Purple wings make-up

Heyy everyone,

When I started this makeup look I didn't intent for it to look like this. Over the weekend I got a little engrossed in a anime series called The Asterick Wars, and since I fell in love with the two main characters I thought I would try to do a makeup look inspired by them. Of course it didn't turn out that way and as I was putting on the purple colours I was starting to think it looked more like the wings of a butterfly. So here it is a purple butterfly wing inspired make-up look.


Unlike my normal make-up looks I started with the eyes rather than my face in case eye shadow went everywhere. I started off using a nude colour for a base shadow and covered my lids in it, this evened out the colour of my lids before I put any of the others colours on. Next I used this pretty pale pink colour which has shimmer to it and patted it all over my lids, I thought this would be great to come through underneath all the other colours (originally was going for a colour similar to the main girl characters hair) and additionally I love this colour, I don't wear much eye shadow on everyday looks as I just don't have the time in the morning or should I really say I prefer doing other things than eye shadow before school like reading (I'm a bookworm at heart) but when I do wear eye shadow I try to include this as much as possible.

Next I was going off the male characters hair which is this gorgeous purple, I honestly wish I could rock purple hair, and though I didn't have exactly the right colour I chose the brighter of my purples to start off with and put that in the outer v of my eyelid kind of winging it out as well. Once I had built that up to the shade I liked, which took a while as I didn't want to just chuck it on and make a mistake, and blended it a little with the pink but not overly because even though they say blending is key (yes I agree) I felt the purple would become too light if I blended it too much, I then chose a darker purple that also has shimmer, this colour is perfect for smoky eye makeup looks, and pushed that into the very outer crease of my eye. I didn't use too much as I didn't want to look to be took dark. And then blended that in as well.

To line my eyes I started off with that brighter of the purple and placed that along my lid trying to keep the liner as thin as possible and then over the top used a black liquid liner and lined over the purple and winged it out, trying to follow the wing I made with the shadow at the beginning. Of course it didn't go exactly parallel but my eye liner never does (*^◯^*) Then I took a blue along my lower lashes then realised it wasn't the right colour so went over the top with that brighter purple. You can see I definitely didn't plan this post. Any way I kind of like the colour that came out and now I would really like an eyeliner in that colour or similar, any recommendations?

Once mascara was on that was the eyes done and I moved on to the face. By this point I had decided it wasn't anime any more and it was more like a butterfly colour so chose to keep the face make-up light as in only concealer. To be honest most days I don't feel confident enough to just go out with concealer but I'm getting used to it recently as I ran out of foundation and I haven't been shopping yet. Finishing up with a red tip tint focused on the centre of my lips and we are all done.

And there we have it the finished look. This was totally a winging it sort of makeup look, but I hope you guys liked it and if you recreated it tweet me or Instagram me it @/thats_sosophie 

So since this look started with anime, do any of your guys watch any anime? If so what's your favourite series?

Bye lovelies 
Sophie xox