Top 10 Favourite Anime

Heyy everyone,

If I hadn't mentioned before to you guys I'm a anime fan. The sort who can finish two 24 episode series in one weekend - becomes a problem when I want to finish the series but have to get college stuff done. But anyway, since I'm in the mood for writing lists recently I thought I could share with you my top 10. It was actually quite difficult to narrow it down to 10 but I did it whoop! And I don't even think this is all of them! I've watched quite a few different anime series. Well anyway I'll get into the list and maybe you can find something that you wouldn't mind checking out.

Once you enter the anime world there's no escaping.

  • Owari no Seraph - I'm starting with a pretty new one for me as I only watched it the other week as I've been waiting for the dubbed version to come out (yes I know people say the sub is better but for me dubbed is better as then I can do more than one thing at once while still knowing what is going on). Anyway this is a vampire/action based anime in a post apocalyptic world. (And I was about to write something to describe it and it would have given the whole plot away), so I'm just going to say this is an amazing anime, and even if you don't check out it check out the opening song because that is legit amazing.
  • Ouran High School Host Club - One of my first anime and will always hold a place in my heart. Its about a girl who gets mistaking for a boy and gets thrown into a world of craziness with a bunch of rich boys who run a host club. This anime always makes me laugh so much, being a comedy I would hope so aha.
  • Fairy Tail - I have still yet to finish this anime with it having over 100 episodes, could be close to 200 now, but I will always watch it when ever I'm feeling down. Who doesn't love a but of fantasy adventure, with an ice mage who never wears a shirt and a fire mage who always wears a scarf, as well as subtle romances that your just waiting to happen. NaLu will happen (or maybe it has and I'm just not up to that episode yet.
  • Sailor Moon - My first ever anime! Really this anime has everything, the dramas of teenage life while saving the world as you have awesome powers and also complicated romance really it's one you can't miss. If your going to try even one of these try watching this one.
  • AKB0048 - This one might not be everyone's cup of tea. It's a singing based one where the girls use the power of music to liberate a time where the universe has band entertainment. I watched the dubbed version of this but the songs are in Japanese but it's still a good show you just don't know the words they are singing. Singing, saving the world all in anime style you just got to love.
  • La Storia della Arcana Famiglia - That took me ages to make sure I didn't spell it wrong. This is a shorter anime of 12 episodes but even though its short everything is put in there, romance action mystery. I kind of just love it. I might know have to go watch it again, think I can fit it into one night aha.
  • Yu Gi Oh 5D - This was a tough one to choose between all the Yu Gi Oh series but this one won for me. I originally used to watch it on CITV I think in the mornings. I just loved the fast moving card duels as well as the dragons. I totally did not pretend I was one of the characters *darting eyes to the side*. I don't think I actually got to the end of it as it went of TV but when I find it again I'm going to watch every episode hehe.
  • Vampire Knight - Another vampire one! I watch this last year or was it the year before but it will still remain in my top favourites. It's about a school split into the day classes and night classes, and how a girl from the day classes gets caught up in the affairs of the night class. This is one of the darker animes I've watched but I enjoyed the show nonetheless.
  • Sword Art Online - honestly I don't think I've heard one bad thing about this anime from the anime lovers I know. It has so much going on fantasy, action, adventure and of course some romance. This is definitely one of the main stream animes so it kind of tells you how good it is ;)
  • Attack on Titan - I feel sorry for my friends for how much I go on about this anime, I think this would make number 1 if I had to choose. I spent ages putting it off since it has quite a lot of gore but ever since I did omo I don't know why I didn't watch it. It's about the survival of human kind as human eating titans walk the land outside the walls. If your up for more action in an anime then definitely check this one out.
I know not everyone is a fan of anime but maybe I've persuaded you guys to check out at least one. Just sharing my love for anime ^_^ This isn't even all the ones I've watch, and I have many more I have wanted to watch but that's a whole other list by itself.

What are you favourite anime series? Any that you're looking forward to watch this year?
Sophie xox