Outfit Snaps | Christmas Day

Heyy everyone,

So last month I started the Outfit Snaps series on here but during December I haven't really been able to get photos for a December edition, so instead I thought I could share with you guys some outfit inspiration for what to wear on Christmas day which is like 5 days away. I'm still not really that festive and yesterday my dad called me the Grinch but I still wanted to do some Christmas posts for you guys and just over all some outfit inspirations. I actually have no idea where I'm going with this intro and I'm getting distracted by my music playing Beast 'Yey' but yeah lets get onto the photos. (And know Beast has finished and Shinee is on, this post might take a while to write)

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Jumper - Next | Leggings - Sainsbury | Fluffy socks (yes I am wearing some) - Primark

Okay so look number one, is one of those cringy jumper looks apart from that my jumper isn't the most Christmassy or out going - like my sister's which lights up - but I tried to replicate what I was thinking of. For me Christmas Day should be a comfy outfit day, so it doesn't matter that we spend most of the day watching movies (we do have our Christmas Day walk) inside and stuffing ourselves with food. The baggy jumpers can hide that stomach that is filled to the brim with turkey and chocolates. For me I particularly like this jumper because of the detail on the elbow, it's not quite a patch but the stripes give the jumper just that bit more and cuts up the pinks, I'm not the biggest fan of the colour pink.

Top - Sainsbury | Leggings - Sainsbury | Cardi - H&M

I think this second outfit is probably what I would wear one Christmas Day. It's comfy and slouchy but also has that feel that you're kind of dressing up as well. The main piece in this look is definitely the cardi, I love the colours one it, I feel like burgundy has been one of the main colours in my wardrobe this Autumn and Winter, and the pattern is sort of aztec but at the same time has that Christmas/Winter feel to it. I had been looking for something that wasn't a cringy jumper like everyone else seems to love round this time of year, but instead gave a Christmassy feel while still looking presentable and I think this cardi does just that.

Top - Select | Skirt - international

This third look is for any of you who want to dress up and feel girly but at the same time to feel comfy. I don't know if you can tell by the photos but the top is that sort of soft I think jersey kind of material and though is flowy at the same time is kind of fitted, if that makes any sense. Tucked into this black skater shirt that I got for like 50p on a closing down sale once, makes me feel really girly and like I could dance around to Christmas music while still looking cute - I totally wasn't dancing round my room when taking these photos pfftt. Anyway though I probably won't wear this personally on Christmas Day, it is definitely one of my favourites and I could definitely see this being worn if I was to go out on Christmas day rather than slouch around the house.

All these outfits I paired with fluffy socks. You really can not go wrong with fluffy socks, I used to have quite a few pairs but they've gone for a walk somewhere and I can't find them, but these ones are my favourite so I'm all okay.

So that's it for today's post. This actually took me so long to write I was getting way to distracted but it's done so we're all good. I think this might be my last post before Christmas, but I have posts planned for afterwards so I'll see you all then. Have a great Christmas everyone!

What would you wear on Christmas Day? Anything similar to these three looks?

Bye Lovely'sSophie xox