Favourite Apps

Heyy everyone,

Back with another list post! So since we all spend a lot of time on our gadgets, be that phone, tablet or laptop, I thoughts sharing my favourite apps would be an okay post. When I was planning this post I first thought of splitting it into apps for blogging, social, inspiration etc, to then realise I don't actually use that many apps, anyone else find they flicker between like two or three apps at one time. Anyway lets get into the list before I waffle on on a tangent for this intro.

  • Neko Atsume
I'll start off with the one game app that I love. Most of the time for games I get bored after a while and just give up, but after seeing so many bloggers on Twitter loving this app I thought I would give it a go, plus my friend had it and I was curious. Anyhow, I'm hooked! It has been a great app to have on my phone to go onto when I'm stood at college by myself waiting for people. Anyone else like that? Need to look at your phone when by yourself? I don't know how long I'll keep this app going since I have a history of not keeping games, but at this moment in time I love it.

  • Wattpad
If you love reading this is a great app. Mainly for amateur writers to share their work. I love reading, if you didn't know, so this app as been part of my favourites for years. Since you can also publish your own work on there for people to read, I might have done that in the past, when you get good feedback it always feels amazing. This is the sort of app I get lost in, seeing as each book also has recommend books after it, meaning I can never run out of something to read ^_^. So yeah if you want somewhere to read while on the go this is a great app if you don't want to carry round a heavy book.

  • Pinterest
I love this app! If you don't follow me you should (^o^). I get so much inspiration on here, particularity for outfit ideas, that board has so many pins aha. Really I know many people love it, and I feel like I can't describe it very well. It's also my go too photo app to fangirl over my favourite Korean idols *(^o^)*

  • Twitter
Really who could have a favourite apps post, being a blogger, without twitter. Do I really need to explain!?! This app has meant I have been able to communicate with the rest of the blogging community that I love. I really wouldn't be the blogger I am today with out twitter to help me find other bloggers and grow. In addition it means I can follow celebrities so I'm not completely oblivious to what is going on in the world. I'm sure I actually learn quite a bit from twitter.

  • Crunchyroll
My go to app for anime (subbed ones that is). Though most of the time I prefer dubbed versions for anime since then I can watch it as well as doing other things like homework or blogging, if I can't find the anime I want to watch on YouTube I head on over to Crunchyroll. Though it does have adverts during the show at the beginning, I found once watching quite a few - this is during my anime marathons - there are less ads, I have no idea if it was a one off but still. Anyway if any of my readers watch anime, where do you tend to watch it?

  • Instagram
My goal this year - that you can find here - was to up my Instagram game. So far it hasn't been great since I struggle with actually getting photos that look good from my phone. But I'm working on it. Apart from my mix'n'match feed, I love using Instagram to look at other bloggers photos. Unlike Pinterest where I just find photos from all over, Instagram allows me to follow people, and gain inspiration from others in the blogging community. Plus I also follow Kpop idols on there but you guys probably bored of the obsessions there, one day I will learn to read Korean or Instagram will have a translate button, and I can know what's going on; but till then I do love their fashion sense so I can cope with not knowing what that comment is saying ^_^.

  • Viki
Similar to Crunchyroll but this time for K-drama. This is actually a new addition to my apps list, but since my friend introduced it too me I've loved it. I've used Viki before on my laptop but it tends to buffer a lot, however on my tablet it doesn't seem to which is great. Now is just the struggle to make sure I don't have a k-drama marathon considering episodes can my 60 minutes long, since I need to study.

I definitely use some of these apps more often than others, but I love them all the same. Do you use any of these apps? I'm always up for finding more apps to use, definitely for blogging, are there any that help you out?

What are your go to apps?
Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox