Christmas Card Inspiration

Heyy everyone,

Oh my goodness! I can't quite believe it is December already. I still don't feel like it was 11 months ago I was doing the finally speaking assessment for Spanish or that I had Prom and finished school almost half a year ago. I know they say as you get older time flies by way more quickly, but if it's already going this fast then I don't want to be any older. But then I'm the youngest in my friendship group at college so they're all getting old first I'm such a great friend. ^_^ 

So over the weekend, apart from doing homework and getting engrossed in a k-drama (I was able to watch 20 1 hour episodes oopps) I decided it was about time I started making cards again. Making cards is one of those things I enjoy doing though I might not be the best at it. Be it birthdays or Christmas I love making cards, mainly for my family as my friends don't tend to do Christmas cards. Well that was last year and the year before maybe people at college are different who knows. Well any how, rather than showing you ideas on how to make cards and what not, I thought I could give you guys some inspiration to make your own cards kind of like Pinterest, which I use to much you should follow me (sneaking self-promo there hehe). Okay I'll stop waffling on now and let you get into the post.

Put a little love into the cards <3

Most of the cards I made are actually using up old Christmas cards from last year, I hadn't been able to find any good card crafts when I went shopping, so I thought I might as well use pieces out of cards that no-one was using. Also positive, or maybe not, you get to test how good you are at keeping to the lines when cutting out the little pictures, which I've realised I'm not the best at *concentrates really hard to get the line straight*, and that you get to have a lot of fun trying to get things to match.

Card numbre uno. I had been meaning to use this heart piece for age, and thought it went quite well with the beige/brown background to the card. Though I added in the text at the bottom, I know I'm not the best at calligraphy, so it ended up being in my awful handwriting, but as I say it's the thought that counts ^_^.

So after the attempt of putting writing on the front with the first card, I thought for the second one I could go a bit more simpler. I know for some people it might be a little plain, but I think the focus on the green sparkly reindeer, which is missing an ear, makes it okay. Remember this is only for inspiration, so you can use the idea or not or change it how ever would fit your taste.

This last one took the longest to make even though it only has three pieces attached to it. (the background of the cards came like that, I wouldn't have been able to get the checks that perfect). I kind of like the simplicity design on cards if you hadn't noticed by now, but even so I think the gold of the three squares makes it look a bit more christmassy (even though spell check doesn't like christmassy it shall be a work).

So even though this is only three cards, four if you include the one it the cover photo, I hope I was able to give you some inspiration in making your own cards, or just to get you in the Christmas spirit. I've got more Christmas posts planned for the next month so look forward to those, and if there's any you would like me to write just let me know. I've know got to go write messages on the inside of these cards to give to my family so I'll finish up this post here.

Over to you, what is the main thing that puts you in the Christmas Spirit? I would say mine would be going to the panto and putting the decorations up.

Till next time, Sophie xox