TTS 'Dear Santa' Inspired Make-up

Heyy everyone

I was literally on a roll with make-up looks on the weekend, sorry this post is late I haven't had much of a drive to write/type this week but I want to get this post up so here I am.

For those who haven't been here long yet, I'm a fan of Kpop, and last week the sub-unit group of Girls Generation, TTS, came out with their Christmas single. To be honest it was only my second Christmas song of the year, the first one being 'Confession Song' by Got7. So anyway I've kind of had 'Dear Santa' on repeat since they've done an English version of it and I can actually know the words for once, and have been admiring their make-up so thought I would give it an attempt, trying my best to replicate it but since my eye shape is different from theirs I'm unsure if it looks the same ^_^.

Anyway I was looking at Tiffany while creating this look, but both Taeyeon and Seohyun have pretty much the same look, so yeah, lets get into the post and stop me waffling on in this introduction.

The eyes in this look are a very subtle natural colour with a bit of shimmer to them, with of course black winged liner. Before I started the eyes though I did the base make-up which consisted of foundation, concealer and powder, most likely the girls used a cushion bb cream as that's all the rave in Korea but I have yet to get my hands on any so I made do with my normal base make-up with the added powder just to set everything into place, and also my brows. To be honest you can chose what ever brow you think works best for your face but for this look I tried to keep my brows as straight as possible, though slightly hard with my brows that don't like to do what they are told.

I then started the eyes by placing a pale nude all over my lids and up the the brow bone. I used this as a base as I find it makes the colours pop more when they are placed on top, which is kind of what I wanted since I was worried that the other colours wouldn't show up. Anyway next I used a gorgeous gold shimmer and covered my lids with it, applying more till I got the colour I wanted. Looking now I thinks that's all the eye shadow I put on (this is a relatively easy look) and then I went on to wing out the eye liner. Eye liner is definitely something that is unique to your eye shape so I wont go to much into it and just go with your most loved eye liner. Finally for the eyes I put mascara on my lashes, if I'm totally honest I think the look would look really nice with false lashes but alas I do not own any and would probably poke out my eye if I tried to put them on.

Finally to finish of the look I went for a bold red lip. Though the girls had a much subtler red lip, I found that the bold lip colour suited me a little better, and also that I didn't really have any lip product that could create the less bold red lip that they wore in the music video.

Any way, I'm going to classify this as one of my Christmas posts, so I think that's like two so far. I would definitely not have been any good at blogmas. Any way, I have yet to go Christmas shopping, I'm coming to the conclusion I'm a last minute shopper, this might back fire at me in the future *o*. I'm really bad at signing off posts so I'm just going to leave here, I hope you liked this post and if you try out the look tweet me @thats_sosophie

Over to you, What Christmas music have you been listening to these last few weeks? 

Till next time,
Sophie xox