitely ones you can dance to as well, and I love dancing so yeah hehe.

Also, just going to put this in here, that I might be cutting my posts down to just Sunday for the next few months since I want to focus on collage and the exams that start next month. I feel I want to focus on them a little more since the grades I get will become the predicted grades to get into university, and I kind of want to go ahha. So yeah I hope that's fine with you guys. It just means I can do quality over quantity ^_^. But once exams are over again, I can up my game so please wait for me.

So yeah, have you guys listen to anything on this list? What other songs can lift your mood after a tiring day? I totally need myself some more of those kind of songs. Comment anything else you would like to say.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox