Spring Fashion Wishlist

Heyy everyone,
I'm back after a little break over the last week from blogging - like seriously a break I think I only joined in about 1 twitter chat and that was it for blogging not even reading others, though now my bloglovin feed had built up aha. Anyway minus my break, I have I think the first of my Spring blogposts for you guys. I thought it would be cool to start off with a fashion wishlist. I haven't written a wishlist in ages it feels like, so I'm guessing now is a good time as ever.

Yes there was a random gap of white that looked uneven so I put a cute sticker there ^_^

Despite it being spring, looking at this now I actually don't have that much colour in this wishlist, neither do I in my wardrobe. If you guys know any pieces that would look cute in a more spring colour let me know.

First off we have denim jackets. Though I did say a couple posts back I don't think I could rock denim on denim, might give it a try some time, I love denim jacket. Recently I've seen so many people styling these so well, and look so chic and cute in them. I feel that they would be awesome for spring since they can be light but at the same time keep you warm if need be - UK weather is so unpredictable. Plus it would be nice to have a jacket that wasn't black.

Despite loving my boots, for spring I feel like they maybe be too hot once it starts to warm up and I have to do quite a bit of walking, so I feel like there is a need for some lighter shoes and adidas originals and converses would be great for them. I actually don't really own any shoes like these par my Newlook converses, so there is a space in my life for them. I'm sure the adidas would look adorable with a skater skirt and cute printed tee, which would be great for spring. As for converses I just love those shoes in general.

If you've been reading this blog for a while you would have noticed in my outfit snaps the love I have for a certain green military style coat. I've never really been one to collect a lot a coats since we tend to just have one winter coat and water proof as basics. But I feel like coats like the one in the picture above are just so chic. I could totally picture it looking so nice with some outfits that would be perfect for outfit snaps. I guess it's similar to a trench coat, which I'm sure is the style that is coming in this season, but I feel this once is a little shorter so might suit me better rather than losing my figure in a trench coat.

A-Line skirts have been a trend for a while now, though I've never really fallen into it. I'm not really one to wear skirts often since I'm more of person to slouch around at home when ever I can and skirts aren't the best for that, but over the last year or so I've been trying to pick up the courage to wear skirts out more. And since A-Line skirts have such a nice fitting on everyone I've seen styling them I thought it would be a good chose to try out. I say this all but I don't even know if it will suit me aha.

Finally on this fashion wishlists I have bomber jackets. Despite what my sister says, that I only want one because she wants one, I've been loving them for a long time. They look so nice and can be pretty much added on to every outfit. In my February Favourites I mentioned a jacket that was kind of similar to a bomber jacket but it isn't really one, and since my love for outfits with bomber jackets runs far and strong I think it's time to add one to my wardrobe. Definitely a statement piece that could go in anyone's wardrobe. 

Are we sure it's spring already? Wasn't it only January the other day? I have to say I'm looking forward to some warmer days though, I'm still sat here in a thick jumper, and the rain - yes I love the rain aha. Okay so is there any of this list you guys want on your spring fashion wishlist? Is there anything else you would add? If you know any places which sell these you recommend let me know ^_^.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox