Outfit Snaps | Transition into Spring

Heyy everyone
So since spring is next month I feel it's time for another outfit snaps. Though here in the UK you can never be to sure what the weather is going to do I've created two looks that I feel would be okay *crossing fingers weather is nice to me*. Through taking these photos I've realised I need to up my game with the backgrounds for these posts, the corner of my room isn't great, hopefully with the warmer months coming the flowers will also and I can use them as a background in the photos. We have a honeysuckle tree in our garden so it should be okay as long as I don't sneeze to much. That would be funny. Photos full of me sneezing,  why hay-fever why? Okay let's get into the outfits which you came here to read/see.

For this first one I went for monochrome kind of theme. You can never go wrong with that right? I'm in love with these tops at the moment, I think they can look so chic but casual at the same time. This outfit originally was planned around the inspiration from Taeyeon's 'I' music video, but since I'm sure many of my readers aren't into the Korean music scene, I thought I could just squeeze it into here.  The top is light so fits the whole spring theme pretty well and you can't go wrong with a pair of black jeans. And since here it gets pretty cold - okay mainly the morning, my hands are always so cold walking to college - I paired the outfit with my dark blue parka. This coat is so warm, the only downfall I can't wear it with my blue jeans that you've seen in past posts, I'm sorry I can't do the blue on blue, I envy people who can rock the denim on denim, if I tried I would look like a fool. To top off the look par my blue converses from Newlook (I'm needing a new pair at some point these are getting worn out) I added my chocker. Well it's meant to be a chocker but it ends up being like a short necklace, right now when writing this I've actually layered it with a longer necklace I'm loving the combo! Anyway back to this posts look. I feel its very me. Simple but looks put together! Well I hope I look like that aha ^_^.

For the second look I went with something with a bit more colour, even if I don't actually own that much colour - it's a goal to change that. Since spring is always the season for pastel colour (yay!) I tried my best to incorporate that with this pale blue short dungarees. Though I'm sure people can style these better, I love how cute you can feel in them, and if your like me, not one particularly for a skirt/pinafore I don't sit well enough to wear those nicely aha, these are the next best thing. They also make me feel like a little kid again which is great when you realise how fast time has flown. To go with the dungarees I decided on this purple turtle neck top, it was planned to balance out the warmth of this outfit considering how cold it can be even when moving into spring. This top actually used to be my mother's before I kind of 'borrowed' it because she never wore it. Also, if you didn't know, purple is one of my favourite colours and I love to add it to my outfits.

So that's the two looks. I'm starting to think these outfit snap posts are my favourite, what about you what's your favourite post the write/read? I'm actually looking forward to spring right now, minus the fact that it's exam time (I have maths and history on the same say, cry), plus it will be my birthday aha. Which of these outfits if your favourite? Do you have a must worn item for this time of the year?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox