Trick'or'Treat | Vampire bride make-up

Heyy everyone,

I can't believe it is only two days till Halloween or three days or one day, what ever it is and which days you count it's really soon. It's finally feeling like Halloween in our house as my sisters have put fake spiders webs all over, I keep walking into the low hanging pieces! Anyway for this post I'm going to do another make-up look and I have to say out of all of them I've done this is definitely my favourite. I love dark make-up! It makes me feel strong and powerful, I guess how an evil villain might feel. Or maybe just because the colours make my eyes pop and kind of look scary ^_^

For this look I didn't want all the focus to be on the eyes like in the other looks as I feel like this black lipstick (that I kind of really like) makes a pretty bold statement. So I kept the colours on the eyes to be just one colour and simply worked and layered it up to give the right amount of darkness and shadow I wanted. Since it if a Vampire bride look I didn't want to use black on my eyes as I wanted it to be a bit more feminine, so I used to gorgeous dark burgundy purple on my lids. It is actually a blush that I used as I didn't have the eye shadow in the colour that I wanted but it worked out pretty good. To go along with the more feminine and dramatic look I sort of winged out the eye shadow, and to keep the line crisp I simply used some sticky tape and taped it running up from my bottom lashes to the tip of my eye brow (place the sticky tape on your hand before so it isn't so sticky that it hurts your eyes when you take it off after wards). I also took the colour all the way up to my brow, not only so you could see the shadow but as vampires tend to have sunken in eyes and I didn't want to take it too much under the eye so this is what I came up with.

I always forget to mention, how I do my face make-up, but it is pretty much my everyday make-up, and the same as what I mentioned in my other make-up post which you can find here, with a little moisturiser mixed into the foundation to make it lighter so I looked more like the un-dead. (If you want an updated everyday make-up routine comment below).

For the rest of the eyes, using a black eye liner and following the edge of the eye shadow I drew on a thin line as well as using a pencil eye liner to tight line my eyes. To finish off the eyes I took the eye shadow *actually a blush* under my eyes and blended it along the bottom line of the wing, then coated my lashes with mascara and we were good to go. I said 'eyes' way too many times in that last paragraph!

To finish off the make-up as I mentioned at the beginning, I used a black lipstick for a bold look on the lips. This one is actually from MUA and for being only £1 it came out pretty well. I didn't do this, but to make the lip look a lot cleaner around the edges you could line your lips with a black lip liner or use the lip stick and a lip brush, but I had neither a lip brush or liner so I had to be really careful, but I think it still came out okay.

To complete the look, I styled my hair in this kind of quiff that was done in two parts going along with my parting; it reminded me of a hair do that a vampire would wear when I did it last year around Halloween. And also added the choker which I wore in my doll outfit post (which you can read here), and the look was done!

I had a lot of fun creating this look! It even scared my Mum when I went down stairs to get a glass of water after I had finished it. If I had to choose out of all the looks I've done over the past week, I think I would choose this one if I was going anywhere for Halloween. Only one more posts to this Halloween series then it will be back to Autumn/Winter posts and soon Christmas ^o^ If there is any Christmas posts you would like me to do, suggest them below.

Over to you, if you recreate this look picture tweet me @thats_sosophie . And which one out of the three looks I've done has been your favourite?

Till next time, Sophie xox