November Outfit Snaps

Heyy everyone,

So I thought I would start a series for my outfit posts on here. I haven't really been up to much this last month apart from college and a birthday meal but I still thought I could grab a few snaps to make up an outfit post. I'm actually so stuck with how to start this post I think I've re-written this intro about 50 times (well it feels like it) so lets get out of this terrible start and get into the photos, which I'm sure everyone would prefer to see.

Top - Newlook | Jeans - Sainsbury's | Jacket - Gap | Shoes - Newlook

So lets start with outfit number 1. I would link all the items I'm wearing but I don't know if they still sell them *-*. I've worn this outfit so much over the last month. It has been one of my go to outfits for college. I mentioned the jacket in my October Favourites and to be honest I've pretty much worn it to college everyday, not only because my only other warm coat is a blue parka the same colour as my jeans but I just am kind of obsessed with it. The outfit as a whole is overall comfy, one box off the check list tickets, but it also makes me feel like I'm at least a little bit dressed up for going out the house, ticking another box.

 Top - I have no idea it was my mum's old one | Jeans - Sainsbury's | Jacket - Gap | Boots - Newlook

And again I'm wearing the green jacket in outfit number 2, is my liking for it showing yet? This outfit is what I wore to a birthday meal that I went to the other weekend. It was kind of a chilled meal but with the turtle neck I sort of felt a bit more dressed up (does that even make sense). The turtle neck top was actually one of my mum's old ones, but I've made claims to it rather than buying myself a new turtle neck top, as she never wore it anyway. This one isn't too tight and the long sleeves, though you can't see from the photo, are cuffed at the end which I love, and they're long enough to pull over my hands which is a necessity for me when wearing long sleeves. Apart from that the outfit is pretty much the same, though the jeans are a bootleg cut rather than a straight like in outfit 1.

 Denim top - unsure? | Jumper - H&M | Leggings - M&S

I should really learn where some of my clothes are from it isn't very helpful not knowing when trying to blog. Anyway outfit 3 if kind of a lazy day throw together. Even though I spent the day at home studying I wasn't feeling the baggy jumper and leggings (though I do love them other days) and wanted to dress up just a little and I guess this is what I came up with. The denim top is actually one of those flannel kind of tops that I tend to chuck on top of a vest top but on this day I felt like doing something different so grabbed this crop jumper and put it over the top. It was actually an experiment outfit because I didn't know if it would work but I have to say after it I actually quite like it. Okay I'm staring at the last picture and you can see where I would usually wear my watch as it's paler, I am sorry for that ^_^. Going back to the last photo I love rolling up my sleeves to make them sort of 3/4 length, though I do like hiding my hands in my sleeves having them pushed up my arm means I'm able to do work but don't have to get to cold as if I'm wearing a shirt sleeve top. And I totally just waffled on about nonsense there whoops.

Anyway that is just three of the outfits I wore this month. I'm thinking of keeping this as a series on this blog, if you enjoyed it let me know so I can keep it up for December. Oh my goodness, it's December that hasn't really sunk it yet! I don't think I'm ready for 2015 to be over yet, only last month I nearly wrote 2013 when I was in maths, ooppps!

So over to you, Which of these is your favourite look? Oh and what Christmas posts would you guys like to see? I've got some ideas but I don't know if there is enough.

Till next time, Sophie xox

Stress Overload No More

Heyy everyone,

So recently my mojo for blogging has seemed to be running low, be that due to the weather being stormy or the fact I'm finding it hard to find time to take photos because the lighting isn't the best whenever I'm free to spend time on them. But then I'm sure everyone is going through all of this and I can't really control it. Blogging would be so much easier is I was Storm (I really need a x-men marathon at some point). But then I thought about it more and realised that when ever I've had time to blog I've been feeling drained of energy, mostly from all the work load we've been getting at college. I have a tendency to stress a lot over the simplest of things (then not so much at exams, I weirded a lot of people out by that hehe). So I've taking up this opportunity to use all this stress to write a blogpost on how to NOT stress. I've been collecting tips for a long time maybe I should actually put them into practice.

Success is not about how many times you don't fall down, but instead how many times you pick yourself up again 

1// Make to do lists. Okay so I know everyone says to do this, but most people make weekly to-do-list or just a list of things to do without a deadline. For me this doesn't work as I end up leaving everything to a Sunday and then stress more as I only have 24 hours or less before college/school on Monday when everything needs to be done by as I will have more stuff added to my plate. So instead I make daily to-do-lists. Most evenings before bed, I go through the stuff that needs to be done in the next day and then rank things from most important to stuff that it doesn't matter if I don't get it done. Then you can tick things off when you do them. For me I love crossing them out in red, as then it's like "goodbye work I no longer have to worry about you" *evil laughing*.

2// Set a time limit on the time spent on each activity. This became a habit when revising for GCSE's early this year when I made myself a timetable in order to fit everything in. By giving yourself a time in to do stuff you won't go over board and spend hours on one thing and never get anything else done. It also means you can tell yourself you've got to do this then and need to do it then, as well as making time in there to do something that isn't work.

3// Set yourself some time to relax. This is key! You don't want to over work yourself because by the end of the week you're just going to be completely drained, and when drained you (well at least I do) don't feel like you should keep going with that thing. Such as history for me, I nearly got myself piled under mountains of reading and it made me feel like I shouldn't be doing this subject any more. But instead I worked on my timings and gave myself that time aside, be it watching YouTube, reading blogs or just dancing round my room to Kpop. All in all, they de-stressed me and I was able to put my all back into my work in the time it was needed.

4// Find a hobby. I don't think I've read this anywhere if it actually helps but from personal experience having a hobby stops me stressing so much. Around this time last year it was drawing, and though I still draw occasionally recently my hobby has been blogging. It get's your mind away from what ever is stressing you out so you can go back to it later with a clear and calm mind so can face the problem in a more logical way. The hobby for each person is different. Like I mentioned blogging is my hobby but for some people it's their job so then blogging would most likely be stressful sometimes for them. I honestly wouldn't mind starting up a sport such as dance or boxing but I don't particularity want to be put in the little kids group and I'm still to young to be in the adults beginners groups, so for now I will stick to blogging and drawing.

5// Write it out! This could really relate to any strong emotion other than stress, be it good or bad, writing what you are feeling down on paper sort of just lets the feelings you've been holding on to go. It's similar to talking to someone about your problems but if you're like me and don't like telling people about what's going on then writing it down does just as good. It's like at one point I kept a diary but I soon found it a chore to write in it, so instead when ever I feel like my emotions are over my head and are trying to drown me I write them down and let them out my system. To make it even better, if it is emotions you no longer want you can simply rip up the piece of paper with the stuff written on it and throw it away, like throwing away all that stress that no one really wants.

So that's just 5 tips on de-stressing and stopping from stressing in the first place. I know I haven't mentioned a ton of ways to help but lend a fellow sister a hand and comment your tips below to share with each other, I would love some more tips before we have mock exams in January.

Over to you, how do you deal with stress? If you even stress that much. Any ways in which to reduce it or even stop stressing to the max?

Till next time, Sophie xox

October Favourites

Heyy everyone,

I can't believe it's now November it feels like June was only the other week and I was taking exams. But anyway October was a fun months and I have been loving quite a few things last months so I thought I would share them.

I'll start with the make-up I've been loving. Since Autumn has finally come around, and if I haven't mentioned it before Autumn is my favourite season, so I've been able to bring out those berry lipsticks and dark nail polishes.

// Collection Extreme 24 hour felt eye liner. I've written about this eye liner a lot in previous make-up look posts, and I'm still loving it. I have a very shaky hand so liquid eye liner doesn't work and I find pencil creates a too thick wing so I've found felt works better. It may feel like I'm drawing on my eye with a felt-tip pen but I can create wings pretty well with it. I haven't really branched out with any other felt liners yet as I only really started wearing eyeliner last year but if there are any you like suggest them in the comment ^_^ .

// Rimmel Day2Night mascara. Though this isn't a new favourite, I've put it in this post as even when I haven't been doing a full face of make-up I've been leaning towards this product due to the volume it gives my lashes and that I don't look so tired all the time (I don't know why I sleep so much). Anyway this mascara is running out so if you recommend any please comment them.

// MUA Lip Boom 'Its A Situation'. I've had this lipstick for a good while now but have only been reaching to it recently, not only because it's a perfect shade for Autumn but at college I can actually wear lipstick. I'm guessing many 1st year college bloggers agree with me here but being able to wear lipstick actually adds so much to your everyday make-up look. So though some days I don't go for a complete bold berry lip, most days I dab it on to give a least some colour to my lips which are so pale, especially in these colder months.

// Essence nail polish. I'm sure I've mentioned this nail varnish in other posts but it has definitely been my favourite nail colour for the last month and probably will be the same for November. It's a dark red colour but not so dark that you feel like a vampire hehe. Since I got it last months I have pretty much worn it constantly, which kind of shows my love for it.

Apart from make-up the last month I've also be loving a couple of Autumnal pieces from my closest.

First is this green military-like jacket, which I can honestly say I have worn everyday to college. It works with every different outfit in my wardrobe, but then the colours in my wardrobe are pretty much all the same sort hehe. Apart from the fact it goes with everything, it's the perfect jacket for Autumn as though its not heavy or thick it keeps me just warm enough with out getting too hot in the Autumn weather that can't seem to make up it's mind on what temperature it would like to be. Also the pockets are huge and I can fit loads in them which is great for college as I tend to carry around a lot of stuff in pockets particularly lanyards, headphones and my phones, as well as lip balms which I end up collecting in the pockets because I forget I already have one in there. This jacket is from Gap which I picked up in an outlet store when they had a sale on, though it was a risky buy because I didn't know if I would get wear out of it, it was a good chose *-*

Along with the green jacket I've also been loving this pastel tartan scarf that I got from Primark at the beginning of the year. Though I haven't worn it out much yet as I've been finding walking to college has been kind of warm, I've been wearing it in the house when the heating hasn't been on and I've been freezing. I end up wrapped up in layers as the sun hardly reaches my window for the majority of the day due the houses and trees that block it's path. Anyway I also love the colours of this scarf! Though I do love the berry toned colours for Autumn, there is something about a bit of pastel that I just can't resist.

Okay, so in October I have found myself listening to a lot more music than I normally do, probably due to starting to not like working in silence. And also, though I know most of you don't listen to it there has been quite a lot of comebacks in kpop, meaning a load more songs to listen to. So these are my music favourites...
  • Day6 - Congratulations. This song isn't particularly new, though it was definitely this year, but I have been loving it nonetheless. Day6 are one of my favourite bands and I love all their songs! However this is the only one with a music video and I have to say I tend to listen to songs more if they have a mv. Anyway this song is super catchy, and though it is in Korean the catchy part does have some English words. I've been listening to it non-stop especially when I've been doing maths homestudy.
  • Ailee - Mind your own business. Ailee had her comeback in October after what felt like decades when it was probably only a year and a half or something. I mentioned Ailee in my music favourites post, which you can find here, that I did back in September. 'Mind your own business' is about getting back at your partner after a break up. I always love Ailee's songs and this one is not exception.
  • Demi Lovato - Confident. To be honest I haven't listened to any of Demi's songs in a long time, but in October this came up on my recommended on YouTube so I gave it a listen and have to say loved it! I always have loved Demi's songs and this one is just another one to add to my music playlist. It's a powerful song and I always feel strong after listening to it.
  • Block B - Jackpot. This song is actually from a couple of years back, but I only discovered it in October due to going to Korean society at college and they were playing it there. This song is super fun and it always makes me want to dance. The music video is also quite unique as it's set at a fairground, but if you don't like clowns I suggest not watching the mv and instead just listen to the song on spotify, it made me so happy when I found it on there, it's hard to find kpop songs on there. From Block B I also love their song 'Her' which has a pretty fun dance to it but between the two I felt like 'Jackpot' was a slightly better song, in my opinion.
There has been so many more songs I've been listening to in October but those were in like the last few days so I might put them into my November Favourites, if you would like that post.

Finally, though I don't particularly watch much TV, I have been loving Doctor Who, since it has been back on. I've been watching Doctor Who since David Tennant was the Doctor and I don't think I have ever missed an episode.

So that's all my favourites from October. October felt like it went to fast for my liking, I had only been at college for a few weeks and we were already at half-term, which is so odd thinking about how much work we got through. But now it's November everyone's starting to talk about Christmas, and though it's a little early for me, it does put me in a good mood.

Over to you, what have you been loving during October? Listened to any new music? And what are your plans for November? Any posts you would like to see?

Till next time, Sophie xox

Recent make-up buys

Heyy everyone,

Over the last few months, particularity during October I have found myself picking up quite a few new things. And though I was thinking I could do reviews about all or some of them I felt like I didn't have enough to say about each item so instead I'm merging all those posts together to give you this one. Anyway lets get into the post...

I'll start of with the black pencil eyeliner that I got the other week. It isn't really a new buy for me as I've been using the Rimmel Scandaleyes liner for a good couple of years now, and has been my go to waterproof liner. It's a drugstore brand meaning it isn't to expensive but it still stays on my eyes all day and doesn't run even when my eyes are watering due to something like hay-fever or because the cold wind is blowing in them (I always seem to have watery eyes). Though I do have the struggle of sharpening it and never getting a point again so find it hard to do wing liner with it, but that could be because my eyeliner sharpener is not the best.

Recently I also got another eyeliner this time a liquid one. Ever since I started wearing eyeliner I've always used a felt liner eyeliner where people used liquid as I have a shaky hand and I find it easier, but as we just had Halloween I kind of need the liquid one to use for face make-up, so though I don't know if I will use it again it's there is I feel like being adventurous. From using it over Halloween I can tell it's a good eyeliner, I picked up the Collection Waterproof Fast Stoke one, however I haven't worn it for that long of a time so I can't give a good judgement on that.

Pretty normal one, but the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer was another purchase from last month. This is my favourite concealer! It gives a good amount of coverage with out looking heavy and cakey. Though I have a feeling most people know about this product so there really isn't much I can say about it as quite a few people already rave over it. Anyway, I've been using this concealer for years now and I would definitely pick it up again and again.

I've mentioned the Essence nail polish collection before on this blog (you can find a review on Essence here) and since we are well into the Autumn months I felt like I needed a darker colour in my collection of nail polishes as they are mainly pink, which is weird as I never normally wear pink. This one in particular is slightly more of a red when put on my nails than other darker colours I've had in the past, but I love it anyway, and I find it kind of suits my hands as they're so pale making the red stand out even more. If you're looking for a cheap but good nail polish I would definitely recommend this.

Finally, I can talk about these two lipsticks. Up till now I haven't owned pretty much any lipsticks apart from maybe you got in those gift sets when you were younger which weren't really the best and a purple MUA one. And yes you all may gasp and stop in shock but I didn't really wear anything on my lips apart from lip balm and maybe a bit of lip-gloss when I went out to parties. But recently I've been loving the idea of lipsticks and have so any reviews about the Rimmel Kate Moss collection that I persuaded myself to get one, this red one is in the colour 01, which though isn't the actual one people rave about it was the only one in the shop and it's on red which was all I wanted. After wearing it I can now realise why people love this brand, it gave off such a great colour and actually stayed on my lips pretty well which I find hard to find in a lip product. Anyway the other lip stick I got was a black one from MUA. To be honest I only picked it up because there was a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug and I had the two eyeliners already and since Halloween was coming up I thought I might as well pick it up as I technically got it for free with the other two eye liners. I'm actually glad I got it as it finished off my sisters Halloween costume pretty well which makes me glad. For £1 this products is pretty decent and I will definitely be trying to use it in the future even if it is to fell tumblr or for a make-up look for this blog.

So, this is all my recent make-up purchases. If you have any other make-up recommendations comment the below, I love searching up new products and seeing if I will like them. 

Over to you, I was wondering if there were any posts you would like to see over the next few months?

I've written this post so fast for a Sunday afternoon, I'm going to blame it on listening to Vixx! Who have you been listening to recently?

Till next time, Sophie xox