2016 new year resolutions

Heyy everyone,

So it's 2016! Did everyone have a good new years eve and day? I know people go to see the fireworks but for me I'm honestly most of the time in bed reading and texting friends. But I'm writing this in advance as I don't know what I will be actually up to haha. Anyway, I'm sure many people have written their resolutions for 2016 and since I love reading them I thought I could write down mine, also it might also make me keep to them. I'm not the best at keeping new year resolutions as I tend to forget them after like a month. So this year I'm going to spilt them into personal ones and blogging ones, though some kind of over lap, so yeah lets get into the list.

It's the next chapter to the book we call life

So lets start with my more personal ones. These I'm going to try and actually set so I can meet them rather than set ones that seem good but actually are unreachable for me at the moment. So yeah...

1. Learn something new. Like an instrument or language, not just what you learn at school/college. I love learning new things and this year I feel like setting myself some challenges. Also my friend and I want to travel and in particular Korea in a few years so I kind of need to learn the language, as well as other languages as I want to be able to communicate with people when I go visit their countries. So yeah number one is to learn something new during 2016.

2. Write a book. I used to write stories but have stopped over the last year because exams drained me of any creative ideas I had. So though it might be fantasy or fan-fiction I want to write one. I actually have one story posted on Wattpad, but that's under a pen name so I'm not going to say any more. And since I have a folder of ideas that I've come up with randomly I'm going to bring one out or merge some and expand them to create a story. I guess this resolution was fuelled by the #girlgang twitter chat at 6pm on Monday's when they were talking about creativity. Everyone is so creative and it reminded me of my love for writing stories so I'm going to throw myself back into it during 2016.

3. Get into a regular rhythm for revision and college work. Though I say this quite often to myself, that I should stop procrastinating and get the work done as soon as I get it, I always end up doing something else. But maybe this year since I've written it down on this blog I will have somewhere as proof that I said it. I really need to get organised considering we get so much work and I want to fit in many other things like blogging and story writing as well as a bunch of other things so I need to keep organised so I don't get stressed out fitting everything in.

4. Get a job, or volunteering. This is one I've said I will do as a promise not just to myself but to my parents as well. The idea of getting a job is actually so scary for me but I've realised I need to do it at some point and making it a resolution will make me want to do it as I don't like not keeping to resolutions. Though it might take time out of my blogging if I can get organised like the last point that shouldn't been too much of a problem.

5. Do something right out of my comfort zone. Maybe this will relate to my last point but since over the last few months of 2015 I was out of my comfort zone so many times I want to keep that up. I want to stop saying no to so many opportunities because they are out of my comfort zone.

6. Make time for myself and take up something relaxing, I need to de-stress so much. I tried to do this last year but I'm the Queen at getting stressed out so it didn't quite go to plan. So I'm going to write this down and if anyone has posts about relaxing and not stressing out, I would appreciate if you could comment them below or tweet me @/thats_sosophie.

7. Take time away from the internet and electronics and instead spend time outside or with the family or both. I spend a lot of time on my laptop a I know a lot of people do these days. But I want to change that a bit this year not only for my eyes, as I'm sure the screen is hurting my eyes, but I also want to spend time outside and with my family.

So that is it for the personal ones. I'm going to try to keep to them and maybe at the end of the year I can look back on them and write a blog post if I actually kept to them. So lets get onto the blogging ones...

1. Get into a regular rhythm for updates. I started doing this towards the end of last year, but I want to keep it up during 2016 as well as making sure I post twice a week at the moment it is Sunday and Wednesday but we will see how it goes but I definitely want to keep it to two posts a week.

2. Do more DIY posts. I love doing DIYs though I'm not very good at them so this year I'm going to practice some and hopefully make some good enough to make into a blog post.

3. Try attempting personal posts instead of giving up when the first line doesn't form. I love reading people's more personal posts and kind of want to give my own hand in them. But at the moment I'm still pretty worried to post them. Maybe if enough people would want to read some I could maybe post them. I don't know, but since I've written it down for a resolution I will definitely have to keep thinking about it.

4. Communicate with the blogging community more. When I first started blogging back in 2014 I didn't really know about the blogging community and maybe that's why it never grew but since about August in 2015 I started to get involved even if it was only a little, so during 2016 I want that to grow and maybe making some blogging friends. I love the blogging community everyone is so nice and you can feel the love, so I can't wait to get more involved.

5. Reach some goals (though numbers isn't all it shows I'm improving in some way) It's always good to set goals for yourself I think. And I work better when I have goals so I'm going to set some. Though it doesn't matter if I don't reach them, it's something to aim for so we shall leave it as that.
  • 100 on Bloglovin
  • 300 twitter
Only a couple of goals but lets start small and see where this blog can grow.

6.  Start to use Instagram better. I see all these amazing Instagram feeds and then look at mine and mine is a mess. I love using Instagram so I thought maybe I should improve my skills in using it. If you have any good pointers for maximising an Instagram feed throw them my way please.

7. Post more lifestyle blogposts. After a poll on twitter I found that people most like lifestyle posts, so for my last blogging resolution I thought it was needed that I give my hand at a different kind of post. Though most of the time I'm more of a beauty or fashion blogger I do like writing blog posts on other subjects, so this is me trying to broaden my outlet. Though many people stick to one niche that isn't really me so yeah lets make this a good blogging year.

And there we have it all my new year resolutions for 2016. Now is the job of keeping to them ^_^ Do you relate to any of them? What other resolutions have you made for this year?

In addition, are there any specific post you guys would like me to write this year? I'm going to try making a list a blog post ideas so if I'm struggling I can look back at them. 

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox