Everyday Make-up Winter Edition

Heyy everyone,

So it feels like ages since I've done a beauty or in particular make-up post, I think the last one was over the October half-term and it was a Halloween one, and even longer since I've shared my everyday make-up look. So for this Sunday's post I thought I could share with you my Winter Edition for my everyday make-up.

As for 5 out of the 7 days a week I'm at college I liked to keep my make-up simple as I tend to not have that much time in the morning, not because I wake up late - I'm such an early bird - but because I'm also on twitter or pinterest or reading, I should probably try to ease on those habits. Any way as I'm keeping it simple I don't really use any eye shadow and instead focus a lot of my time on getting the wing of the eye liner looking the same on both side, it really annoys me when they don't look anything alike, maybe that's also why I'm almost (stress the almost) late leaving the front door.

For base make-up, I like to just use primer, foundation and concealer. I'm actually pretty new to primer but I'm so glad I tried it out as my foundation now stays on for most of the day which is great for days I'm in college from 9 till 4:15. I'm actually running out of primer so if you could recommend any I would be grateful ^_^. In the Summer I would have used powder as well, but due to it being so cold outside the air already dries my face up and I find powder just enhances that.

On my lips I've been loving the berry purple which I'm mentioned back in my October Favourites . It's such a great colour for winter, and goes well with most things I wear so it's a win win.

So this was kind of a short post, but I plan to work on some Christmas ones soon. To be truthful I haven't particularly feeling Christmassy yet, I think due to tests and essays to write at college, but as we're going to the Pantomime next week and putting up the decorations I can feel the Christmas spirit coming. At the moment I'm feeling very much like the Grinch aha.

Over to you, What is the main thing you change in your make-up routine when going from Summer to Winter?

Till Next Time,

Sophie xox