Outfit Snaps | An Easter Birthday

Heyy everyone,
So I think I'll start off by saying Happy Easter to any of you who celebrate it ^_^

I took these photos on Friday, with today being Saturday when writing up this post, when we actually had plans to go out on Sunday, being that Easter, my birthday and a Wedding party, but due to people being ill we can't get up to the party. Anyway this is what I had planned on wearing, though I'll have to find somewhere else to wear it now ahha. I'm doing really bad at writing this intro even if I am listen to some good music. Astro has kind of won my heart over at the moment. So anyway I hope you enjoy this post.

Top - Hand me down | Skirt - Primark | Shoes - Select | Bracelets - present | Necklace - Claires

Totally a mix'n'match of backgrounds here, what can you do when the weathers always changing. Anyway the main part of this outfit is the skirt if you hadn't guessed from the photos. In my Spring Fashion Wishlist that I wrote the other week I mentioned how I wanted to try an A-Line skirt out. Well guess what? I got one. This one is from Primark and though not one from TopShop or something it's a great start when trying out a style. Anyway with the skirt - which I love by the way - I added this turtle neck which is super comfy. It's another one of my mum's hand me downs since she didn't wear it any more. I love how it's slightly loose by has cuffs at the end of the sleeves kind of my favourite kind of look so I feel comfortable but at the same time feel kind of cute. Now on to the footwear and I'm totally going to fangirl over these shoes. I saw them back in February when I went shopping with my friend and though I didn't buy them at the time as I didn't want to impulse buy they had been an open tab on my laptop for about a month. So the other week I bought them. I have a love for these shoes, they're heels but at the same time I can walk in them, Queen of walking terribly in heels (you don't want to know about nearly tripping at my awards evening for school). This is the first outfit I had 'planned' to wear them with and I thought it paired pretty well. Anyway to finish off the look I added a few pieces of jewellery. I don't normally wear much jewellery apart from my two dainty necklaces which I layer, but this bird necklace I felt brought the look together since it matched the zip on the skirt (ish). As well as the bracelets as I find it weird not to have something on my wrists as I'm always wearing a watch and hair tie on my wrists anyone else? But it was for a party (this look) so I thought I better wear something other than a hair tie ahha.

Oh I also painted my nails trying to go with a Spring look. I'm terrible at painting nails they always chip so easy, and I can never sit still long enough for them to dry, but I'm trying ^_^ There's a better picture of my nails on Instagram if you want to follow (totally not ashamed of this self-promoting hehe)

Anyway what do you think of this look? Though the plans for wearing this outfit have changed I thought I would still post it since I quite like the look. If you guys have any other ways to style an A-line skirt leave your links ^o^ 

So since it's Easter holidays (well it is for me ahha) what are you guys up to? I'm stuck with two weeks of doing revision, like I have no other plans apart from meeting up with my friends at some point for my birthday *(^o^)*

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox