How I Edit Blog Photos

Heyy everyone,

So this is a kind of Sunday throw together while I'm taking a break from studying. I've seen a multitude of bloggers as well as vloggers doing this sort of post/video, so thought I might give it a try. Honestly I'm not the best when it gets down to using the computer or photography, I'm teaching myself everything, but for those who are like me and want to keep their editing to the simplest here are my tips on what to do, enjoy.

For basic editing I actually only use the editing software that comes with the Windows 10, I know some people go out and buy the Photoshop and honestly I might use that in the future, but for still practically being a newbie to editing the Windows 10 one if great, and I think my blog photos come out well enough to post ^_^.

1. Okay so picture number one if the one straight off my camera. I use the Nikon D3300 and though I'm still learning all the features I'm loving it, I feel my photography has definitely improved from when I used my Ipad. As you can see the photo is pretty dark and dull, and I'm mainly blaming that on the weather here in the UK, come on weather make up your mind! Is the sun out or not.

2. Though I don't know if you can see much from the collage but in photo number two I've cropped the photo. I use this mostly for outfit posts when I want to focus in on one point of the outfit but haven't been able to do it when taking photos as I take them all myself aha. As well I like the photos to be rectangular, I feel it fits my blog layout just a bit more than a square.

3. Number 3 is after I have turned up the brightness. To be honest the amount I turn it up depends on the natural light in the photo, it changes from post to post but most of the time in each post it will be the same making it slightly easier. For a general idea its normally by 25% or 50%, depending on the darkness of the photo. This is the point where I kind of experiment with the brightness as I don't want it to look over done but at the same time I want my photos to look bright and friendly as that's what always draws me in to read other's blogs so I hope it's the same for mine.

4. Contrast time! Like brightness this is never by a set amount, and sometimes I don't even do it, depending on the feeling I want the photo to give across. If I'm liking the more paler look then I wont put contrast into it but if I want the colours to pop, like the pink in this one, then I turned it up normally by about 25% as I don't want it to be to over powering that it makes my photos look more yellowy toned.

Most of the time I leave my photos like this to then put into blog posts, but sometimes when I want like more of a title photo at the beginning I add text. For this I use Pixlr Express, I used to use the app form when I was taking photos on my Ipad and now I use it on my laptop. I don't really use this for editing as I find Windows 10 easier to use, but if it's like a make-up look and I want to hid some redness or blemishes more (either my camera if amazing or concealer isn't doing its job) I do that on Pixlr. Other than that I go to the 'type' button on it and select 'handwritten' to then start typing on the text I want on the photo. I don't have a set text type I use under handwritten - I'm so indecisive - but my favourites are 'Journal', 'Paul Maul', 'Note This' and 'Radiohead'. I tend to change the text I use depending on the content of the blog post. Is it only me who does this and goes off the feel of blog posts? 

And that's the finished product! Honestly I want to expand my editing skills into something more cool at some point, it seems I'm off to YouTube to see if I can find a useful video. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe found it helpful. Do you edit your photos similar? What other steps would you add in?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox