5 Tips to Falling Asleep

Heyy everyone,

I'm so determined to keep to my new year resolutions for blogging in posting 2 times a week even if it isn't on the usual Sunday and Wednesday, I hope you guys don't mind it's a little out of the usual schedule. Anyway since the weather hasn't been the greatest to go out for some outfit posts which I want to post, and I don't have anyone to take photos, I thought I could do a more helpful post. Well I hope it will be helpful, never really written a post like this before.

So these are just a few tips that I've gathered for helping one to fall asleep. Personally I have days which I drift on into dreamland in a seconds but other nights it can take my mind hours to switch off, and those are the times which I then reach for these tips. Anyway lets get into the list.

  • First thing I normally do when I can't sleep is read. I know for some people this might keep them awake, definitely if it's a good book that you can't put down. But what I'm getting at is do something that will tire out your eyes, so you have nothing else to do but to close your eyes and fall asleep.
  • Meditate. Okay so probably not full out meditation but the part where you control your breathing. I find that sometimes when I can't fall asleep it is because my heart is beating too fast like I'm worried about things, so instead of laying there and stressing about something I can't change, I focus on my breathing and try to bringing some peace to mind. I guess this point is similar to trying not to stress in exams.
  • If you're worrying or stressing about something write it down. Before I've been kept awake not just because I'm stressed but because I'm thinking through everything I need to remember and get done the next day. So instead so trying to force myself to sleep I get up and write everything down. This then clears my mind so I can the go back to sleep a lot more relaxed.
  • Be careful of what you drink and eat before you're going to bed. You don't want to be eating food that close to when you plan to go to sleep or it's just going to keep you awake, and similar with drinking. If you're going to have something with lots of sugar in in just before you go to sleep it's going to be no good. Instead give enough time between you eat and sleep so the food has digested. And if you do feel hungry consider it if you just need a drink and then water is perfect ^_^
  • Try to keep to a schedule. I find that between my friends and I, those who go to sleep and a set time each day tend to get to sleep a lot better than those who change it everyday. If you have a set time, your body will know that that is the time to sleep so will let you fall asleep that much easier.
So that's the five tips. I hope my first tips post was okay aha. Would you guys like to see more posts like this in the future, if so maybe comment some suggestions on what you want tips on in the comments.

Have you got any tips for falling asleep to share with everyone?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox