Outfit Snaps | Denim on Denim

Heyy everyone,
So a couple of posts back, most likely my last outfit snaps, I mentioned how I didn't think that I would suit a denim on denim look which I had seem many other rocking. Well I gave myself the challenge to try to create an outfit look that composed of two pieces of denim. Honestly I don't tend to be the most adventurous person when it comes to style but I'm learning to change that. Anyway though this post is a day late I hope you enjoy.

Shirt - hand me down | Jeans - Sainsbury | Boots - Newlook | Chocker - Claires

This outfit kind of came together when I just wanted to wear this blue denim shirt. I'm not sure if it is actually denim but it gives the look so it shall have to be denim for this look. Recently I've been really in love with the 3/4 sleeve look, frankly I've always loved it, something about having the sleeves up like that just makes me feel slightly stronger and that I can do anything - don't question it, I'm unsure why as well. Anyway with the denim shirt I paired my black jeans because where can you go wrong with black jeans. Yeah as I guessed you really can't. Since the shirt isn't that much fitted I made it look a bit more flattering by tucking in the front. You could totally tuck it in all the way round but I always find it comes untucked way too quickly and I really don't want to be dealing with making sure it's in place all day, anyone else like this? For shoes I kept with my trusty black boots. I really need to get myself a new pair I definitely wear these so much. They're comfy you can't blame me! Anyway to finish off this outfit I added my 'chocker' (it's still way too lose aha) and another dainty necklace to give the outfit a bit more of a feminine look.

Ahh I described that okay right? I'll be better one day at explaining things ahha. Anyway this outfit has been one I wear at least once a week for the past month or so. It's light but still has that bit of warmth that you need on those chilly mornings. I thought it was spring, I don't feel any more warmth in the mornings yet.

I totally tried to change my backgrounds for these outfit snaps, but on the day I took these photos it decided to rain on me so I ended up moving the furniture in the living round around to get a good place. Surprisingly my Mum was okay with it ahha I did put everything back into place afterwards.

Have you guys tried denim on denim look? I hope mine looked okay. I try to come up with questions at the end of posts but I'm so bad at it hehe. If you took any inspiration from this, or other denim looks, tag me in your photos on Instagram @/thats_sosophie 

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox