January Favourites

Heyy everyone,

It's not too late for a monthly favourites is it? I didn't actually have that many favourites last month, but I've put together I few things to share with you guys. I totally need to work on my introduction skills but anyway lets get into the favourites aha.

Okay so I think I'll start with the make-up products for this post. Over January firstly I've been really loving the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner. For being under a fiver this eyeliner is really good. It stays on all days and definitely gives off a strong colour, which I sometimes find hard to find in an eyeliner. I've been using this everyday and I have to say I don't think my winged eyeliner has looked this good in a long time. Though I would have to say the only down fall of this product is the brush, since mine seems to have some of the brush strands sticking out - but then that could just be mine and since I've had it a while. This one is actually running out so unless I find one that people are recommending and isn't too expensive, I think I'll stick with this.

Next for my make-up favourites is the Benefit benetint. I mentioned this in a review (along with the mascara) a couple weeks back here, and I have to say it has been a staple in my everyday look. I'm actually a fan of the dark lip look and prefer it over nude colour, so this shade has been perfect of me. As well as it staying of for a long time considering I have the bad habit of licking my lips, though I would say it doesn't last all day. if you're eating, with the strong colour but it still leaves a tint to your lips nontheless.

Following on from the benetint, I've been loving the Rollar Lash mascara by Benefit as well. I've explained why I love this in the review I did the other week (link in the paragraph before) but to summarise it this mascara makes my lashes stand out with both length and volume. As well as holding my lashes in place all day, and not coming off even in the rain. I've finally realised why everyone loves this mascara so much.

Okay, so I've never really been a fan of the classic tea, as well as coffee, but since I know how good tea can be for you I've been reaching out to try some. Last year it was peppermint tea, and though it tasted good the smell wasn't the greatest. So this time round I went for something more fruity, and the pomegranate green tea was what I picked out (mainly as it was on offer). Anyway this smells amazing and tastes great as well. I'm actually hopeless at describing tastes so bare with me. It definitely has the taste of pomegranates, being sweet and everything, as well as I guess kind of tasting fresh. See I told you the description wouldn't be great. But yeah if you're looking to try a new tea I recommend this one ^_^

The last of my favourites for January is this necklace I picked up in Clarie's over the Christmas holidays. It's actually a chocker style necklace, but either because it's too big or I have a small neck but it sits more like a necklace. The charms in it also is changeable and I have a moon, a sun and a star that can also go on but I have to say I love the yingyang charm the best. I find with most outfits I wear that this necklace just kind of brings the look together.

January has gone so quick, I'm not ready for this year to fly by. But even though January's gone I hope I can find some new favourites during February.

What have been your favourites last month?
Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox