Staying Positive ^_^

Heyy everyone,

Okay, so since the other week I had mocks and yes there was things that needed to be improved upon I decided that through it all I needed to stay positive. And since the last post I put up was one that was meant to be helpful I thought I would give my hand at writing another one, this time on staying positive. Before I actually start with the list I'm just going to be honest with you all and say that I'm not always the most positive person and that's okay because we're human after all and we don't just have one emotion, but this is for those times where you need ideas on how to cheer-up even if its just a little.

  • Listening to music
I love listening to music! Though I can't sing or play any instrument (at this moment in time) and since I listen to kpop I have no idea what they are saying most of the time, when I listen to certain songs you can't help but just smile. If I put on a good up beat song my mood tends to go with it and I start feeling happy again, and it just kind of gives me a break from what ever if stressing me out. Plus I love dancing, so having a song that I can dance to always puts me back on the positive track. I really don't know what else to write but yeah listening to music is my first point on staying positive.

  • Talk it through
I know not everyone likes talking about how they are doing with other people. But try to find that one person who you trust and if you ever feel any worries talk about it with them before it becomes a huge weight on your shoulder. As they say a problem shared if a problem halved! You'll feel so much better and positive after talking it through as it's no longer weighing on your shoulders and also the person you've talked it through might be able to give you some advice to make things much better.

  • Treat yourself
Okay so most of the time when people feel less positive is when they have a ton of stress put onto them. But instead of thinking about just the things that aren't going great for you look pass them into the near future and see of there is something to look forward to. For example, I have a maths exam on Wednesday and to stay positive my friend and I have planned to hang out afterwards hopefully going to Costa or Starbucks, meaning I have something to look forward than just a maths exam. It's worked for me so why not try it out. Also treating yourself to a few little buys isn't too bad either.

  • Smile
The thing about smiling though you might not feel up to it, when you do you will feel better. Smiling produces chemicals in your brain that will put you in a good mood, I think, and I won't go into it further since I'm a physics student not biology or chemistry. But anyway the point is that once you smile you'll feel better. Plus smiling is contagious so you'll be able to make people around you smile and feel better as well. I feel like I'm not selling this week aha. So really though I know it isn't always like this 'fake it till you make it' going about it as smile even if you don't feel that positive because soon enough you'll feeling positive enough to smile for real.

In the end staying positive is all up to you and your perspective on things. I definitely feel I'm not the best at giving advice but at least I've tried, I'll definitely improve for future posts. Anyway these tips have helped me recently so I hope they will help you as well.

Have you got any tips to staying positive that you could share with everyone?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

5 Tips to Falling Asleep

Heyy everyone,

I'm so determined to keep to my new year resolutions for blogging in posting 2 times a week even if it isn't on the usual Sunday and Wednesday, I hope you guys don't mind it's a little out of the usual schedule. Anyway since the weather hasn't been the greatest to go out for some outfit posts which I want to post, and I don't have anyone to take photos, I thought I could do a more helpful post. Well I hope it will be helpful, never really written a post like this before.

So these are just a few tips that I've gathered for helping one to fall asleep. Personally I have days which I drift on into dreamland in a seconds but other nights it can take my mind hours to switch off, and those are the times which I then reach for these tips. Anyway lets get into the list.

  • First thing I normally do when I can't sleep is read. I know for some people this might keep them awake, definitely if it's a good book that you can't put down. But what I'm getting at is do something that will tire out your eyes, so you have nothing else to do but to close your eyes and fall asleep.
  • Meditate. Okay so probably not full out meditation but the part where you control your breathing. I find that sometimes when I can't fall asleep it is because my heart is beating too fast like I'm worried about things, so instead of laying there and stressing about something I can't change, I focus on my breathing and try to bringing some peace to mind. I guess this point is similar to trying not to stress in exams.
  • If you're worrying or stressing about something write it down. Before I've been kept awake not just because I'm stressed but because I'm thinking through everything I need to remember and get done the next day. So instead so trying to force myself to sleep I get up and write everything down. This then clears my mind so I can the go back to sleep a lot more relaxed.
  • Be careful of what you drink and eat before you're going to bed. You don't want to be eating food that close to when you plan to go to sleep or it's just going to keep you awake, and similar with drinking. If you're going to have something with lots of sugar in in just before you go to sleep it's going to be no good. Instead give enough time between you eat and sleep so the food has digested. And if you do feel hungry consider it if you just need a drink and then water is perfect ^_^
  • Try to keep to a schedule. I find that between my friends and I, those who go to sleep and a set time each day tend to get to sleep a lot better than those who change it everyday. If you have a set time, your body will know that that is the time to sleep so will let you fall asleep that much easier.
So that's the five tips. I hope my first tips post was okay aha. Would you guys like to see more posts like this in the future, if so maybe comment some suggestions on what you want tips on in the comments.

Have you got any tips for falling asleep to share with everyone?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

A Book or Two to Read

Heyy everyone,

So though recently I haven't had much time to sit down and read or I just can't get into the mood to read, I have quite a long list of books I fancy reading. I'm a total bookworm and have loved reading for as long as I can remember, so this list will forever be long but anyway this intro doesn't seem to be going any where further so lets get into the list.

Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be

  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
I actually started reading this last year but didn't get very far into it because I needed to read a book for school, and I'm one who has to stick to one book at a time, so though I started this I had to stop. But this year I plan to finish it. It's written in a style which I'm not used to with the narrator I think being death, but I find it so cool. And now looking at the blurb yes it is narrated by death. I wont give too much away but I'll give you the blurb of the book "This is a tale of the book thief as narrated by death. And when death tells a story, you really have to listen. It's just a small story really, about, amongst other things: a girl, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist fighter and quite a lot of thievery" Just that kind of got me gripped, and I'm hoping to finish it soon as I promised myself that I would read the book before I watched the film.

  • To all the boys I've ever loved by Jenny Han
This is not a typical Sophie book since I'm normally one who reached for the adventure, action and fantasy ones but this one sounds pretty good. I don't think I could imagine if (if I had any) love lettered I had written got out to the people they were to. I actually really want to know what happens to Lara and how she over comes it. Quite a lot I read blurbs that give away most of the story but this doesn't so now I'm intrigued to find out how everything ends.

  • Young, Gifted and Dead by Lucy Carver
This is one of those ones that when I went into Asda saw on the shelf read the blurb and thought it sounded good so wrote it on my list on my phone so I could get round to getting it from the library at some point. And still I haven't aha. To me it sounded a bit like the Gallagher Academy books by Ally Carter which I love, so I thought since I've nearly finished that series I would try this one out.

  • Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter
As I mentioned it the part before I'm a fan of Ally Carter and since this is the third instalment in the Heist Society series you can kind of tell since I've read the rest. These are the sort of books that once I start reading I wont be able to stop so I need to find some time to read this but I'm so looking forward to it, it's been sat on my shelf begging to be read for a good while now.

  • All the Harry Potter Books
Yes I haven't read them, but I have watched all the movies. I don't typically read a book series and watch the movies because it bothers me if they are different. But since I love Harry Potter I just kind of have to read them. I actually really want to get the collection of them so they can also go on my bookcase and I would rather have a paper copy of them than a digital which I have of other books. I don't think I really need to explain why this is on my to read this any further hehe.

This is only a small portion of the books I want to read but I thought I would keep it to five. Have you read any of these books I've mentioned? What are your thoughts on them? Most likely once I've read them I'll write reviews on them so look out for them in the future ^_^

What books do you recommend to read?
Sophie xox

Top 10 Favourite Anime

Heyy everyone,

If I hadn't mentioned before to you guys I'm a anime fan. The sort who can finish two 24 episode series in one weekend - becomes a problem when I want to finish the series but have to get college stuff done. But anyway, since I'm in the mood for writing lists recently I thought I could share with you my top 10. It was actually quite difficult to narrow it down to 10 but I did it whoop! And I don't even think this is all of them! I've watched quite a few different anime series. Well anyway I'll get into the list and maybe you can find something that you wouldn't mind checking out.

Once you enter the anime world there's no escaping.

  • Owari no Seraph - I'm starting with a pretty new one for me as I only watched it the other week as I've been waiting for the dubbed version to come out (yes I know people say the sub is better but for me dubbed is better as then I can do more than one thing at once while still knowing what is going on). Anyway this is a vampire/action based anime in a post apocalyptic world. (And I was about to write something to describe it and it would have given the whole plot away), so I'm just going to say this is an amazing anime, and even if you don't check out it check out the opening song because that is legit amazing.
  • Ouran High School Host Club - One of my first anime and will always hold a place in my heart. Its about a girl who gets mistaking for a boy and gets thrown into a world of craziness with a bunch of rich boys who run a host club. This anime always makes me laugh so much, being a comedy I would hope so aha.
  • Fairy Tail - I have still yet to finish this anime with it having over 100 episodes, could be close to 200 now, but I will always watch it when ever I'm feeling down. Who doesn't love a but of fantasy adventure, with an ice mage who never wears a shirt and a fire mage who always wears a scarf, as well as subtle romances that your just waiting to happen. NaLu will happen (or maybe it has and I'm just not up to that episode yet.
  • Sailor Moon - My first ever anime! Really this anime has everything, the dramas of teenage life while saving the world as you have awesome powers and also complicated romance really it's one you can't miss. If your going to try even one of these try watching this one.
  • AKB0048 - This one might not be everyone's cup of tea. It's a singing based one where the girls use the power of music to liberate a time where the universe has band entertainment. I watched the dubbed version of this but the songs are in Japanese but it's still a good show you just don't know the words they are singing. Singing, saving the world all in anime style you just got to love.
  • La Storia della Arcana Famiglia - That took me ages to make sure I didn't spell it wrong. This is a shorter anime of 12 episodes but even though its short everything is put in there, romance action mystery. I kind of just love it. I might know have to go watch it again, think I can fit it into one night aha.
  • Yu Gi Oh 5D - This was a tough one to choose between all the Yu Gi Oh series but this one won for me. I originally used to watch it on CITV I think in the mornings. I just loved the fast moving card duels as well as the dragons. I totally did not pretend I was one of the characters *darting eyes to the side*. I don't think I actually got to the end of it as it went of TV but when I find it again I'm going to watch every episode hehe.
  • Vampire Knight - Another vampire one! I watch this last year or was it the year before but it will still remain in my top favourites. It's about a school split into the day classes and night classes, and how a girl from the day classes gets caught up in the affairs of the night class. This is one of the darker animes I've watched but I enjoyed the show nonetheless.
  • Sword Art Online - honestly I don't think I've heard one bad thing about this anime from the anime lovers I know. It has so much going on fantasy, action, adventure and of course some romance. This is definitely one of the main stream animes so it kind of tells you how good it is ;)
  • Attack on Titan - I feel sorry for my friends for how much I go on about this anime, I think this would make number 1 if I had to choose. I spent ages putting it off since it has quite a lot of gore but ever since I did omo I don't know why I didn't watch it. It's about the survival of human kind as human eating titans walk the land outside the walls. If your up for more action in an anime then definitely check this one out.
I know not everyone is a fan of anime but maybe I've persuaded you guys to check out at least one. Just sharing my love for anime ^_^ This isn't even all the ones I've watch, and I have many more I have wanted to watch but that's a whole other list by itself.

What are you favourite anime series? Any that you're looking forward to watch this year?
Sophie xox

Benefit 'Pump up the Party' Review

Heyy everyone,

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now and finally got round to it after spending time trying out a least some of these products in the gift set. Back in the after Christmas sales I spotted this set of make-up from Benefit that I had been eyeing for a while reduced in price, and since I don't often treat myself to make-up I though I would this one time. This is my first time trying Benefit and to be honest with you I can totally see why people love it so much. Not only do I love the products but the packaging is so pretty too, I am definitely not throwing it out after I finished with the make-up.

The Porefessional Primer. I've seen this so much when I watch make-up tutorials on YouTube and was happy I finally got to try it. I had kind of got out of rhythm of putting primer on since my last one ran out back in December but I got back into wearing it since getting this products. I focus it on my T-zone mostly as that is where the pores are the largest and I have to say I do notice a difference when I put my foundation on. The feel of it on my skin is light which I like, I really dislike heavy face make-up, and a little bit goes away.

Rollar Lash Mascara. It took so much will power to not go out to buy a new mascara while I was waiting for this one since I used my last one up just a couple days before Christmas, as I wanted to use this one so much and I'm one of those people who doesn't like having more than one of a kind of product open at the same time. And I'm so glad I did, I think this might be my new favourite mascara! With only one coat of it it lengthens and gives volume to my lashes so much. I could honestly wear this one its own without eyeliner it makes my eyes stand out that much.

Rockateur Blush. I haven't actually used this yet since I'm not really one to wear blush as my skin is already quite pink and I blush so easily I would probably look like a tomato. But it looks so pretty in the box that I'm totally going to have to use it soon, maybe I can incorporate it into a make-up look on here. The colour is so pretty and looks like it will do really well with quite a lot of looks so I'm looking forward to using it.

Eye shadows. Okay so I'm bunching these four together since I've only used two of the so far. The colours are prefect for everyday looks ranging from 'MILK IT!' being a pearl white colour to 'KISS ME, I'M TIPSY' being a darkish brown colour, and are all very pigmented from the swatches I tested (even if I didn't take a picture). I've only used 'milk it' and 'its complicated' so far and mostly just placed it as a highlight in my make-up looks. I think my favourite of these colours is definitely 'its complicated' as its such a pretty pink simmer colour that I think works better on the inner corner of my eyes that the white.

High Beam. Like the blush I have yet to use this, mostly because I'm worried how it will look. I've never used highlighter before since I have quite oily skin so I feel like if I put it on I will be too shiny. But since I know many people love it I think I going to give it a go in the near future.

Benetint. Last but not least it the lip tint. To be frank with you I got this gift set for this one item. I have been wanting to try lip tints for ages, and I have to say I am not disappointed. The colour is a gorgeous dark pinky red colour - which I find suits me most out of all the colour lip products I've tried - and the stay power is amazing. Though it does dry my lips out loads it's been my go to along with my Nivea lip butter and the two colours together are prefect. I love this product that much I don't know what to say haha ^_^.

What products do you like from Benefit? I'm now totally ready to try some more.
Sophie xox

Purple wings make-up

Heyy everyone,

When I started this makeup look I didn't intent for it to look like this. Over the weekend I got a little engrossed in a anime series called The Asterick Wars, and since I fell in love with the two main characters I thought I would try to do a makeup look inspired by them. Of course it didn't turn out that way and as I was putting on the purple colours I was starting to think it looked more like the wings of a butterfly. So here it is a purple butterfly wing inspired make-up look.


Unlike my normal make-up looks I started with the eyes rather than my face in case eye shadow went everywhere. I started off using a nude colour for a base shadow and covered my lids in it, this evened out the colour of my lids before I put any of the others colours on. Next I used this pretty pale pink colour which has shimmer to it and patted it all over my lids, I thought this would be great to come through underneath all the other colours (originally was going for a colour similar to the main girl characters hair) and additionally I love this colour, I don't wear much eye shadow on everyday looks as I just don't have the time in the morning or should I really say I prefer doing other things than eye shadow before school like reading (I'm a bookworm at heart) but when I do wear eye shadow I try to include this as much as possible.

Next I was going off the male characters hair which is this gorgeous purple, I honestly wish I could rock purple hair, and though I didn't have exactly the right colour I chose the brighter of my purples to start off with and put that in the outer v of my eyelid kind of winging it out as well. Once I had built that up to the shade I liked, which took a while as I didn't want to just chuck it on and make a mistake, and blended it a little with the pink but not overly because even though they say blending is key (yes I agree) I felt the purple would become too light if I blended it too much, I then chose a darker purple that also has shimmer, this colour is perfect for smoky eye makeup looks, and pushed that into the very outer crease of my eye. I didn't use too much as I didn't want to look to be took dark. And then blended that in as well.

To line my eyes I started off with that brighter of the purple and placed that along my lid trying to keep the liner as thin as possible and then over the top used a black liquid liner and lined over the purple and winged it out, trying to follow the wing I made with the shadow at the beginning. Of course it didn't go exactly parallel but my eye liner never does (*^◯^*) Then I took a blue along my lower lashes then realised it wasn't the right colour so went over the top with that brighter purple. You can see I definitely didn't plan this post. Any way I kind of like the colour that came out and now I would really like an eyeliner in that colour or similar, any recommendations?

Once mascara was on that was the eyes done and I moved on to the face. By this point I had decided it wasn't anime any more and it was more like a butterfly colour so chose to keep the face make-up light as in only concealer. To be honest most days I don't feel confident enough to just go out with concealer but I'm getting used to it recently as I ran out of foundation and I haven't been shopping yet. Finishing up with a red tip tint focused on the centre of my lips and we are all done.

And there we have it the finished look. This was totally a winging it sort of makeup look, but I hope you guys liked it and if you recreated it tweet me or Instagram me it @/thats_sosophie 

So since this look started with anime, do any of your guys watch any anime? If so what's your favourite series?

Bye lovelies 
Sophie xox

Fashion Favourites | Mint Jumper

Heyy everyone,

So recently I've been kind of running low on blog inspiration, with college starting up again and mock week coming next week I haven't really had time to have blog time. So I thought I would keep this weeks post a little simple and maybe even turn this into a series where I tell you about one or two pieces of fashion I've been loving recently. It's a short one but I hope you enjoy.

So if you haven't guessed by the title of this post my pick recently has been this pale mint jumper. To be honest the photo hasn't done the best of jobs picking up the mint in the jumper but by eye it is there. I bought this jumper from Newlook in the after Christmas sales when we popped into the store while we were at the seaside, and I fell in love with it. I don't think I've told you but I love jumper, especially ones with sleeves that reach over my wrists so I can tuck my hands inside, it's kind of a habit. Anyway this jumper fitted the bill, and since I didn't own any jumpers in this colour or a similar one I got it.

As well as the jumper fitting so nicely the detailing on the side caught my eye. Even though it's small the lace gives the jumper that something that I always find missing when I wear jumpers. To tell you the truth at first I thought the jumper was just fraying but actually the lace doesn't it just has tassels on the bottom which I thought was so adorable.

In addition to the jumper I've also been loving this gold/silver/white coloured beret. I've had this beret for a good few years and it was only after watching a YouTube video where Jen (from clothesencounter) styled her berets that I went and found it. I've realised I've missed wearing it and hats in general. I love wearing hats they hide my hair which can been a mess sometimes, very untameable.

What fashion pieces have been your favourite recently?

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Liebster Award

Heyy everyone,

So back in December I got nominated by the lovely Sara for the Liebster Award. To be honest with you I hadn't actually heard of it till I was nominated so I've been looking around and reading everyone's post on and finally got round to answering the lovely questions Sara left me.

First of all, here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Link the blog of the person who nominated you to do it
2. Answer the questions
3. Create eleven questions yourself and nominate blogs you want to acknowledge
4. Let these people know you nominated them via social media or leave a comment on their blog

Now lets get onto the questions.

1. What's the one song you could listen to over and over again & it never gets old?
This is so hard for me I love so many different songs, and could listen to them all over and over again. Ahhh I'm actually so torn between quite a few; BTS - Run, Vixx - On and On, Royal Pirates - Run Away, Fall Out Boy - Centuries. I love them all so much. But if I had to pick one and only one to say it will never get old I would honestly have to pick Beautiful Liar by Vixx LR. Leo and Ravi's voice go so well together and have so much emotion in them, I'm fangirling over them just writing about them I think I'm going to need to get them playing in the back ground. Yeah so they will be my one pick (Sara how can you make such a hard question?).

2. What's your favourite quote and why?
I really don't know if I have a favourite quote. I relate to so many in some way or another. My pinterest probably holds the vast amount of the quotes I love but if I had to choose one I would say Hakuna Matata. If anything most of my quotes come from Disney. Hakuna Matata roughly translates to No worries and as well as a catchy song to go with it I find it is the one I relate to the most.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live?
Well firstly I want to travel, so there are a multitude of places I want to go. From busy cities like New York to places where internet probably wont reach like the Amazon. I might not look it but I can be quite adventurous. Though I would always love to stay near family here in England where I know everything and have the comfort of knowing I can reach someone quickly, there is a part of me that would also love to live somewhere like Korea, where I love the culture, fashion and music.

4. What is the one thing you love most about yourself?
I love this question, people these days don't talk much about themselves when really we should. We are all unique individual creatures that are awesome in every way. I guess I love my eyes the most. They are a blue to green colour and in some lights can look really pale, which though might look creepy sometimes I love how they stand out a lot when doing eye make-up. They also have this yellow/gold ring around the pupil which I don't know if it's common but I love it. And know I feel really awkward writing that but I think it should be a common things to say what we love about ourselves.

5. Who's your biggest inspiration?
To be frankly honest with you all, I don't really think much about the whole inspiration thing. I like being completely unique in ever way possible. But then looking at it I guess I get inspiration from my mother and grandmother, there are both so kind and hard working and I'd love to be seen the same as them in that way. As well as them I guess I get inspiration from all the characters in the books I read. Though my life isn't as hard as most of them, I'm not fighting off a huge force of darkness to save the kingdom (I mostly read fantasy), their will power to carry on and believe in themselves is an inspiration. Looking at this paragraph now I guess I do have forms of inspiration, but I don't think I have just one, they all influence my life in some way or another.

6. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
This for me is the hardest question ever. I love reading and can get through a book in a day if I wanted to. The stories take me away into another world that seems a lot more interesting to what I get up to everyday.

I've now been sat here so a good few minutes staring into space thinking what to write and I've realised there is a bunch of books I want to read but haven't yet as if I start I wont want to stop reading them and then I'll get through them and the story will end I don't like it when a good story ends. But though I love such books as 'I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you' by Ally Carter and 'Glass House' by Rachel Caine as well as some I've reviewed on here before. I guess the ones I would want to be the only one would be Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings. I think I would choose Harry Potter as the one book I would read for the rest of my life. Maybe if they put them into one long book or if not then I have no idea and would pick one out of a hat.

7. Are you more of an extrovert or more of an introvert?
Most of the time I am definitely more introvert. I get really nervous when in new places or talking to new people, I'm trying to over come this 'fear' this year. But once I'm close to you I probably seem like the most outgoing person ever. It really depends on who I'm with and if I'm comfortable with them to if I'm an extrovert or an introvert.

8. What's your number one goal in life?
Number one goal? Though there are many goals I have for my life like getting a good job or making my parents proud or even making a difference. I know it might sound selfish but what I really want to do is travel. Keeping it simple I don't mind where I just want to see the world with my own two eyes rather than through a TV or laptop screen. Yeah I think that is my one goal in life to travel and see the world.

9. What's the one thing you're most passionate about?
Even though I say that I guess I'm passionate about a bunch of things like my hobbies such as blogging, writing and dancing or even school, I never really know.  I've actually searched up the meaning of passionate to give you guys a good answer and I got "having powerful emotions" so thinking it through I guess that does relate to each of the things I said before, as well as my family and friends who I would defend against anything. Along with those all I have to say I'm quite passionate about music, though I don't play an instrument I enjoy it a lot and when I get talking about it I don't really stop hehe.

10. What would you like to tell your younger self?
"It doesn't matter if those people don't want to be your friend at this time, most likely it is just one of the group who don't like you for some irrelevant reason. Just stay strong. Don't show that they effect you as that will give them energy. Let your family be your safe haven. And if nothing else works write it out rather than shouting at the people who are trying to help. And don't forget to smile because after a storm always comes the sun."

11. Where do you shop at the most?
I don't actually think I have one shop I shop at most. Though I love fashion, the actually process of shopping I do not like. Mostly because I don't like crowds and that when ever I go I don't normally find anything I like. But going through my wardrobe my most worn items are mainly from places such as Newlook, Primark and H&M, so I guess I shop there the most.

The following questions are for my nominees...
1. What film/movie could you watch over and over again?
2. What's your favourite thing about the season you are in? (Here it's winter)
3. What one toy that represents your childhood?
4. What is your dream career and why?
5. Sum up your blog in three words?
6. If you could only use three make-up products for the rest of your life, what would they be?
7. What's your favourite festive holiday, and why?
8. If you could live in any time period, when/what would it be and why?
9. What's your main goal for your blog?
10. What would a 'Happy Ending' look like for you?
11. If you had three wishes from a genie, what would they be and why?

I nominate these lovely bloggers and can't wait to read their answers...

Thank you once again Sara for nominating me and giving the questions to answer I actually had quite a lot of fun to answer even if some were pretty tricky. Hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit more about me and if you relate to anything let me know.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

2016 new year resolutions

Heyy everyone,

So it's 2016! Did everyone have a good new years eve and day? I know people go to see the fireworks but for me I'm honestly most of the time in bed reading and texting friends. But I'm writing this in advance as I don't know what I will be actually up to haha. Anyway, I'm sure many people have written their resolutions for 2016 and since I love reading them I thought I could write down mine, also it might also make me keep to them. I'm not the best at keeping new year resolutions as I tend to forget them after like a month. So this year I'm going to spilt them into personal ones and blogging ones, though some kind of over lap, so yeah lets get into the list.

It's the next chapter to the book we call life

So lets start with my more personal ones. These I'm going to try and actually set so I can meet them rather than set ones that seem good but actually are unreachable for me at the moment. So yeah...

1. Learn something new. Like an instrument or language, not just what you learn at school/college. I love learning new things and this year I feel like setting myself some challenges. Also my friend and I want to travel and in particular Korea in a few years so I kind of need to learn the language, as well as other languages as I want to be able to communicate with people when I go visit their countries. So yeah number one is to learn something new during 2016.

2. Write a book. I used to write stories but have stopped over the last year because exams drained me of any creative ideas I had. So though it might be fantasy or fan-fiction I want to write one. I actually have one story posted on Wattpad, but that's under a pen name so I'm not going to say any more. And since I have a folder of ideas that I've come up with randomly I'm going to bring one out or merge some and expand them to create a story. I guess this resolution was fuelled by the #girlgang twitter chat at 6pm on Monday's when they were talking about creativity. Everyone is so creative and it reminded me of my love for writing stories so I'm going to throw myself back into it during 2016.

3. Get into a regular rhythm for revision and college work. Though I say this quite often to myself, that I should stop procrastinating and get the work done as soon as I get it, I always end up doing something else. But maybe this year since I've written it down on this blog I will have somewhere as proof that I said it. I really need to get organised considering we get so much work and I want to fit in many other things like blogging and story writing as well as a bunch of other things so I need to keep organised so I don't get stressed out fitting everything in.

4. Get a job, or volunteering. This is one I've said I will do as a promise not just to myself but to my parents as well. The idea of getting a job is actually so scary for me but I've realised I need to do it at some point and making it a resolution will make me want to do it as I don't like not keeping to resolutions. Though it might take time out of my blogging if I can get organised like the last point that shouldn't been too much of a problem.

5. Do something right out of my comfort zone. Maybe this will relate to my last point but since over the last few months of 2015 I was out of my comfort zone so many times I want to keep that up. I want to stop saying no to so many opportunities because they are out of my comfort zone.

6. Make time for myself and take up something relaxing, I need to de-stress so much. I tried to do this last year but I'm the Queen at getting stressed out so it didn't quite go to plan. So I'm going to write this down and if anyone has posts about relaxing and not stressing out, I would appreciate if you could comment them below or tweet me @/thats_sosophie.

7. Take time away from the internet and electronics and instead spend time outside or with the family or both. I spend a lot of time on my laptop a I know a lot of people do these days. But I want to change that a bit this year not only for my eyes, as I'm sure the screen is hurting my eyes, but I also want to spend time outside and with my family.

So that is it for the personal ones. I'm going to try to keep to them and maybe at the end of the year I can look back on them and write a blog post if I actually kept to them. So lets get onto the blogging ones...

1. Get into a regular rhythm for updates. I started doing this towards the end of last year, but I want to keep it up during 2016 as well as making sure I post twice a week at the moment it is Sunday and Wednesday but we will see how it goes but I definitely want to keep it to two posts a week.

2. Do more DIY posts. I love doing DIYs though I'm not very good at them so this year I'm going to practice some and hopefully make some good enough to make into a blog post.

3. Try attempting personal posts instead of giving up when the first line doesn't form. I love reading people's more personal posts and kind of want to give my own hand in them. But at the moment I'm still pretty worried to post them. Maybe if enough people would want to read some I could maybe post them. I don't know, but since I've written it down for a resolution I will definitely have to keep thinking about it.

4. Communicate with the blogging community more. When I first started blogging back in 2014 I didn't really know about the blogging community and maybe that's why it never grew but since about August in 2015 I started to get involved even if it was only a little, so during 2016 I want that to grow and maybe making some blogging friends. I love the blogging community everyone is so nice and you can feel the love, so I can't wait to get more involved.

5. Reach some goals (though numbers isn't all it shows I'm improving in some way) It's always good to set goals for yourself I think. And I work better when I have goals so I'm going to set some. Though it doesn't matter if I don't reach them, it's something to aim for so we shall leave it as that.
  • 100 on Bloglovin
  • 300 twitter
Only a couple of goals but lets start small and see where this blog can grow.

6.  Start to use Instagram better. I see all these amazing Instagram feeds and then look at mine and mine is a mess. I love using Instagram so I thought maybe I should improve my skills in using it. If you have any good pointers for maximising an Instagram feed throw them my way please.

7. Post more lifestyle blogposts. After a poll on twitter I found that people most like lifestyle posts, so for my last blogging resolution I thought it was needed that I give my hand at a different kind of post. Though most of the time I'm more of a beauty or fashion blogger I do like writing blog posts on other subjects, so this is me trying to broaden my outlet. Though many people stick to one niche that isn't really me so yeah lets make this a good blogging year.

And there we have it all my new year resolutions for 2016. Now is the job of keeping to them ^_^ Do you relate to any of them? What other resolutions have you made for this year?

In addition, are there any specific post you guys would like me to write this year? I'm going to try making a list a blog post ideas so if I'm struggling I can look back at them. 

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox