Favourites of 2015 | Beauty

Heyy everyone,

I can't remember if I said this in my last post but this was going to be a little series to sum up the year, indicated by the title. Anyway since when I started out blogging my main focus was beauty I thought it was needed to do a beauty favourites. Though I haven't tried many new make-up or skin care products this year, and didn't really wear much make-up till about September due to not being able to really wear any at school, these are a few that I've been reaching to time and time again through out the year.

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll notice quite a few of these pieces from previous make-up posts. And really they are my statement pieces in my make-up collection. Most of them have lasted me all year and now are nearly finished, so it will be soon time for another shopping trip.

  • First off is my trusty Seventeen On Spot foundation. Though now it doesn't match my skin tone very well due to me being so much paler during the winter. During the summer it was a perfect colour for me even if it was the lightest shade. This foundation though is light still gave me the coverage I needed. Though saying all this, this was really my first foundation, the only one I had before was too dark for me as I ordered the wrong colour, but it had still been a good foundation to be this past year, and if I can't find another foundation I like I'll definitely be reaching back to this one.

  • Rimmel Fix'n'Perfect primer. This primer was the first primer I tired. I didn't want to splash out on a primer the first time so when I saw this on offer, I really can't remember how much it was, I picked it up. And I have to say it did help my make-up. I have quite oily skin so it definitely helped my foundation stay on longer than it would have without, especially during the summer when it got really hot.

  • Next if the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. I know a lot of people like this concealer being one of the best for drugstore make-up, and I have to say I agree. It has worked wonders hiding my dark circles and blemishes especially during exam season earlier this year, where things like that take a back seat. Over all making me look more awake than I actually was - the only way people could tell I was tired was when I was yawing (totally just yawned when writing yawned, did you yawn?).

  • Collection Extreme felt liner. I have been using this all year when doing my winged liner. I'm still pretty new to winging my liner but I have to say the felt tip liner has helped me so much. Though I know some people struggled getting the pen to work, I found standing it tip down kept the liner working all year. I'm quite sad now that I've finished it all up, but maybe I can find a new favourite eye liner in 2016.

  • Rimmel Day2Night mascara. I seem to have a lot of Rimmel products ^_^ Anyway I'm slowly running out of different ways to describe why these products are my favourite, but they just are haha. This mascara I got when Rimmel had an offer on and I just needed something else to make the complete three, but I think it was a good random buy because I've been using it every day in 2015, well almost not counting the days were I went make-up free. I'm still unsure if it's actually waterproof as I couldn't see it written on the packet but it didn't smudge even when my eyes were tearing up.

I'm sure we've all seen these palettes this year on here, I've been reaching to them a lot, and I mean a lot. Maybe not all the colours but the colours I have, the picture might not show it, but I've used them a lot.
  • The Stila in the moments palette is the newer one out of the two but I have been using it a lot since I got it. I actually did a review of it here if you want to know more details about it. The colours are gorgeous and the pigmentation of those said colours is amazing, even when I don't wear eye primer they stay on for the majority of the day.

  • Elf Little Black Beauty Book, if one that I think I got right near the beginning of the year, it could have easily been back in 2014, from TKMaxx. And was my go to palette for a good while till I got the Stila one where I found it was easier to create looks because the colours are more suiting for each other, especially for a smoky eye. Anyway this has been my favourite for the brown eye shadow (in the picture its too the left and one down of the bright blue) which I have been using to fill in my eye brows, which I've only started doing towards the second half of the year, realising how much it makes a make-up look polished off.

Apart from make-up I've also been loving some skin care products. This year I've been looking into caring for my skin a lot more, and though I'm still learning there have been a few products that have stuck out to me this year.

  • One being not in the picture but the St Ive Face Scrub. I'm sure I've mentioned it before in some posts, but this has worked wonders on my skin. It gets off all the dirt and grim from day off your skin making it feel fresh, as well as not being to harsh that some scrubs could be like. In addition it also smells good, smelling of apricots.

  • The Nivea Day Cream, like the scrub above I've mentioned this before in previous posts, and this tube is actually the second one I've bought this year, though I think I've been through three as I got one last Christmas. I think that was actually the time I found it. Wow I've been using this product for only a year. Anyway this moisturiser  had been amazing to my skin, keeping it refreshed while at the same time not making it too oily.

  • Lastly is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Though this specific one if a newer addition to my routine, I was using it's relative the one with the pink lid earlier this year. Though I like using this most to take off my make-up, it also leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. I plan to use this next year and will hopefully be still be in my favourites next year.
So that's all for my beauty favourites of 2015. I should really work on my skills of describing products I'll work on that next year. Anyway do you like any of these products? Comment them below. Also what other products have you been loving, I'm always up for trying out new products.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox