Spring Blush Make-up Look

Heyy everyone,
How to start a blog post? I get so stuck at these sorts of things. Intro's are too difficult. Anyway I thought this week I could do another spring post for you guys. I'll try to explain this well but yeah I'll get into the post now before this goes off into nowhere.

The point for this look was to go with a light fairy kind of make-up. So going with that theme for base make-up I've kept it to primer and concealer. This would be the perfect time for something like a BB-cream, but alas I do not own one ahha. Anyway I've been getting into using primer a lot more, and I have to say this Benefit one if fab, par my oiliness, it does a great job at minimising my pores gives me such a smoother look. And since I'm not going in with foundation, as I wanted to keep this look young and fresh, I used a concealer to cover those blemishes and under-eye circles that many of us have from studying so much or too much, which ever you prefer ahha.

With the base done I started on the eyes. I didn't want to much for this so kept the eye-shadows to a light beige/pink colour and light brown. The pink I dusted all over my lids, for this I used 'desire' out of the Stila in the moments palette, and then took 'wonder' from the same palette and pressed that into the outer v of my eye to give it some kind of depth. This colour could totally be used as like an eye-liner along the lower lashes and into the gaps between the upper lashes. (I have a whole review on this palette here if you want a closer look at all the colours). To finish of the eyes I added mascara to just my top lashes. Recently I've been finding I can get away with just mascara and my eyes look okay even when I don't have the time to do winged liner. Trusty mascara don't fail me now.

So now we're onto the main focus of this post, that being the blush. I find that a lot of make-up looks focus on the eyes and how eye make-up can change each season, so I thought I would try something different. For most of the time blush is applied to the apples of your cheeks, but using inspiration from Japanese make-up, I decided for this look we could focus it under the under-eye circle area and cross the nose. Kind of giving a flush and cute look - hopefully fitting to the spring theme.

To finish off the make-up look is the lips. I couldn't decided between a nude lip or rosy pink lip for this look, so I'm going to totally leave this up to you guys. Which colour do you think would look best with the rest of the make-up?

Tahdah another spring post done. I don't do as many make-up looks these days been liking outfit snaps more ^_^ How do you guys make you make-up more spring-like?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xix

Outfit Snaps | An Easter Birthday

Heyy everyone,
So I think I'll start off by saying Happy Easter to any of you who celebrate it ^_^

I took these photos on Friday, with today being Saturday when writing up this post, when we actually had plans to go out on Sunday, being that Easter, my birthday and a Wedding party, but due to people being ill we can't get up to the party. Anyway this is what I had planned on wearing, though I'll have to find somewhere else to wear it now ahha. I'm doing really bad at writing this intro even if I am listen to some good music. Astro has kind of won my heart over at the moment. So anyway I hope you enjoy this post.

Top - Hand me down | Skirt - Primark | Shoes - Select | Bracelets - present | Necklace - Claires

Totally a mix'n'match of backgrounds here, what can you do when the weathers always changing. Anyway the main part of this outfit is the skirt if you hadn't guessed from the photos. In my Spring Fashion Wishlist that I wrote the other week I mentioned how I wanted to try an A-Line skirt out. Well guess what? I got one. This one is from Primark and though not one from TopShop or something it's a great start when trying out a style. Anyway with the skirt - which I love by the way - I added this turtle neck which is super comfy. It's another one of my mum's hand me downs since she didn't wear it any more. I love how it's slightly loose by has cuffs at the end of the sleeves kind of my favourite kind of look so I feel comfortable but at the same time feel kind of cute. Now on to the footwear and I'm totally going to fangirl over these shoes. I saw them back in February when I went shopping with my friend and though I didn't buy them at the time as I didn't want to impulse buy they had been an open tab on my laptop for about a month. So the other week I bought them. I have a love for these shoes, they're heels but at the same time I can walk in them, Queen of walking terribly in heels (you don't want to know about nearly tripping at my awards evening for school). This is the first outfit I had 'planned' to wear them with and I thought it paired pretty well. Anyway to finish off the look I added a few pieces of jewellery. I don't normally wear much jewellery apart from my two dainty necklaces which I layer, but this bird necklace I felt brought the look together since it matched the zip on the skirt (ish). As well as the bracelets as I find it weird not to have something on my wrists as I'm always wearing a watch and hair tie on my wrists anyone else? But it was for a party (this look) so I thought I better wear something other than a hair tie ahha.

Oh I also painted my nails trying to go with a Spring look. I'm terrible at painting nails they always chip so easy, and I can never sit still long enough for them to dry, but I'm trying ^_^ There's a better picture of my nails on Instagram if you want to follow (totally not ashamed of this self-promoting hehe)

Anyway what do you think of this look? Though the plans for wearing this outfit have changed I thought I would still post it since I quite like the look. If you guys have any other ways to style an A-line skirt leave your links ^o^ 

So since it's Easter holidays (well it is for me ahha) what are you guys up to? I'm stuck with two weeks of doing revision, like I have no other plans apart from meeting up with my friends at some point for my birthday *(^o^)*

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Outfit Snaps | Denim on Denim

Heyy everyone,
So a couple of posts back, most likely my last outfit snaps, I mentioned how I didn't think that I would suit a denim on denim look which I had seem many other rocking. Well I gave myself the challenge to try to create an outfit look that composed of two pieces of denim. Honestly I don't tend to be the most adventurous person when it comes to style but I'm learning to change that. Anyway though this post is a day late I hope you enjoy.

Shirt - hand me down | Jeans - Sainsbury | Boots - Newlook | Chocker - Claires

This outfit kind of came together when I just wanted to wear this blue denim shirt. I'm not sure if it is actually denim but it gives the look so it shall have to be denim for this look. Recently I've been really in love with the 3/4 sleeve look, frankly I've always loved it, something about having the sleeves up like that just makes me feel slightly stronger and that I can do anything - don't question it, I'm unsure why as well. Anyway with the denim shirt I paired my black jeans because where can you go wrong with black jeans. Yeah as I guessed you really can't. Since the shirt isn't that much fitted I made it look a bit more flattering by tucking in the front. You could totally tuck it in all the way round but I always find it comes untucked way too quickly and I really don't want to be dealing with making sure it's in place all day, anyone else like this? For shoes I kept with my trusty black boots. I really need to get myself a new pair I definitely wear these so much. They're comfy you can't blame me! Anyway to finish off this outfit I added my 'chocker' (it's still way too lose aha) and another dainty necklace to give the outfit a bit more of a feminine look.

Ahh I described that okay right? I'll be better one day at explaining things ahha. Anyway this outfit has been one I wear at least once a week for the past month or so. It's light but still has that bit of warmth that you need on those chilly mornings. I thought it was spring, I don't feel any more warmth in the mornings yet.

I totally tried to change my backgrounds for these outfit snaps, but on the day I took these photos it decided to rain on me so I ended up moving the furniture in the living round around to get a good place. Surprisingly my Mum was okay with it ahha I did put everything back into place afterwards.

Have you guys tried denim on denim look? I hope mine looked okay. I try to come up with questions at the end of posts but I'm so bad at it hehe. If you took any inspiration from this, or other denim looks, tag me in your photos on Instagram @/thats_sosophie 

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

15 Things I Love About Spring

Heyy everyone,
So after another hectic week I thought I would post another Spring post for you guys. Also spring starts today so it kind of fits right. Do you guys say the 20th is that start of spring or the 21st? I've always said the 21st growing up but everyone else says the 20th so I think I'll have to go with that. Anyway with the hopes the weather reflects the fact it is spring, here are 15 things I love about the spring time.

1. Pretty pastels 
2. My feet aren't freezing while trying to sleep
3. Warmer rain
4. Longer evenings 
5. Evening walks 
6. Brighter days in general (more photo opportunities)
7. Flowers = smell nice
8. Flowers = pretty backgrounds 
9. Less bulky layers 
10. Cosy movie nights while it's raining 
11. Spring cleaning 
12. Able to have windows open with out freezing
13. My birthday ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
14. Chance for more outfit posts with out freezing 
15. Spring fashion 

There are quite a few things about the Spring I love, even if Autumn is my favourite season, I'm just waiting for it to get a bit warmer. Hello Spring I know you're there somewhere *Looks frantically around*. Oh yeah and does anyone else love the rain? As long as I don't have to stay soaked to the bone for the rest of the day I just love standing it in. I could totally get super deep here aha but as long as the storms don't give me headache I actually really like them. This paragraph is starting to go off on a total tangent, I'm doing really bad a focusing if you can't tell.

Well anyway do you agree with any of this list? Would you add anything else? If you guys know of any pretty spring make-up would you let me know ^_^.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Spring Fashion Wishlist

Heyy everyone,
I'm back after a little break over the last week from blogging - like seriously a break I think I only joined in about 1 twitter chat and that was it for blogging not even reading others, though now my bloglovin feed had built up aha. Anyway minus my break, I have I think the first of my Spring blogposts for you guys. I thought it would be cool to start off with a fashion wishlist. I haven't written a wishlist in ages it feels like, so I'm guessing now is a good time as ever.

Yes there was a random gap of white that looked uneven so I put a cute sticker there ^_^

Despite it being spring, looking at this now I actually don't have that much colour in this wishlist, neither do I in my wardrobe. If you guys know any pieces that would look cute in a more spring colour let me know.

First off we have denim jackets. Though I did say a couple posts back I don't think I could rock denim on denim, might give it a try some time, I love denim jacket. Recently I've seen so many people styling these so well, and look so chic and cute in them. I feel that they would be awesome for spring since they can be light but at the same time keep you warm if need be - UK weather is so unpredictable. Plus it would be nice to have a jacket that wasn't black.

Despite loving my boots, for spring I feel like they maybe be too hot once it starts to warm up and I have to do quite a bit of walking, so I feel like there is a need for some lighter shoes and adidas originals and converses would be great for them. I actually don't really own any shoes like these par my Newlook converses, so there is a space in my life for them. I'm sure the adidas would look adorable with a skater skirt and cute printed tee, which would be great for spring. As for converses I just love those shoes in general.

If you've been reading this blog for a while you would have noticed in my outfit snaps the love I have for a certain green military style coat. I've never really been one to collect a lot a coats since we tend to just have one winter coat and water proof as basics. But I feel like coats like the one in the picture above are just so chic. I could totally picture it looking so nice with some outfits that would be perfect for outfit snaps. I guess it's similar to a trench coat, which I'm sure is the style that is coming in this season, but I feel this once is a little shorter so might suit me better rather than losing my figure in a trench coat.

A-Line skirts have been a trend for a while now, though I've never really fallen into it. I'm not really one to wear skirts often since I'm more of person to slouch around at home when ever I can and skirts aren't the best for that, but over the last year or so I've been trying to pick up the courage to wear skirts out more. And since A-Line skirts have such a nice fitting on everyone I've seen styling them I thought it would be a good chose to try out. I say this all but I don't even know if it will suit me aha.

Finally on this fashion wishlists I have bomber jackets. Despite what my sister says, that I only want one because she wants one, I've been loving them for a long time. They look so nice and can be pretty much added on to every outfit. In my February Favourites I mentioned a jacket that was kind of similar to a bomber jacket but it isn't really one, and since my love for outfits with bomber jackets runs far and strong I think it's time to add one to my wardrobe. Definitely a statement piece that could go in anyone's wardrobe. 

Are we sure it's spring already? Wasn't it only January the other day? I have to say I'm looking forward to some warmer days though, I'm still sat here in a thick jumper, and the rain - yes I love the rain aha. Okay so is there any of this list you guys want on your spring fashion wishlist? Is there anything else you would add? If you know any places which sell these you recommend let me know ^_^.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

4MINUTE(포미닛) - 싫어(Hate) MV Inspired Make-up

Heyy everyone,
So these photos have been sat in their folder on my laptop for nearly over a month now, so I thought I would bring them out to give you guys a make-up post. I have no idea if people enjoy reading make-up, personally I don't read then much but I like to make them, even if I'm not the most creative with the looks.

This time it's 4Minutes 'Hate'. If your not into the kpop scene then you probably won't know this girl-group, but if you have a spare minute I would recommend to check them out (totally not laughing over the pun I made there) and their music video 'crazy' is also pretty good. Anyway they are always on point with their make-up so I thought I would try my best to recreate it - emphasis on try as I'm definitely no make-up artists before I get really into the post
If you're not so much into kpop then think of this as a dramatic eye look that's not quite a smoky eye. I'm sure you guys could rock it if you try it out.

Do I really need to go through my face make-up? It's the same as I normally do and I'm sure you guys get the point now that I rarely change it. Once I've found a foundation that doesn't break me out then I stick to it. And anyway the focus of this look is the eyes - mainly its the part of my make-up I'm best at hehe. So once you've got your face and eyebrows to how you want (though I tried to keep my brows to a more straighter style) we can get onto the eyes.

Ignoring the wild eyebrows -_-
Though normally I start with eye-shadow this time I started with a black eyeliner to frame my eyes along my bottom waterline and tight-line, anyone else find these hard to do once all the other make-up if one, smudges everywhere? Then it was on to the eye-shadow. Taking my darkest black I started making a wing out to the side. I found the best thing for this was to start with only a small amount of black and then to work up, then if the wing didn't go right the first time it didn't matter particularly too much as a small amount of eye-shadow is easier to clean up than a lot - no one wants panda eyes, unless your a panda of course ^_^. So I'm not really sure how to explain this further so lets just leave it to the photos.

I hoping you can see from the photos but along with the wing in the black eye-shadow I took it kind of a v-shape going along my crease and lash line to *fingers-crossed* blend it with the rest of my eye as well as a little along my bottom lashes to even out the whole look. I then took a shimmery pale grey to bronze (you know I said I did this look so long ago forgot the exact colours oops) and blended that over my lid, just so the black wouldn't look so out of place. And to finish it off I added a little of white shimmer to the inner corners of my eyes. I again like normal when doing make-up for blogposts forgot to but on mascara, but you could totally add that as a final step. I really need to remember to remember about mascara.

Poof the look is finished. If you guys create this look or are inspired off it tag me in your photos on Instagram or twitter would love to see them. Do you enjoy reading make-up posts? Are there any people/cartoon's make-ups you want me to do an inspired look for? What songs have you been listening to recently?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

February Favourites

Heyy everyone,

It's that time again for another favourites. I can't quite believe how quickly this year is flying by, way too fast for my liking. Though I have a lot of things going on in March, I'm not liking the idea of being closer to exams. But anyway lets back away from college work for a while and talk about things we've loved during February.

In terms of make-up there isn't really anything new from my favourites post last month, seeming as I haven't tried anything new. But I still feel like I should put a mention in there for the Benefit Benitint, which I'm totally in love with, it's been my go to lip product all through February and will probably be the same for March - I don't own many other lip products.

I don't normally have many fashion favourites in these type of posts but I thought this jacket deserved a shout out. February has been so cold, and I always find it hard to find a suitable jacket that can go with everything. However this jacket has been a life saver! I've had it for years but only recently rediscovered it in my wardrobe, and I'm an so thankful I did. It has been so warm and cosy whenever I've had to walk to and from college in temperatures reaching zero. 

So I'm unsure if I normally write about what music I've been loving - I should really make a format of how to set these sort of posts out - but over February I've definitely fallen in love with some artists. I know I'm really late to the bandwagon on Beast, but !oh my gosh! they've stolen my heart (it's okay BTS and Got7 with always be my favourite). I can't really remember how I found beast, frankly they've been part of my playlist for a while, but I think I found them on some variety show and I was hooked. I'm definitely a lover for vocals when it comes to groups over rap, and Beast have amazing vocals! If you fancy checking them out I would suggest 'Good Luck' definitely one of my all time favourite songs. Apart from Beast I've also been loving Kim Jaejoong. I guess he is slightly more rock than pop but after listening to he latest comeback 'Love You More' I've been hooked. I can't believe I hadn't heard of him before.

Okay lets move on from my fangirling, onto some TV shows. I don't normally share my favourite TV shows as by the time I get round to writing favourites they've normally finished and I forget to put them in, but this time I have quite a list. Starting off we a long time favourite is Scorpion, I have loved this show for ages now, being on the 2nd part of the second season, I've watched it from the very beginning and always look forward to it. None of my friends really know about it, but if you want a new show to watch then maybe give this a try. It's about a group of geniuses tackling not just practically saving the world but understanding the 'normal' emotions of people. 
My second favourite is Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands. I don't think I would have watched this if my Dad hadn't put it onto record, but I am grateful he did. This has turned into my Monday morning show, and I've grown quite attached to the characters. To be honest I was slightly confused at the beginning as I knew who no one was and it wasn't really explained since it's the return of the old show, but nonetheless I enjoy it. 
My final TV favourite is Hero's Reborn.
Supernatural, check.
Mystery, check.
Action, check.
Do I need to keep this list going. This show is like a mixture of all the things I love, plus it doesn't have any cringy romance - well of yet - so really it's all around good. I'm definitely running out of words to describe everything so I'll leave it here ^_^.

I think I shall finish off this favourites post with a few random things I've loved over February. One being this necklace combination of my yingyang choker and my birthstone necklace. I honestly don't know why but I've loved these two together! I feel like it brings just that much more to an outfit, and can totally finish it off. My second random favourite is this polka-dotted notebook. I'm a sucker for pretty notebooks, and tend to hoard them a lot. So when I found this in T.K.Maxx for like only a fiver I felt I needed to pick it up. Though at this moment in time it is not being used, once I've finished my recent blogpost planning notebook I think I'll use this one.

This has really turned into a mix'n'match of favourites. Have you watched any of these TV shows? If you could pick one TV show you watch to be your favourite what would it be? Had you loved anything else during February?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox