Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Review

Heyy everyone,
It has been forever since I've done a review about something, it was definitely last year some time when I wrote the last one. So finally I'm back with a new one and this time on a Korean skin care product. You guys must know by now that I've been wanted to try out some Korean skin care for a while now, so as my birthday just past, I was lucky enough to receive this Holika Holika nose strip set. It was actually one of the presents I chose since I saw it in T.K.Maxx and was like I have to pick this up. It's so hard to find places that ship to the UK and at a decent price at that. Anyway since I've tried this product out twice I thought I would at least be able to give you guys a decent review, so lets stop waffling and get into the actual review.

Let's start this off with a little info about the product. The Holika Holika strips are designed to extract those nasty blackheads located on the nose. I can't think of many products like this in the UK par the Biore nose strips and maybe a Superdrug own one or something, but there seems to be a many different kinds on the Korean market, so it was definitely a good place to start looking.

For pros I would have to say the fact they give you a three step plan for the process is pretty cool. The first step preps your nose, the second is the actual strip then the third is like a soothing gel - because we all know it's not going to be the least painful process. Due to this three step plan, it definitely make me feel more pampered. The two times I've tested this out I've been able to sit in front of my laptop and either catch up on YouTube or watch an episode of a K-drama. Another point would be that it has a set of English instructions! You don't understand the relief I went through when I saw the English instructions, I knew I wasn't going to make some stupid mistake when trying to use the product. I don't know if this is a normal thing to have English instructions since it's a Korean product, but if all Korean products had English instructions I would definitely be buying more in the future. My final pro for this product would be that I found the morning after I had used this product (considering I had used it in the evening) that the amount of oil my nose had produced over night was considerable less. I have such oily skin so this made me so happy ahha.

Despite the pros I do have a few disappointments with this product (being completely true to you guys) one being that it doesn't really pull out that many blackheads. Considering on the box it calls itself a black head 3-step kit, it didn't actually pull many out *sad face*. As well as that after the third step I felt like the residue at the end left my nose pretty sticky, even after tapping it into my skin like the instructions said. I actually had to get my towel to remove some since I wanted to sleep minus the sticky nose. I don't know if it was just me or not that experience it, let me know if that happened to you in the comment. Finally and a pretty big one (well for me it is) is that it's so difficult to get a hold of them in the UK. Even if I find a website that sells them it tends to be an American one that also doesn't ship to UK without a huge shipping cost. Of course I understand they have a cost for shipping. Just hoping one day I find somewhere in the UK that sells it.

Overall, this product was a pretty good start into my exploration of the Korean skin care market. Though it didn't really do everything the name says it does I still enjoyed the process of using it, so I think I shall rank it a 3/5.

I think this has been the most detailed review I ever done. Do you guys want to see more review in the future? Have you tried this product out or similar ones to it, what were your experiences with using nose strips?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

22 Good Mood Vibe songs

Heyy everyone,
I guess I should say at the beginning that this list post is pretty much made a K-pop songs and though I know that probably most people who read my blog don't listen to it, maybe give it a read and see if anything takes your fancy. I'm always looking for new music to listen to it, so why don't we trade favourite songs ^_^.

Anyway the point of all these songs I've chosen this week are to be bright and bubbly. Recently I've definitely felt like my good mood has been slipping even if I try to be happy, so I've turned myself to some good music to try and lift up my mood. Trust me these songs are fun to listen to and to watch the music video for, so if you want a good smile maybe check one out. I'm sure in this list I've missed out some but this is going to be off of today, and I've also tried to keep it to one per a group as much as possible, it's so difficult to chose one song from some of your favourite groups. Anyway lets get into the list shall we...

SHINee - Married to the music
Red Velvet - Happiness
Got7 - A
Got7 - Just Right
Seventeen - Mansae
BTS - War of Hormone
BoA - Who Are You
CLC - Pepe
Block B - Jackpot
OH MY GIRL - Liar Liar
Up10tion - Catch me!
Junho - Feel
IMFACT - Lollipop
Astro - Hide&Seek
Mamamoo - You're the best
Girls Generation - PARTY
AOA - Heart Attack
Block B - Her
IKon - Dumb & Dumber
B.A.P - Feel so Good
Rainbow - Whoo

*Counts the list multiple times to make sure there is actually 22*

So those are my favourite feel good vibe songs as of the moment. This was actually surprising more difficult that trying to pick my top 5 favourite groups since I'm normally one for something less bright and more emotional such as EXO 'Peter Pan' and Day6 'Congratulations'. But yeah most of these are definitely ones you can dance to as well, and I love dancing so yeah hehe.

Also, just going to put this in here, that I might be cutting my posts down to just Sunday for the next few months since I want to focus on collage and the exams that start next month. I feel I want to focus on them a little more since the grades I get will become the predicted grades to get into university, and I kind of want to go ahha. So yeah I hope that's fine with you guys. It just means I can do quality over quantity ^_^. But once exams are over again, I can up my game so please wait for me.

So yeah, have you guys listen to anything on this list? What other songs can lift your mood after a tiring day? I totally need myself some more of those kind of songs. Comment anything else you would like to say.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Spring Make-up WishList

Heyy everyone,
So the other week I wrote up my Spring Fashion Wishlist, and have had my make-up one left to write up for a while so I thought it was about time. Also I'm finding it hard to take photos at the moment, as my time is taken up with revision (and watching K-dramas, medical dramas are surprisingly really interesting to watch) so I thought I could put this together on my break. Anyway lets get into the list.

[A'PIEU] Cushion Air Fit DORAEMON Special Edition. I've been looking into cushion foundations and bb cushions for sometime now, they come up quite a lot in Korean cosmetics, and they've caught my eye many time. The only thing I've be cautious about is the colouring of them, since I'm the palest shade in my Seventeen foundation at the moment, but this one had actually got a shade lighter than many of the others, so maybe after reading a few more reviews I might try it out - if I do I'll let you guys know. Also the packaging is pretty cute.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow. If you haven't heard of Colourpop I don't know where you've been. I've heard some amazing reviews of how great the pigmentation and colour of these eye shadows are and honestly I just want to try them out myself. If you don't know I'm a lover of any pretty coloured eye shadow and have had to hold myself back plenty of times from buying too many.

Maybelline Eyeshadow Master Drama. This product actually only caught my eye the other day, but I've been looking for an eyeshadow or eye liner pencil in this colour for ages. I've been wanting it so I can highlight the inner corners of my eyes, since I'm feeling the white shade I've got already will be a bit strong for spring and summer - I wanted something a bit more subtle for everyday use. Honestly I can't find any reviews on it yet, so if you know anything about this product let me know.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick in Rouge In Rock. I saw this on Sophie's (from ShyLifeLiving) Monthly Moments (which you should totally check out by the way) and instantly feel in love with it. The colour is gorgeous and I could totally see it becoming an everyday favourite if I ever got it. Now I just need to find it on sale somewhere!

TARTE Tartelette 2 In Bloom Amazonian Clay Palette. This product caught my eye a while back, when I saw it on someones snapchat, who I can't remember for the life of me. Anyway not only are the colours in this palette looking so pretty, but have you seen that packaging, top notch Tarte. I haven't tried any Tarte products yet but I think I'm going to have to change that now ^_^.

I always write these lists and then never actually get any of it ahha. Maybe I'll treat myself after my exams in May, which are so late my first is May 17th  and the last is June 21st. Anyway if I was to pick on of this list which would you recommend? I'm so bad a choosing!

Is there anything else on your make-up wishlist, I'm an expert at window shopping even if I don't actually get any of my wish list, it really is a WISH list hehe.

 Bye Lovelies

Sophie xox 

3 Spring Hairstyles

Heyy everyone,
Really how do people write introductions so well?
Anyway since I've spent probably too much time on Pinterest recently, I've been noticing some really pretty spring hairstyles coming up in the recommended photos. So with that I thought I could maybe give them a try.

For all these looks we mainly used hair elastics, bobby pins, a hair bow, and a curling wand, simply really.

Hairstyle No.1

Shout out to my little sister for sitting through nearly 2 hours while being my little model.
So anyway to start of this hairstyle I split her hair into three sections, focusing the middle section to more to the crown of her head, and tying each one off close to the head. With those three sections I went onto braid each one, trying to give them a bit of volume by tugging on them (am I explaining this well?). Anyway with those three sections now braided I went ahead and tried to arrange them into the spiral kind of pattern. For me I took the left side piece first and took it over the top, pinning it in as I went, then went onto the middle piece and tried to create a kind of wide spiral in the middle, then I took the right side piece and took it round the bottom trying to fill in all the gaps I couldn't get with the middle piece. For this look when hiding the elastics I kind of just tucked them in a bobby pinned them into place. Really bobby pins where the life savers here. To finish off the look we decided on the bow to cover where the elastic at the top of the middle braid was showing through.

This look was surprising quite simple to re-create, and I'm quite chuffed with how it came out. I think my little sister loved it as well.

Hairstyle No.2

I tried my best to make the flower looking bun, I'm not the best at hair ahha. Anyway lets try to explain this. I first sectioned the hair into 5 pieces, 2 coming from the sided then the rest split into three. With the front two I brought them to the back to the head looping over the side 2 of the middle three, for the two front pieces to join the very middle piece and then had the middle-side two in my hands. Those two pieces then joined together, tied with a hair elastic, that I then braided - similar to in the first hairstyle - trying to give it at least a little volume. Which is a little difficult on my sisters hair since its so fine. Anyway with that braid I then started to spiral it up into this circle shape, and once at the head and in place where you want it to be I simply bobby pinned it in. For the rest of her hair we put in some loose waves with a curling want to give it a little more texture.

I think this one was the hardest to explain, if you want a picture instructions there over on my hair Pinterest board here.

Hairstyle No.3

Final of the three hairstyle, I think this was my sister's favourite out of all of them. For this hairstyle it is simple a dutch braid, if you can call them simple, that is tied off at the base of the head/neck. Dutch braids are really in at the moment, well any braid is really ahha. To create this braid I started from the front of her head and then like a french braid as I braided I took extra pieces into each strand, but unlike the french braid rather than taking the strands over the top you take them under - does that even make sense? So yeah you could totally just leave it like that, but we put in a few more curls to the bottom of her hair to give a bit more texture.

Pheww, I describe them all. Did you guys even understand what I was talking about? Anyway I'm glad I did this post finally, not only did I re-create some cute hairstyles, but it also gave me a chance to have a bonding session with one of my sisters. I had a bonding session with the other little sister the other day when we went out shopping. I try to be a good older sister ^_^. It's also kind of nice that someone is interested in my blog, I've only told like three friends (one who already has a blog and YouTube) and my mum has no idea what she's doing with technology.

So yeah, which out of these three hairstyles is your favourite? The original of all these looks are over on my Pinterest if you want a look. If you re-create any of these tag me in your photos on Instagram.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox