How I Edit Blog Photos

Heyy everyone,

So this is a kind of Sunday throw together while I'm taking a break from studying. I've seen a multitude of bloggers as well as vloggers doing this sort of post/video, so thought I might give it a try. Honestly I'm not the best when it gets down to using the computer or photography, I'm teaching myself everything, but for those who are like me and want to keep their editing to the simplest here are my tips on what to do, enjoy.

For basic editing I actually only use the editing software that comes with the Windows 10, I know some people go out and buy the Photoshop and honestly I might use that in the future, but for still practically being a newbie to editing the Windows 10 one if great, and I think my blog photos come out well enough to post ^_^.

1. Okay so picture number one if the one straight off my camera. I use the Nikon D3300 and though I'm still learning all the features I'm loving it, I feel my photography has definitely improved from when I used my Ipad. As you can see the photo is pretty dark and dull, and I'm mainly blaming that on the weather here in the UK, come on weather make up your mind! Is the sun out or not.

2. Though I don't know if you can see much from the collage but in photo number two I've cropped the photo. I use this mostly for outfit posts when I want to focus in on one point of the outfit but haven't been able to do it when taking photos as I take them all myself aha. As well I like the photos to be rectangular, I feel it fits my blog layout just a bit more than a square.

3. Number 3 is after I have turned up the brightness. To be honest the amount I turn it up depends on the natural light in the photo, it changes from post to post but most of the time in each post it will be the same making it slightly easier. For a general idea its normally by 25% or 50%, depending on the darkness of the photo. This is the point where I kind of experiment with the brightness as I don't want it to look over done but at the same time I want my photos to look bright and friendly as that's what always draws me in to read other's blogs so I hope it's the same for mine.

4. Contrast time! Like brightness this is never by a set amount, and sometimes I don't even do it, depending on the feeling I want the photo to give across. If I'm liking the more paler look then I wont put contrast into it but if I want the colours to pop, like the pink in this one, then I turned it up normally by about 25% as I don't want it to be to over powering that it makes my photos look more yellowy toned.

Most of the time I leave my photos like this to then put into blog posts, but sometimes when I want like more of a title photo at the beginning I add text. For this I use Pixlr Express, I used to use the app form when I was taking photos on my Ipad and now I use it on my laptop. I don't really use this for editing as I find Windows 10 easier to use, but if it's like a make-up look and I want to hid some redness or blemishes more (either my camera if amazing or concealer isn't doing its job) I do that on Pixlr. Other than that I go to the 'type' button on it and select 'handwritten' to then start typing on the text I want on the photo. I don't have a set text type I use under handwritten - I'm so indecisive - but my favourites are 'Journal', 'Paul Maul', 'Note This' and 'Radiohead'. I tend to change the text I use depending on the content of the blog post. Is it only me who does this and goes off the feel of blog posts? 

And that's the finished product! Honestly I want to expand my editing skills into something more cool at some point, it seems I'm off to YouTube to see if I can find a useful video. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe found it helpful. Do you edit your photos similar? What other steps would you add in?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Outfit Snaps | Transition into Spring

Heyy everyone
So since spring is next month I feel it's time for another outfit snaps. Though here in the UK you can never be to sure what the weather is going to do I've created two looks that I feel would be okay *crossing fingers weather is nice to me*. Through taking these photos I've realised I need to up my game with the backgrounds for these posts, the corner of my room isn't great, hopefully with the warmer months coming the flowers will also and I can use them as a background in the photos. We have a honeysuckle tree in our garden so it should be okay as long as I don't sneeze to much. That would be funny. Photos full of me sneezing,  why hay-fever why? Okay let's get into the outfits which you came here to read/see.

For this first one I went for monochrome kind of theme. You can never go wrong with that right? I'm in love with these tops at the moment, I think they can look so chic but casual at the same time. This outfit originally was planned around the inspiration from Taeyeon's 'I' music video, but since I'm sure many of my readers aren't into the Korean music scene, I thought I could just squeeze it into here.  The top is light so fits the whole spring theme pretty well and you can't go wrong with a pair of black jeans. And since here it gets pretty cold - okay mainly the morning, my hands are always so cold walking to college - I paired the outfit with my dark blue parka. This coat is so warm, the only downfall I can't wear it with my blue jeans that you've seen in past posts, I'm sorry I can't do the blue on blue, I envy people who can rock the denim on denim, if I tried I would look like a fool. To top off the look par my blue converses from Newlook (I'm needing a new pair at some point these are getting worn out) I added my chocker. Well it's meant to be a chocker but it ends up being like a short necklace, right now when writing this I've actually layered it with a longer necklace I'm loving the combo! Anyway back to this posts look. I feel its very me. Simple but looks put together! Well I hope I look like that aha ^_^.

For the second look I went with something with a bit more colour, even if I don't actually own that much colour - it's a goal to change that. Since spring is always the season for pastel colour (yay!) I tried my best to incorporate that with this pale blue short dungarees. Though I'm sure people can style these better, I love how cute you can feel in them, and if your like me, not one particularly for a skirt/pinafore I don't sit well enough to wear those nicely aha, these are the next best thing. They also make me feel like a little kid again which is great when you realise how fast time has flown. To go with the dungarees I decided on this purple turtle neck top, it was planned to balance out the warmth of this outfit considering how cold it can be even when moving into spring. This top actually used to be my mother's before I kind of 'borrowed' it because she never wore it. Also, if you didn't know, purple is one of my favourite colours and I love to add it to my outfits.

So that's the two looks. I'm starting to think these outfit snap posts are my favourite, what about you what's your favourite post the write/read? I'm actually looking forward to spring right now, minus the fact that it's exam time (I have maths and history on the same say, cry), plus it will be my birthday aha. Which of these outfits if your favourite? Do you have a must worn item for this time of the year?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

What I Love About... Blogging

So I've been blogging for over a year now. I'm unsure on when I actually started blogging since I had multiple blogs before this one and I think I deleted my first post for this one (don't ask me why, just can't find it). But since it has been a good while now, I feel I can write a decent post on the things I love about blogging, which has been on my to-do-list for quite a bit of time now.

  • The creativity.
If you guys didn't know my courses I take at college have pretty much no creativity in them at all, however I still love being creative. Love both science and art! And that is where blogging comes into it. Everyone is so creative and I love it! It has become my outlet from a place where everything had a set answer - maths! - and I can talk about what I love - fashion, beauty etc!. I've flickered through quite a few different creative outlets in the past, from writing stories to drawing to even making music, but I've not really stuck to any of them as much as blogging (even though I do go back to them every now and again). So yeah I love the creativity that blogging lets everyone show.

  • Keeping me busy.
Okay going from that heading you probably wouldn't think of it as such a good thing, seeing as our lives today are moving forward in time showing no signs of slowing and we struggle to have a moment to breath. But what I'm trying to get at is that blogging keeps me from getting into a habit of just sitting there and doing nothing. I actually got back into blogging properly last summer during having three months off, and it allowed me to keep my brain working some what so I wasn't completely switched off when it came to college in September.I also don't like being bored, so it gave me something to do during my summer when everyone else was off to some sunny holiday.

  • Putting a hobby into practice.
One of my hobbies is photography however I don't normally get to take many photos unless for blogging. I like to have an objective for things and something to aim for, so knowing they are for a blog post makes me feel better, and in the end like I've accomplished something - equalling something to be proud of as well ^_^

  • The friendship in the community.
I love the blogging community. Everyone is so lovely and you can honestly feel so welcomed when you join. On twitter everyone is so lovely, even about things that don't include blogging and make me feel less worried about a bunch of things - shout out to those I speak to nearly everyday, hope you know who you are -, as well as the lovely comments one gets on posts, it shows the love and the kindness that runs throughout the community.
  • The twitter chats.
Okay I made this one separate from the last one, though they are both to do with the community because the twitter chats are quite a big thing for me. In the past I never really joined in in twitter chats mainly due to being wary of them but since I've picked up the courage to join them I've spoken to so many people. It has also helped me get my blog out there and after twitter chats the amount of feedback I get on posts increase. Over all I think it's the people I get to talk to during these chats which make me love blogging even more.

Okay so cringe-ness over, I've loved blogging this last year and a bit, and I can't wait for what the future holds, and hope this list will grow.

Do you agree with any of these points about blogging? Are there any more that you would add?
Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Favourite Apps

Heyy everyone,

Back with another list post! So since we all spend a lot of time on our gadgets, be that phone, tablet or laptop, I thoughts sharing my favourite apps would be an okay post. When I was planning this post I first thought of splitting it into apps for blogging, social, inspiration etc, to then realise I don't actually use that many apps, anyone else find they flicker between like two or three apps at one time. Anyway lets get into the list before I waffle on on a tangent for this intro.

  • Neko Atsume
I'll start off with the one game app that I love. Most of the time for games I get bored after a while and just give up, but after seeing so many bloggers on Twitter loving this app I thought I would give it a go, plus my friend had it and I was curious. Anyhow, I'm hooked! It has been a great app to have on my phone to go onto when I'm stood at college by myself waiting for people. Anyone else like that? Need to look at your phone when by yourself? I don't know how long I'll keep this app going since I have a history of not keeping games, but at this moment in time I love it.

  • Wattpad
If you love reading this is a great app. Mainly for amateur writers to share their work. I love reading, if you didn't know, so this app as been part of my favourites for years. Since you can also publish your own work on there for people to read, I might have done that in the past, when you get good feedback it always feels amazing. This is the sort of app I get lost in, seeing as each book also has recommend books after it, meaning I can never run out of something to read ^_^. So yeah if you want somewhere to read while on the go this is a great app if you don't want to carry round a heavy book.

  • Pinterest
I love this app! If you don't follow me you should (^o^). I get so much inspiration on here, particularity for outfit ideas, that board has so many pins aha. Really I know many people love it, and I feel like I can't describe it very well. It's also my go too photo app to fangirl over my favourite Korean idols *(^o^)*

  • Twitter
Really who could have a favourite apps post, being a blogger, without twitter. Do I really need to explain!?! This app has meant I have been able to communicate with the rest of the blogging community that I love. I really wouldn't be the blogger I am today with out twitter to help me find other bloggers and grow. In addition it means I can follow celebrities so I'm not completely oblivious to what is going on in the world. I'm sure I actually learn quite a bit from twitter.

  • Crunchyroll
My go to app for anime (subbed ones that is). Though most of the time I prefer dubbed versions for anime since then I can watch it as well as doing other things like homework or blogging, if I can't find the anime I want to watch on YouTube I head on over to Crunchyroll. Though it does have adverts during the show at the beginning, I found once watching quite a few - this is during my anime marathons - there are less ads, I have no idea if it was a one off but still. Anyway if any of my readers watch anime, where do you tend to watch it?

  • Instagram
My goal this year - that you can find here - was to up my Instagram game. So far it hasn't been great since I struggle with actually getting photos that look good from my phone. But I'm working on it. Apart from my mix'n'match feed, I love using Instagram to look at other bloggers photos. Unlike Pinterest where I just find photos from all over, Instagram allows me to follow people, and gain inspiration from others in the blogging community. Plus I also follow Kpop idols on there but you guys probably bored of the obsessions there, one day I will learn to read Korean or Instagram will have a translate button, and I can know what's going on; but till then I do love their fashion sense so I can cope with not knowing what that comment is saying ^_^.

  • Viki
Similar to Crunchyroll but this time for K-drama. This is actually a new addition to my apps list, but since my friend introduced it too me I've loved it. I've used Viki before on my laptop but it tends to buffer a lot, however on my tablet it doesn't seem to which is great. Now is just the struggle to make sure I don't have a k-drama marathon considering episodes can my 60 minutes long, since I need to study.

I definitely use some of these apps more often than others, but I love them all the same. Do you use any of these apps? I'm always up for finding more apps to use, definitely for blogging, are there any that help you out?

What are your go to apps?
Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Outfit Snaps | Valentines day

Heyy everyone,

It feels like it's been forever since I wrote an outfit post! But I've finally got round to taking photos for one now that the sun was out and I had a little spare time.

Top - Newlook
Skirt - Internacionale
Kimono - Select

Do you like the outfit? Not to pink but still girly and cute.

I love the pattern on this kimono, it's like the right kind of size for floral print. You know not to small that it looks vintage (I adore vintage but I wasn't trying to go that style for this look) and not to big where it just looks like it has on flower badge on it. Anyway I want to do more outfit posts in the future, so if there is like a theme or event that you would like me to post an outfit for comment below. Or maybe like celebrity inspired outfit snaps. K-pop idols airport fashion is on point!

Anyway I normally put a question at the end of my posts, but the only one I can think of I put on my last valentines day post. So I'll just leave it as if you take any inspiration from this outfit tag me a picture of your valentines day look on instagram or twitter ^_^

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Valentines Day Cute-Sexy

Heyy everyone,

So I'm back again after having a break due to not feeling that great, and since Valentines Day is coming up it has given me an excuse to do a themed make-up look. I actually don't normally do valentines day, it isn't really one of the holidays in my calendar, but any event that gives me a reason to do another make-up look for on here is okay in my books. So any way I didn't know whether to go for a more cutie-pie make-up look or one a big more on the sexy side, so instead I've just done both and how to move from the more cutie look - like a day look - into something more dramatic - like a night look - enjoy (*-*)

Okay so I started off with my normal base make-up of foundation, concealer, powder, brows and eyeliner. So yeah the last two aren't really base but they are the same as what I normally do so if you've read my other post you'll know what they are. But for anyone new I normally just keep my brows to a semi-straight brow and wing out my eyeliner - both really are up to you to interpret for this look considering what suits me might not suit you guys. Brows are personal.

Anyway with my base make-up done, really I had come back from college when I did this look so really I was touching up on my everyday make-up ^_^, I went on to start the cute eye make-up. I started with a pale pink and washed it over my lids, I would tell you guys the name of the colour but it doesn't have one so you'll have to go off the picture sorry. Anyway with that covering my lid, I felt the look needed some more depth, so took one of the lighter brown eye-shadows I own and place it onto the outer v of my lids. I have to tell you here blending is key! It made the look, look so much cuter.

To finalise the eye-shadow I used a pearly white and place that along the inner corners of my eyes and along by bottom lashes. To finish off the look I just topped my lips off with a nude lip butter. I don't typically wear this product a lot since it doesn't have long stay but the colour is actually really pretty.

Now let's transform it into something a little more dramatic!

Since all I did next was add the new colour onto the cute eye make-up, that's the base. I tried to make this second look more sexy, but if you couldn't tell my style is definitely along the more cutesy line.

Mainly for this look it focuses on the darkness of the eye make-up. I started by pressing it over where the brown had gone before and blended it out. I then went in with a thin flat eye-shadow brush and wing out the black if you can see from the photo, following the shape of my eye, and then brought the colour in going about a third of the way along my lid from the outside corner. With the colour in place it was then a job for blending, which made it look so much better.

I also brought the black eye-shadow a little down along my bottom lashes just to give the look a bit more balance. Then instead of the nude lips for this look I went with a red. I really would have preferred a matte red but since I didn't I split a sheet of tissue into one of its single layer and places that over my lips, with the lipstick on, and then dusted on some translucent  powder. I have no idea where I learnt this trick but it works pretty well, and helps the lipstick to stay on longer.

So that's the two look. I know the photos aren't that great, but which of the two is your favourite? I probably won't be wearing any of these looks on Sunday since I think we plan to have a lazy day and watch movies, but I'm totally going to need to find some place to go to wear them.

What are you up to this Valentines day?
Bye Lovlies
Sophie xox

January Favourites

Heyy everyone,

It's not too late for a monthly favourites is it? I didn't actually have that many favourites last month, but I've put together I few things to share with you guys. I totally need to work on my introduction skills but anyway lets get into the favourites aha.

Okay so I think I'll start with the make-up products for this post. Over January firstly I've been really loving the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner. For being under a fiver this eyeliner is really good. It stays on all days and definitely gives off a strong colour, which I sometimes find hard to find in an eyeliner. I've been using this everyday and I have to say I don't think my winged eyeliner has looked this good in a long time. Though I would have to say the only down fall of this product is the brush, since mine seems to have some of the brush strands sticking out - but then that could just be mine and since I've had it a while. This one is actually running out so unless I find one that people are recommending and isn't too expensive, I think I'll stick with this.

Next for my make-up favourites is the Benefit benetint. I mentioned this in a review (along with the mascara) a couple weeks back here, and I have to say it has been a staple in my everyday look. I'm actually a fan of the dark lip look and prefer it over nude colour, so this shade has been perfect of me. As well as it staying of for a long time considering I have the bad habit of licking my lips, though I would say it doesn't last all day. if you're eating, with the strong colour but it still leaves a tint to your lips nontheless.

Following on from the benetint, I've been loving the Rollar Lash mascara by Benefit as well. I've explained why I love this in the review I did the other week (link in the paragraph before) but to summarise it this mascara makes my lashes stand out with both length and volume. As well as holding my lashes in place all day, and not coming off even in the rain. I've finally realised why everyone loves this mascara so much.

Okay, so I've never really been a fan of the classic tea, as well as coffee, but since I know how good tea can be for you I've been reaching out to try some. Last year it was peppermint tea, and though it tasted good the smell wasn't the greatest. So this time round I went for something more fruity, and the pomegranate green tea was what I picked out (mainly as it was on offer). Anyway this smells amazing and tastes great as well. I'm actually hopeless at describing tastes so bare with me. It definitely has the taste of pomegranates, being sweet and everything, as well as I guess kind of tasting fresh. See I told you the description wouldn't be great. But yeah if you're looking to try a new tea I recommend this one ^_^

The last of my favourites for January is this necklace I picked up in Clarie's over the Christmas holidays. It's actually a chocker style necklace, but either because it's too big or I have a small neck but it sits more like a necklace. The charms in it also is changeable and I have a moon, a sun and a star that can also go on but I have to say I love the yingyang charm the best. I find with most outfits I wear that this necklace just kind of brings the look together.

January has gone so quick, I'm not ready for this year to fly by. But even though January's gone I hope I can find some new favourites during February.

What have been your favourites last month?
Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox