February Favourites

Heyy everyone,

It's that time again for another favourites. I can't quite believe how quickly this year is flying by, way too fast for my liking. Though I have a lot of things going on in March, I'm not liking the idea of being closer to exams. But anyway lets back away from college work for a while and talk about things we've loved during February.

In terms of make-up there isn't really anything new from my favourites post last month, seeming as I haven't tried anything new. But I still feel like I should put a mention in there for the Benefit Benitint, which I'm totally in love with, it's been my go to lip product all through February and will probably be the same for March - I don't own many other lip products.

I don't normally have many fashion favourites in these type of posts but I thought this jacket deserved a shout out. February has been so cold, and I always find it hard to find a suitable jacket that can go with everything. However this jacket has been a life saver! I've had it for years but only recently rediscovered it in my wardrobe, and I'm an so thankful I did. It has been so warm and cosy whenever I've had to walk to and from college in temperatures reaching zero. 

So I'm unsure if I normally write about what music I've been loving - I should really make a format of how to set these sort of posts out - but over February I've definitely fallen in love with some artists. I know I'm really late to the bandwagon on Beast, but !oh my gosh! they've stolen my heart (it's okay BTS and Got7 with always be my favourite). I can't really remember how I found beast, frankly they've been part of my playlist for a while, but I think I found them on some variety show and I was hooked. I'm definitely a lover for vocals when it comes to groups over rap, and Beast have amazing vocals! If you fancy checking them out I would suggest 'Good Luck' definitely one of my all time favourite songs. Apart from Beast I've also been loving Kim Jaejoong. I guess he is slightly more rock than pop but after listening to he latest comeback 'Love You More' I've been hooked. I can't believe I hadn't heard of him before.

Okay lets move on from my fangirling, onto some TV shows. I don't normally share my favourite TV shows as by the time I get round to writing favourites they've normally finished and I forget to put them in, but this time I have quite a list. Starting off we a long time favourite is Scorpion, I have loved this show for ages now, being on the 2nd part of the second season, I've watched it from the very beginning and always look forward to it. None of my friends really know about it, but if you want a new show to watch then maybe give this a try. It's about a group of geniuses tackling not just practically saving the world but understanding the 'normal' emotions of people. 
My second favourite is Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands. I don't think I would have watched this if my Dad hadn't put it onto record, but I am grateful he did. This has turned into my Monday morning show, and I've grown quite attached to the characters. To be honest I was slightly confused at the beginning as I knew who no one was and it wasn't really explained since it's the return of the old show, but nonetheless I enjoy it. 
My final TV favourite is Hero's Reborn.
Supernatural, check.
Mystery, check.
Action, check.
Do I need to keep this list going. This show is like a mixture of all the things I love, plus it doesn't have any cringy romance - well of yet - so really it's all around good. I'm definitely running out of words to describe everything so I'll leave it here ^_^.

I think I shall finish off this favourites post with a few random things I've loved over February. One being this necklace combination of my yingyang choker and my birthstone necklace. I honestly don't know why but I've loved these two together! I feel like it brings just that much more to an outfit, and can totally finish it off. My second random favourite is this polka-dotted notebook. I'm a sucker for pretty notebooks, and tend to hoard them a lot. So when I found this in T.K.Maxx for like only a fiver I felt I needed to pick it up. Though at this moment in time it is not being used, once I've finished my recent blogpost planning notebook I think I'll use this one.

This has really turned into a mix'n'match of favourites. Have you watched any of these TV shows? If you could pick one TV show you watch to be your favourite what would it be? Had you loved anything else during February?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox