What I Love About... Blogging

So I've been blogging for over a year now. I'm unsure on when I actually started blogging since I had multiple blogs before this one and I think I deleted my first post for this one (don't ask me why, just can't find it). But since it has been a good while now, I feel I can write a decent post on the things I love about blogging, which has been on my to-do-list for quite a bit of time now.

  • The creativity.
If you guys didn't know my courses I take at college have pretty much no creativity in them at all, however I still love being creative. Love both science and art! And that is where blogging comes into it. Everyone is so creative and I love it! It has become my outlet from a place where everything had a set answer - maths! - and I can talk about what I love - fashion, beauty etc!. I've flickered through quite a few different creative outlets in the past, from writing stories to drawing to even making music, but I've not really stuck to any of them as much as blogging (even though I do go back to them every now and again). So yeah I love the creativity that blogging lets everyone show.

  • Keeping me busy.
Okay going from that heading you probably wouldn't think of it as such a good thing, seeing as our lives today are moving forward in time showing no signs of slowing and we struggle to have a moment to breath. But what I'm trying to get at is that blogging keeps me from getting into a habit of just sitting there and doing nothing. I actually got back into blogging properly last summer during having three months off, and it allowed me to keep my brain working some what so I wasn't completely switched off when it came to college in September.I also don't like being bored, so it gave me something to do during my summer when everyone else was off to some sunny holiday.

  • Putting a hobby into practice.
One of my hobbies is photography however I don't normally get to take many photos unless for blogging. I like to have an objective for things and something to aim for, so knowing they are for a blog post makes me feel better, and in the end like I've accomplished something - equalling something to be proud of as well ^_^

  • The friendship in the community.
I love the blogging community. Everyone is so lovely and you can honestly feel so welcomed when you join. On twitter everyone is so lovely, even about things that don't include blogging and make me feel less worried about a bunch of things - shout out to those I speak to nearly everyday, hope you know who you are -, as well as the lovely comments one gets on posts, it shows the love and the kindness that runs throughout the community.
  • The twitter chats.
Okay I made this one separate from the last one, though they are both to do with the community because the twitter chats are quite a big thing for me. In the past I never really joined in in twitter chats mainly due to being wary of them but since I've picked up the courage to join them I've spoken to so many people. It has also helped me get my blog out there and after twitter chats the amount of feedback I get on posts increase. Over all I think it's the people I get to talk to during these chats which make me love blogging even more.

Okay so cringe-ness over, I've loved blogging this last year and a bit, and I can't wait for what the future holds, and hope this list will grow.

Do you agree with any of these points about blogging? Are there any more that you would add?
Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox