Christmas Party Make-up

Heyy everyone,

Another make-up look for you guys, I hope you don't mind. And it's a Christmas one as well!

I decided to give my hand at a party look, that I would wear if I actually got invited to a Christmas party - I'm not really a party sort of person, would rather sit at my laptop and write blog posts. Anyway I tried to add some Christmassy colours, though for it also to be dramatic. I'm still not the greatest at make-up but I hope I'm improving over this last few months with the amount of make-up posts I've done. Any way lets get into the make-up part of this post.

I do my normal face make-up like in every other post before this one, I'm sure you're all bored of hearing it so I'm just going to leave the photo to do all the explaining for that. So since the eyes is going to be the main focus of this look, I started with a nude colour to cancel out any dis-colouration on my eye lids that might have spoiled the colours I was going to put on top. Then started with a black and pushed it into the outer corners of my eye and the crease. A tip for the black don't put it on too heavy at first, build up the colour so if you go wrong some where it is much easier to fix rather than a huge dark smudge that makes you look like you've been punch in the eye *o*

Once I had got the black to the shade I wanted I used a dark red and placed it all over my lids. I love this red it has a shimmer to it as well and reminds of such a good colour for Christmas and also for winter. Then to blend the two colours I used a gold that is so gorgeous and I've mentioned it a couple times before in different posts, and it perfectly blended the red and black together. Though it took some of the darkness of the black away I just went in afterwards and placed more on deepening the colour.

To finish off the look I coated my lashes in mascara, and again like my other posts, you could use false eye lashes which would look wonderful but I don't have any so can't hehe. I also didn't line my eyes as I found that the eye shadow did a pretty good job but I think that if you did add it it would add a lot of drama to the look and look fabulous

So that's the make-up done and dusted! I hope you liked it, it was such a fun make-up to do. Now that's all left is to find a Christmas party to go to. Or maybe I'll just stay inside with my laptop blogging and catching up on all the blogs I haven't read, YouTube I haven't watched and Christmas movies I haven't had time to see yet because of college work aha.

Are there any Christmas movies you guys recommend for me to check out?

Bye Lovely's
Sophie xox