Stress Overload No More

Heyy everyone,

So recently my mojo for blogging has seemed to be running low, be that due to the weather being stormy or the fact I'm finding it hard to find time to take photos because the lighting isn't the best whenever I'm free to spend time on them. But then I'm sure everyone is going through all of this and I can't really control it. Blogging would be so much easier is I was Storm (I really need a x-men marathon at some point). But then I thought about it more and realised that when ever I've had time to blog I've been feeling drained of energy, mostly from all the work load we've been getting at college. I have a tendency to stress a lot over the simplest of things (then not so much at exams, I weirded a lot of people out by that hehe). So I've taking up this opportunity to use all this stress to write a blogpost on how to NOT stress. I've been collecting tips for a long time maybe I should actually put them into practice.

Success is not about how many times you don't fall down, but instead how many times you pick yourself up again 

1// Make to do lists. Okay so I know everyone says to do this, but most people make weekly to-do-list or just a list of things to do without a deadline. For me this doesn't work as I end up leaving everything to a Sunday and then stress more as I only have 24 hours or less before college/school on Monday when everything needs to be done by as I will have more stuff added to my plate. So instead I make daily to-do-lists. Most evenings before bed, I go through the stuff that needs to be done in the next day and then rank things from most important to stuff that it doesn't matter if I don't get it done. Then you can tick things off when you do them. For me I love crossing them out in red, as then it's like "goodbye work I no longer have to worry about you" *evil laughing*.

2// Set a time limit on the time spent on each activity. This became a habit when revising for GCSE's early this year when I made myself a timetable in order to fit everything in. By giving yourself a time in to do stuff you won't go over board and spend hours on one thing and never get anything else done. It also means you can tell yourself you've got to do this then and need to do it then, as well as making time in there to do something that isn't work.

3// Set yourself some time to relax. This is key! You don't want to over work yourself because by the end of the week you're just going to be completely drained, and when drained you (well at least I do) don't feel like you should keep going with that thing. Such as history for me, I nearly got myself piled under mountains of reading and it made me feel like I shouldn't be doing this subject any more. But instead I worked on my timings and gave myself that time aside, be it watching YouTube, reading blogs or just dancing round my room to Kpop. All in all, they de-stressed me and I was able to put my all back into my work in the time it was needed.

4// Find a hobby. I don't think I've read this anywhere if it actually helps but from personal experience having a hobby stops me stressing so much. Around this time last year it was drawing, and though I still draw occasionally recently my hobby has been blogging. It get's your mind away from what ever is stressing you out so you can go back to it later with a clear and calm mind so can face the problem in a more logical way. The hobby for each person is different. Like I mentioned blogging is my hobby but for some people it's their job so then blogging would most likely be stressful sometimes for them. I honestly wouldn't mind starting up a sport such as dance or boxing but I don't particularity want to be put in the little kids group and I'm still to young to be in the adults beginners groups, so for now I will stick to blogging and drawing.

5// Write it out! This could really relate to any strong emotion other than stress, be it good or bad, writing what you are feeling down on paper sort of just lets the feelings you've been holding on to go. It's similar to talking to someone about your problems but if you're like me and don't like telling people about what's going on then writing it down does just as good. It's like at one point I kept a diary but I soon found it a chore to write in it, so instead when ever I feel like my emotions are over my head and are trying to drown me I write them down and let them out my system. To make it even better, if it is emotions you no longer want you can simply rip up the piece of paper with the stuff written on it and throw it away, like throwing away all that stress that no one really wants.

So that's just 5 tips on de-stressing and stopping from stressing in the first place. I know I haven't mentioned a ton of ways to help but lend a fellow sister a hand and comment your tips below to share with each other, I would love some more tips before we have mock exams in January.

Over to you, how do you deal with stress? If you even stress that much. Any ways in which to reduce it or even stop stressing to the max?

Till next time, Sophie xox