Valentines Day Cute-Sexy

Heyy everyone,

So I'm back again after having a break due to not feeling that great, and since Valentines Day is coming up it has given me an excuse to do a themed make-up look. I actually don't normally do valentines day, it isn't really one of the holidays in my calendar, but any event that gives me a reason to do another make-up look for on here is okay in my books. So any way I didn't know whether to go for a more cutie-pie make-up look or one a big more on the sexy side, so instead I've just done both and how to move from the more cutie look - like a day look - into something more dramatic - like a night look - enjoy (*-*)

Okay so I started off with my normal base make-up of foundation, concealer, powder, brows and eyeliner. So yeah the last two aren't really base but they are the same as what I normally do so if you've read my other post you'll know what they are. But for anyone new I normally just keep my brows to a semi-straight brow and wing out my eyeliner - both really are up to you to interpret for this look considering what suits me might not suit you guys. Brows are personal.

Anyway with my base make-up done, really I had come back from college when I did this look so really I was touching up on my everyday make-up ^_^, I went on to start the cute eye make-up. I started with a pale pink and washed it over my lids, I would tell you guys the name of the colour but it doesn't have one so you'll have to go off the picture sorry. Anyway with that covering my lid, I felt the look needed some more depth, so took one of the lighter brown eye-shadows I own and place it onto the outer v of my lids. I have to tell you here blending is key! It made the look, look so much cuter.

To finalise the eye-shadow I used a pearly white and place that along the inner corners of my eyes and along by bottom lashes. To finish off the look I just topped my lips off with a nude lip butter. I don't typically wear this product a lot since it doesn't have long stay but the colour is actually really pretty.

Now let's transform it into something a little more dramatic!

Since all I did next was add the new colour onto the cute eye make-up, that's the base. I tried to make this second look more sexy, but if you couldn't tell my style is definitely along the more cutesy line.

Mainly for this look it focuses on the darkness of the eye make-up. I started by pressing it over where the brown had gone before and blended it out. I then went in with a thin flat eye-shadow brush and wing out the black if you can see from the photo, following the shape of my eye, and then brought the colour in going about a third of the way along my lid from the outside corner. With the colour in place it was then a job for blending, which made it look so much better.

I also brought the black eye-shadow a little down along my bottom lashes just to give the look a bit more balance. Then instead of the nude lips for this look I went with a red. I really would have preferred a matte red but since I didn't I split a sheet of tissue into one of its single layer and places that over my lips, with the lipstick on, and then dusted on some translucent  powder. I have no idea where I learnt this trick but it works pretty well, and helps the lipstick to stay on longer.

So that's the two look. I know the photos aren't that great, but which of the two is your favourite? I probably won't be wearing any of these looks on Sunday since I think we plan to have a lazy day and watch movies, but I'm totally going to need to find some place to go to wear them.

What are you up to this Valentines day?
Bye Lovlies
Sophie xox