4MINUTE(포미닛) - 싫어(Hate) MV Inspired Make-up

Heyy everyone,
So these photos have been sat in their folder on my laptop for nearly over a month now, so I thought I would bring them out to give you guys a make-up post. I have no idea if people enjoy reading make-up, personally I don't read then much but I like to make them, even if I'm not the most creative with the looks.

This time it's 4Minutes 'Hate'. If your not into the kpop scene then you probably won't know this girl-group, but if you have a spare minute I would recommend to check them out (totally not laughing over the pun I made there) and their music video 'crazy' is also pretty good. Anyway they are always on point with their make-up so I thought I would try my best to recreate it - emphasis on try as I'm definitely no make-up artists before I get really into the post
If you're not so much into kpop then think of this as a dramatic eye look that's not quite a smoky eye. I'm sure you guys could rock it if you try it out.

Do I really need to go through my face make-up? It's the same as I normally do and I'm sure you guys get the point now that I rarely change it. Once I've found a foundation that doesn't break me out then I stick to it. And anyway the focus of this look is the eyes - mainly its the part of my make-up I'm best at hehe. So once you've got your face and eyebrows to how you want (though I tried to keep my brows to a more straighter style) we can get onto the eyes.

Ignoring the wild eyebrows -_-
Though normally I start with eye-shadow this time I started with a black eyeliner to frame my eyes along my bottom waterline and tight-line, anyone else find these hard to do once all the other make-up if one, smudges everywhere? Then it was on to the eye-shadow. Taking my darkest black I started making a wing out to the side. I found the best thing for this was to start with only a small amount of black and then to work up, then if the wing didn't go right the first time it didn't matter particularly too much as a small amount of eye-shadow is easier to clean up than a lot - no one wants panda eyes, unless your a panda of course ^_^. So I'm not really sure how to explain this further so lets just leave it to the photos.

I hoping you can see from the photos but along with the wing in the black eye-shadow I took it kind of a v-shape going along my crease and lash line to *fingers-crossed* blend it with the rest of my eye as well as a little along my bottom lashes to even out the whole look. I then took a shimmery pale grey to bronze (you know I said I did this look so long ago forgot the exact colours oops) and blended that over my lid, just so the black wouldn't look so out of place. And to finish it off I added a little of white shimmer to the inner corners of my eyes. I again like normal when doing make-up for blogposts forgot to but on mascara, but you could totally add that as a final step. I really need to remember to remember about mascara.

Poof the look is finished. If you guys create this look or are inspired off it tag me in your photos on Instagram or twitter would love to see them. Do you enjoy reading make-up posts? Are there any people/cartoon's make-ups you want me to do an inspired look for? What songs have you been listening to recently?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox