Favourites of 2015 | Memories

Heyy everyone,

So this is going to be the last of my 2015 favourites not only as I don't have time over the next few days to write a post, but since we're in, or were, in 2015 making the number of posts 5 seemed to fit nicely, or is it just me? Anyway to finish of the year, and for my last post of the year, I thought I could sum up some of my favourite memories for this year. Though a lot has happened this year some good and some bad there has been many things that I will never forget and since it was quite a big year finishing secondary school and all my year has been packed.

Going in chronological order, the first major memory was the fact I celebrated my sixteenth birthday. Though I'm not really one who goes all out on birthdays, my sixteenth was still special. I didn't have a big party or anything but I spent time with my family and friends and I guess that is what made my birthday so special. Honestly I didn't feel any older and even now I still need to think before saying how old I am, but still it is a memory that I will savour from 2015.

The next I can think of was my exams if you count that as a memory. For some people it wont be the best memory but I'm that weird person who doesn't really mind exams. It makes me feel like everything I had been learning the last two years wasn't for nothing. Though it was stressful - even if I was calm going into exams for the benefit of friends - I can't let go of the memory.

Soon after exams, actually on the day of my last exam which was further maths, we had our leavers assembly. For some people it was the last time I saw them, but I know where ever they are now they are having fun. Though school has its ups and downs I will definitely miss points of it.

Then came prom. I wrote a post with my outfits for Prom and the leavers assembly here. Most people spend ages looking forward to prom, but honestly I didn't get into the hype. And though I'm not one for parties it was nice seeing everyone you had been with for the last five years dressed up and relaxing.

After a three month holiday I started college. This for me was so scary. I'm not really good with new places or new people and I was shaking when I went to my first lesson on the first day. But I started to over come my fears and soon settled in and now I've made new friends and am actually really enjoying my subjects, even if I do get really confused some times in physics.

As well as college I finally got into blogging. I started blogging back in 2014 but my will power for it faded during year 11 as I had to focus on my school work, so it didn't really go anyway. But during 2015 I got it going again due to having nearly three months off. And though it felt like I was building it from scratch I kept too it and now I really proud of how far it has grown. Can't wait for the growth of this little spot on the internet in 2016.

And that leads us to the end of the year. Looking back I did quite a lot this year, and even started to over come my fears and stepped out my comfort zone. I will definitely keep these memories with me to face 2016 and make new memories as well. What have been your favourite memories from 2015?

So this will be my last post for 2015, so I'm going to sign off by saying Happy New Year and I hope many good things happen this year for you all.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Favourites of 2015 | Bloggers & Vloggers

Heyy everyone

Since I've spent this year getting more into the blogging and vlogging world I've discovered a lot more blogs and youtubers to read and watch. I myself have got more into blogging and therefore has found the blogging community and the wonderful people that fill it, so I thought I could share the love to some of my most read blogs. I think I might keep this to a maximum of ten otherwise I might just have a list worth a couple of blog post lengths.

Blonde La Mode
Shy Life Living

These are only a few of the bloggers and their blogs I've been loving this year, many of the others I found later in the year, and I thought since it was favourites of 2015 that I would put the people I found out about earlier this year; but if I do another bloggers favourite then be sure to see others' feature. Anyway all these blogs are amazing, and I love them. The girls write amazingly and their photos are on point. I always find myself finding inspiration and learning new things, so well done girls ^_^.

Apart from many bloggers there have also been many vloggers I've been loving. This year I've found my subscription blox on Youtube has changed a lot from 2014. My focus has moved away from people just talking to the camera to following more fashion and make-up vloggers. Anyway I'm going to keep this to ten like the bloggers, but their are definitely more that I love.

So like before these are only a few I've been loving through-out 2015, but they are those which I have been watching the longest through the year. All of their content is amazing and I honestly wish I could make YouTube videos as well as they could. I get distracted easily but these vloggers have kept me intrigued through the year and wanting to watch more of their videos.

So yeah there are the bloggers and vloggers I've been loving this year. I'm always up for discovering more blogs to read and Yotubers to watch, so who have you been loving this year? 

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Favourites of 2015 | Fashion

Hey everyone,

Time for another instalment of my 2015 favourites, and this time is fashion. I would have liked more photos for this post to show you guys my favourite pieces from this year, but alas the weather has not been on the bloggers' side. Though I love the rain, how when your inside and all you can hear is it hitting the window, when trying to take photos it isn't the best. But I might be able to find some old photos from previous posts that might be able to help me, so I'm just warning you if the back ground changes.

My first fashion favourite of 2015 is checkered top. I'm absolutely in love with this top no only does it have a monochrome colour scheme meaning I can wear it with pretty much everything, but also the peter pan collar. I love peter pan collars. They're so cute and adorable. I would fill up my whole wardrobe with peter pan collared tops if I could. So anyway yeah, I've been wearing this top quite often even if I did only get it later on in the year, but due to wearing it so much I thought it deserved a place in my favourites.

My next favourite are these black boots (using such an old photo as right now they are covered in mud) which I have been my go to shoe for the majority of the year. I have no idea if they're still in stock but I got them from Newlook earlier this year after eyeing them up for ages. I found this year I've been finding what my style is and I have to say that I'm definitely a boot kind of girl. They're comfy and keep my feet warm, as well as being able to go with a whole load of different outfits.

Next I apologise for the fact the background changes, but lets go back to a time where the lighting was good to us bloggers. If you've been around for a while now here you will recognise this favourite. This green jacket has been in many of my outfit posts, and has been a piece of clothing I've been reaching to a lot. It has been a perfect jacket these last few months where the weather has been warm and then cold the next, with a lot of wind as well. It has kept me warm as well as being light enough that it doesn't matter on the weather change and the need to carry a jacket round all the time. In addition the pockets in it have been perfect for college and holding everything now I no longer have a blazer like at school. Plus I've also been loving this green colour. I'm not normally one who reaches for green much but this was a great new piece for my wardrobe which is expanding its colour range away from only monochrome.

So that has been pretty much all my favourites from this year as well as a blue parka which I couldn't get pictures of because by the time I was ready to take them the lighting was just not at all what I would like. I haven't really had that many fashion favourites this year considering before July I was still at school so had a uniform so there was less chances for me to wear casual clothes. Anyway what have been your go to fashion pieces over the last year? I really want to experiment with my style so comment below some suggestions.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Favourites of 2015 | Beauty

Heyy everyone,

I can't remember if I said this in my last post but this was going to be a little series to sum up the year, indicated by the title. Anyway since when I started out blogging my main focus was beauty I thought it was needed to do a beauty favourites. Though I haven't tried many new make-up or skin care products this year, and didn't really wear much make-up till about September due to not being able to really wear any at school, these are a few that I've been reaching to time and time again through out the year.

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll notice quite a few of these pieces from previous make-up posts. And really they are my statement pieces in my make-up collection. Most of them have lasted me all year and now are nearly finished, so it will be soon time for another shopping trip.

  • First off is my trusty Seventeen On Spot foundation. Though now it doesn't match my skin tone very well due to me being so much paler during the winter. During the summer it was a perfect colour for me even if it was the lightest shade. This foundation though is light still gave me the coverage I needed. Though saying all this, this was really my first foundation, the only one I had before was too dark for me as I ordered the wrong colour, but it had still been a good foundation to be this past year, and if I can't find another foundation I like I'll definitely be reaching back to this one.

  • Rimmel Fix'n'Perfect primer. This primer was the first primer I tired. I didn't want to splash out on a primer the first time so when I saw this on offer, I really can't remember how much it was, I picked it up. And I have to say it did help my make-up. I have quite oily skin so it definitely helped my foundation stay on longer than it would have without, especially during the summer when it got really hot.

  • Next if the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. I know a lot of people like this concealer being one of the best for drugstore make-up, and I have to say I agree. It has worked wonders hiding my dark circles and blemishes especially during exam season earlier this year, where things like that take a back seat. Over all making me look more awake than I actually was - the only way people could tell I was tired was when I was yawing (totally just yawned when writing yawned, did you yawn?).

  • Collection Extreme felt liner. I have been using this all year when doing my winged liner. I'm still pretty new to winging my liner but I have to say the felt tip liner has helped me so much. Though I know some people struggled getting the pen to work, I found standing it tip down kept the liner working all year. I'm quite sad now that I've finished it all up, but maybe I can find a new favourite eye liner in 2016.

  • Rimmel Day2Night mascara. I seem to have a lot of Rimmel products ^_^ Anyway I'm slowly running out of different ways to describe why these products are my favourite, but they just are haha. This mascara I got when Rimmel had an offer on and I just needed something else to make the complete three, but I think it was a good random buy because I've been using it every day in 2015, well almost not counting the days were I went make-up free. I'm still unsure if it's actually waterproof as I couldn't see it written on the packet but it didn't smudge even when my eyes were tearing up.

I'm sure we've all seen these palettes this year on here, I've been reaching to them a lot, and I mean a lot. Maybe not all the colours but the colours I have, the picture might not show it, but I've used them a lot.
  • The Stila in the moments palette is the newer one out of the two but I have been using it a lot since I got it. I actually did a review of it here if you want to know more details about it. The colours are gorgeous and the pigmentation of those said colours is amazing, even when I don't wear eye primer they stay on for the majority of the day.

  • Elf Little Black Beauty Book, if one that I think I got right near the beginning of the year, it could have easily been back in 2014, from TKMaxx. And was my go to palette for a good while till I got the Stila one where I found it was easier to create looks because the colours are more suiting for each other, especially for a smoky eye. Anyway this has been my favourite for the brown eye shadow (in the picture its too the left and one down of the bright blue) which I have been using to fill in my eye brows, which I've only started doing towards the second half of the year, realising how much it makes a make-up look polished off.

Apart from make-up I've also been loving some skin care products. This year I've been looking into caring for my skin a lot more, and though I'm still learning there have been a few products that have stuck out to me this year.

  • One being not in the picture but the St Ive Face Scrub. I'm sure I've mentioned it before in some posts, but this has worked wonders on my skin. It gets off all the dirt and grim from day off your skin making it feel fresh, as well as not being to harsh that some scrubs could be like. In addition it also smells good, smelling of apricots.

  • The Nivea Day Cream, like the scrub above I've mentioned this before in previous posts, and this tube is actually the second one I've bought this year, though I think I've been through three as I got one last Christmas. I think that was actually the time I found it. Wow I've been using this product for only a year. Anyway this moisturiser  had been amazing to my skin, keeping it refreshed while at the same time not making it too oily.

  • Lastly is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Though this specific one if a newer addition to my routine, I was using it's relative the one with the pink lid earlier this year. Though I like using this most to take off my make-up, it also leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. I plan to use this next year and will hopefully be still be in my favourites next year.
So that's all for my beauty favourites of 2015. I should really work on my skills of describing products I'll work on that next year. Anyway do you like any of these products? Comment them below. Also what other products have you been loving, I'm always up for trying out new products.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Favourites of 2015 | Music and Films

Heyy everyone,

I can't believe how fast 2015 has come to an end. This year has gone so fast it feels like, breezing by too fast that I'm sure I've hardly had one moment of peace to breathe. Anyway I thought to sum up the year I could share with you a bunch of my favourites from 2015, that is if I can remember the best as I've so many things this year. So to start this off I thought music and films would be a good way.

This list for music might be quite a bit longer than films but I'm going to try at shorten it down to six, going by the ones I've had on repeat the most. Just saying before I start these are all my own opinions and if you differ well we're all different so yeah, lets get into the list. I love writing lists ^_^

  • Vixx 'On and On'

Though this isn't one of those latest releases, I fell in love with this song mainly because of the music video. The boys from Vixx are aliens who save a girl, really I got quite confused by this concept but the dance for it is amazing and I kind of envy them for being able to dance so well. But over all I love this song, though not in English the tune was catchy and I found myself humming to it hours later.
  • BTS 'Dope'
Apart from Girls Generation and Exo, BTS were the first group that got me into Kpop and in particular it was their song 'Dope'. It is super catchy and I just love all the boys costumes for the music video. In addition their dance skills are on point. It's unbelievable how well they dance considering how hard the dance is. Though similar to Vixx, though they are amazing dancers in the end I love their voices, and it's that one group that no matter the theme I would listen to any of their songs.
  • Fall Out Boy 'Centuries'
Shocking to some people but I only really listened to any Fall Out Boy songs this year and that was because they sung 'Immortals' in Big Hero 6. But listening to that lead me to 'Centuries' and I fell in love with it. Not only is the music video cool, being set in ancient Roman times, but the song is amazing and just yeah I don't know how else to describe it, I should really learn some more descriptive words.
  • Day 6 'Congratulations'
I mentioned these boys in my music favourites the other month and though I've had their whole mini album on repeat on my phone at college 'Congratulations' will always be my favourite. Unlike the first two they don't dance and are a band band, but there is something about a band that you can't help but love. Also their voices are divine!
  • Royal Pirates 'Run Away'
My friend introduced Royal Pirates to me only the other month but I'm still going to include them in my 2015 favourites because I have literally had them on repeat since she showed them to me. They are more of a band like Day 6 but unlike Day 6 are more of a rock band, and though I do love my pop music there is something about a bit of rock (or more pop/rock) that I just can't turn down. Anyway if you want to see why I love them so much they're on YouTube and have even done covers in English.
  • Ed Sheeran 'I See Fire' 
This last one was hard to chose between this one and 'Good Girls' by 5 Seconds of Summer, but my heart will always lean more towards Ed Sheeran than 5SOS. I actually found this after watching The Hobbit (the second one I think) as it was the song on during the ending credits, and I don't know if anyone else does but I always search up the songs at the end of a movie, and most of the time fall in love with them, 'I See Fire' is no different.

Films for me is a lot harder than music for a different reason. Though with music there is so much to choose from I don't really watch that many films and if I have they must of not been that good as I've forgotten what I watched, or it could just be because I've been watching a lot of Korean dramas and anime this year, now that list will be long (I can write my favourites to that next year if anyone would like it?) but I'm keeping this to films 'mostly'.

  • Big Hero 6
I'm a Disney lover, and though most people see this as the princess movies like Frozen and Tangled and though I love them there is something about Big Hero 6 that pushes it's way to the top of my list. I think because there is a lot more action than a typical Disney movie makes me love it, along with the art work that is just on point, and that I love all the characters. I honestly couldn't pick between any of them, you got to love Hiro and Baymax.
  • The Hobbit
I've been a fan of The Lord of the Rings since I watched all the movies in one weekend, I was definitely not tearing up by the end, and since The Hobbit is a prequel to it I really couldn't turn it down. I'm always a sucker for fantasy movies as well as the action, and with that sub-plot of romance, it is really an all around good movie. If you haven't watched it I would definitely say to check it out even if it isn't your normal type of film. Not only was it an awesome movie but it also lead to me to one of my favourite songs. But yeah I wish I was better a describing why I love things, but I hope you get the point.
  • Arrow
So Arrow isn't a film, but it's close enough. I know if people watch this they're probably up to like season 5 or something, but we only got it last Christmas and only the first two seasons on box-set. It has taken my dad and I a whole year just to watch the first season due to being busy and we made a pack to watch it together, but so far I'm loving it. It's one of those series with a lot of action but also has lots of other themes, as well as leaving you trying to figure out a lot. Or that could just be me trying to follow the plot to deeply. Anyway it's a good series to watch and I can't wait to get started on the next series in the new year.
  • Howl's Moving Castle
Okay I'm putting this in here even if I only watched it last night, because it is just that good. I've have been meaning to watch this movie for years, like literally ever time Film4 has Studio Ghibli films on I watch them all but it never has Howl's Moving Castle, so when I saw it on the other day I was literally over the moon. Not only is the main character named Sophie but the quirkiness of this movie is right up my street. Though I do like my full on action movies there is something about a group of completely different people going round in this moving castle that you just can't help but just love. It was one of those films that I just didn't want to finish and I will definitely be watching again in the near future.

Anyway I don't think I can think of any more that have stood out this year, but then I haven't really had time to watch movies till it came to the Christmas holidays, and then most of them have been Studio Ghibli ones, they definitely make some of my all time favourite anime films, and I have a whole load that has been recorded over Christmas still to watch.

Okay, so that's my first post for my favourites of 2015. I don't think I've written so much in a blog post in a while, most of the time it has been pictures. Anyway I want to know what music and films you guys have been loving this year, I'm always up for discovering new things.

Bye Lovelies
Sophie xox

Outfit Snaps | Christmas Day

Heyy everyone,

So last month I started the Outfit Snaps series on here but during December I haven't really been able to get photos for a December edition, so instead I thought I could share with you guys some outfit inspiration for what to wear on Christmas day which is like 5 days away. I'm still not really that festive and yesterday my dad called me the Grinch but I still wanted to do some Christmas posts for you guys and just over all some outfit inspirations. I actually have no idea where I'm going with this intro and I'm getting distracted by my music playing Beast 'Yey' but yeah lets get onto the photos. (And know Beast has finished and Shinee is on, this post might take a while to write)

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Jumper - Next | Leggings - Sainsbury | Fluffy socks (yes I am wearing some) - Primark

Okay so look number one, is one of those cringy jumper looks apart from that my jumper isn't the most Christmassy or out going - like my sister's which lights up - but I tried to replicate what I was thinking of. For me Christmas Day should be a comfy outfit day, so it doesn't matter that we spend most of the day watching movies (we do have our Christmas Day walk) inside and stuffing ourselves with food. The baggy jumpers can hide that stomach that is filled to the brim with turkey and chocolates. For me I particularly like this jumper because of the detail on the elbow, it's not quite a patch but the stripes give the jumper just that bit more and cuts up the pinks, I'm not the biggest fan of the colour pink.

Top - Sainsbury | Leggings - Sainsbury | Cardi - H&M

I think this second outfit is probably what I would wear one Christmas Day. It's comfy and slouchy but also has that feel that you're kind of dressing up as well. The main piece in this look is definitely the cardi, I love the colours one it, I feel like burgundy has been one of the main colours in my wardrobe this Autumn and Winter, and the pattern is sort of aztec but at the same time has that Christmas/Winter feel to it. I had been looking for something that wasn't a cringy jumper like everyone else seems to love round this time of year, but instead gave a Christmassy feel while still looking presentable and I think this cardi does just that.

Top - Select | Skirt - international

This third look is for any of you who want to dress up and feel girly but at the same time to feel comfy. I don't know if you can tell by the photos but the top is that sort of soft I think jersey kind of material and though is flowy at the same time is kind of fitted, if that makes any sense. Tucked into this black skater shirt that I got for like 50p on a closing down sale once, makes me feel really girly and like I could dance around to Christmas music while still looking cute - I totally wasn't dancing round my room when taking these photos pfftt. Anyway though I probably won't wear this personally on Christmas Day, it is definitely one of my favourites and I could definitely see this being worn if I was to go out on Christmas day rather than slouch around the house.

All these outfits I paired with fluffy socks. You really can not go wrong with fluffy socks, I used to have quite a few pairs but they've gone for a walk somewhere and I can't find them, but these ones are my favourite so I'm all okay.

So that's it for today's post. This actually took me so long to write I was getting way to distracted but it's done so we're all good. I think this might be my last post before Christmas, but I have posts planned for afterwards so I'll see you all then. Have a great Christmas everyone!

What would you wear on Christmas Day? Anything similar to these three looks?

Bye Lovely'sSophie xox

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Heyy everyone,

Around this time last year I did a post like this, I think it was even called the same thing, so I thought this year I could do the same. I haven't really got much to write and to be honest my focus on things keeps jumping - I'm in one of those restless moods - so instead I hope you're content with these pictures of Christmas in our house.

We don't typically have a theme like some people do, instead most of our decorations have sentimental values to them. So though nothing matches we still can't seem to change any of it.

I am at last feeling more Christmassy than I have these last few weeks when everyone's been doing blogmas and vlogmas, I've got so much to catch up on, but I can't wait I think I'll start catching up tonight and I might have watched and read them all by Christmas.

Bye Lovely's
Sophie xox

Christmas Party Make-up

Heyy everyone,

Another make-up look for you guys, I hope you don't mind. And it's a Christmas one as well!

I decided to give my hand at a party look, that I would wear if I actually got invited to a Christmas party - I'm not really a party sort of person, would rather sit at my laptop and write blog posts. Anyway I tried to add some Christmassy colours, though for it also to be dramatic. I'm still not the greatest at make-up but I hope I'm improving over this last few months with the amount of make-up posts I've done. Any way lets get into the make-up part of this post.

I do my normal face make-up like in every other post before this one, I'm sure you're all bored of hearing it so I'm just going to leave the photo to do all the explaining for that. So since the eyes is going to be the main focus of this look, I started with a nude colour to cancel out any dis-colouration on my eye lids that might have spoiled the colours I was going to put on top. Then started with a black and pushed it into the outer corners of my eye and the crease. A tip for the black don't put it on too heavy at first, build up the colour so if you go wrong some where it is much easier to fix rather than a huge dark smudge that makes you look like you've been punch in the eye *o*

Once I had got the black to the shade I wanted I used a dark red and placed it all over my lids. I love this red it has a shimmer to it as well and reminds of such a good colour for Christmas and also for winter. Then to blend the two colours I used a gold that is so gorgeous and I've mentioned it a couple times before in different posts, and it perfectly blended the red and black together. Though it took some of the darkness of the black away I just went in afterwards and placed more on deepening the colour.

To finish off the look I coated my lashes in mascara, and again like my other posts, you could use false eye lashes which would look wonderful but I don't have any so can't hehe. I also didn't line my eyes as I found that the eye shadow did a pretty good job but I think that if you did add it it would add a lot of drama to the look and look fabulous

So that's the make-up done and dusted! I hope you liked it, it was such a fun make-up to do. Now that's all left is to find a Christmas party to go to. Or maybe I'll just stay inside with my laptop blogging and catching up on all the blogs I haven't read, YouTube I haven't watched and Christmas movies I haven't had time to see yet because of college work aha.

Are there any Christmas movies you guys recommend for me to check out?

Bye Lovely's
Sophie xox

TTS 'Dear Santa' Inspired Make-up

Heyy everyone

I was literally on a roll with make-up looks on the weekend, sorry this post is late I haven't had much of a drive to write/type this week but I want to get this post up so here I am.

For those who haven't been here long yet, I'm a fan of Kpop, and last week the sub-unit group of Girls Generation, TTS, came out with their Christmas single. To be honest it was only my second Christmas song of the year, the first one being 'Confession Song' by Got7. So anyway I've kind of had 'Dear Santa' on repeat since they've done an English version of it and I can actually know the words for once, and have been admiring their make-up so thought I would give it an attempt, trying my best to replicate it but since my eye shape is different from theirs I'm unsure if it looks the same ^_^.

Anyway I was looking at Tiffany while creating this look, but both Taeyeon and Seohyun have pretty much the same look, so yeah, lets get into the post and stop me waffling on in this introduction.

The eyes in this look are a very subtle natural colour with a bit of shimmer to them, with of course black winged liner. Before I started the eyes though I did the base make-up which consisted of foundation, concealer and powder, most likely the girls used a cushion bb cream as that's all the rave in Korea but I have yet to get my hands on any so I made do with my normal base make-up with the added powder just to set everything into place, and also my brows. To be honest you can chose what ever brow you think works best for your face but for this look I tried to keep my brows as straight as possible, though slightly hard with my brows that don't like to do what they are told.

I then started the eyes by placing a pale nude all over my lids and up the the brow bone. I used this as a base as I find it makes the colours pop more when they are placed on top, which is kind of what I wanted since I was worried that the other colours wouldn't show up. Anyway next I used a gorgeous gold shimmer and covered my lids with it, applying more till I got the colour I wanted. Looking now I thinks that's all the eye shadow I put on (this is a relatively easy look) and then I went on to wing out the eye liner. Eye liner is definitely something that is unique to your eye shape so I wont go to much into it and just go with your most loved eye liner. Finally for the eyes I put mascara on my lashes, if I'm totally honest I think the look would look really nice with false lashes but alas I do not own any and would probably poke out my eye if I tried to put them on.

Finally to finish of the look I went for a bold red lip. Though the girls had a much subtler red lip, I found that the bold lip colour suited me a little better, and also that I didn't really have any lip product that could create the less bold red lip that they wore in the music video.

Any way, I'm going to classify this as one of my Christmas posts, so I think that's like two so far. I would definitely not have been any good at blogmas. Any way, I have yet to go Christmas shopping, I'm coming to the conclusion I'm a last minute shopper, this might back fire at me in the future *o*. I'm really bad at signing off posts so I'm just going to leave here, I hope you liked this post and if you try out the look tweet me @thats_sosophie

Over to you, What Christmas music have you been listening to these last few weeks? 

Till next time,
Sophie xox

Everyday Make-up Winter Edition

Heyy everyone,

So it feels like ages since I've done a beauty or in particular make-up post, I think the last one was over the October half-term and it was a Halloween one, and even longer since I've shared my everyday make-up look. So for this Sunday's post I thought I could share with you my Winter Edition for my everyday make-up.

As for 5 out of the 7 days a week I'm at college I liked to keep my make-up simple as I tend to not have that much time in the morning, not because I wake up late - I'm such an early bird - but because I'm also on twitter or pinterest or reading, I should probably try to ease on those habits. Any way as I'm keeping it simple I don't really use any eye shadow and instead focus a lot of my time on getting the wing of the eye liner looking the same on both side, it really annoys me when they don't look anything alike, maybe that's also why I'm almost (stress the almost) late leaving the front door.

For base make-up, I like to just use primer, foundation and concealer. I'm actually pretty new to primer but I'm so glad I tried it out as my foundation now stays on for most of the day which is great for days I'm in college from 9 till 4:15. I'm actually running out of primer so if you could recommend any I would be grateful ^_^. In the Summer I would have used powder as well, but due to it being so cold outside the air already dries my face up and I find powder just enhances that.

On my lips I've been loving the berry purple which I'm mentioned back in my October Favourites . It's such a great colour for winter, and goes well with most things I wear so it's a win win.

So this was kind of a short post, but I plan to work on some Christmas ones soon. To be truthful I haven't particularly feeling Christmassy yet, I think due to tests and essays to write at college, but as we're going to the Pantomime next week and putting up the decorations I can feel the Christmas spirit coming. At the moment I'm feeling very much like the Grinch aha.

Over to you, What is the main thing you change in your make-up routine when going from Summer to Winter?

Till Next Time,

Sophie xox