Favourites of 2015 | Bloggers & Vloggers

Heyy everyone

Since I've spent this year getting more into the blogging and vlogging world I've discovered a lot more blogs and youtubers to read and watch. I myself have got more into blogging and therefore has found the blogging community and the wonderful people that fill it, so I thought I could share the love to some of my most read blogs. I think I might keep this to a maximum of ten otherwise I might just have a list worth a couple of blog post lengths.

Blonde La Mode
Shy Life Living

These are only a few of the bloggers and their blogs I've been loving this year, many of the others I found later in the year, and I thought since it was favourites of 2015 that I would put the people I found out about earlier this year; but if I do another bloggers favourite then be sure to see others' feature. Anyway all these blogs are amazing, and I love them. The girls write amazingly and their photos are on point. I always find myself finding inspiration and learning new things, so well done girls ^_^.

Apart from many bloggers there have also been many vloggers I've been loving. This year I've found my subscription blox on Youtube has changed a lot from 2014. My focus has moved away from people just talking to the camera to following more fashion and make-up vloggers. Anyway I'm going to keep this to ten like the bloggers, but their are definitely more that I love.

So like before these are only a few I've been loving through-out 2015, but they are those which I have been watching the longest through the year. All of their content is amazing and I honestly wish I could make YouTube videos as well as they could. I get distracted easily but these vloggers have kept me intrigued through the year and wanting to watch more of their videos.

So yeah there are the bloggers and vloggers I've been loving this year. I'm always up for discovering more blogs to read and Yotubers to watch, so who have you been loving this year? 

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox