Spring Blush Make-up Look

Heyy everyone,
How to start a blog post? I get so stuck at these sorts of things. Intro's are too difficult. Anyway I thought this week I could do another spring post for you guys. I'll try to explain this well but yeah I'll get into the post now before this goes off into nowhere.

The point for this look was to go with a light fairy kind of make-up. So going with that theme for base make-up I've kept it to primer and concealer. This would be the perfect time for something like a BB-cream, but alas I do not own one ahha. Anyway I've been getting into using primer a lot more, and I have to say this Benefit one if fab, par my oiliness, it does a great job at minimising my pores gives me such a smoother look. And since I'm not going in with foundation, as I wanted to keep this look young and fresh, I used a concealer to cover those blemishes and under-eye circles that many of us have from studying so much or too much, which ever you prefer ahha.

With the base done I started on the eyes. I didn't want to much for this so kept the eye-shadows to a light beige/pink colour and light brown. The pink I dusted all over my lids, for this I used 'desire' out of the Stila in the moments palette, and then took 'wonder' from the same palette and pressed that into the outer v of my eye to give it some kind of depth. This colour could totally be used as like an eye-liner along the lower lashes and into the gaps between the upper lashes. (I have a whole review on this palette here if you want a closer look at all the colours). To finish of the eyes I added mascara to just my top lashes. Recently I've been finding I can get away with just mascara and my eyes look okay even when I don't have the time to do winged liner. Trusty mascara don't fail me now.

So now we're onto the main focus of this post, that being the blush. I find that a lot of make-up looks focus on the eyes and how eye make-up can change each season, so I thought I would try something different. For most of the time blush is applied to the apples of your cheeks, but using inspiration from Japanese make-up, I decided for this look we could focus it under the under-eye circle area and cross the nose. Kind of giving a flush and cute look - hopefully fitting to the spring theme.

To finish off the make-up look is the lips. I couldn't decided between a nude lip or rosy pink lip for this look, so I'm going to totally leave this up to you guys. Which colour do you think would look best with the rest of the make-up?

Tahdah another spring post done. I don't do as many make-up looks these days been liking outfit snaps more ^_^ How do you guys make you make-up more spring-like?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xix