Trick'or'Treat | Doll make-up and outfit

Heyy everyone,

I'm back again with another Halloween post! Right now I have the one line "this is Halloween, this is Halloween" stuck in my head and have no idea the rest of the words, but at least I'm in the mood for Halloween which is what we want hehe. Plus finishing my history essay has put me in such a good mood. So against yesterdays post this one is a little different. I decided to create an outfit post, with a bit of make-up, to show you guys that you don't need to go spend loads on an outfit to look decent. And you don't have to be a typical cat either. This one I think is a bit more creepy, maybe more if you were in the dark, but I have to be honest I'm not the best a being creepy, my friends say I'm more innocent than anything *hides the kpop obsession behind her because would go against my innocent character* Okay anyway lets get into the post.

I chose for this look to try a replicate a doll, emphasis on the try! I got this dress a while back from Sainsbury's for like £6, and though my sisters laugh every time I wear it I kind of like it. The pattern on it reminds me a bit of a Japanese kimono, and the sleeves are 3/4 lengths which are my favourite kind of sleeve length. Anyway, I kept the dress loose though you could add like a belt to it, but dolls to me wear loose dresses and though can be creepy are meant to be cute. To add a bit more glam to the look I paired the dress with a chocker that I bought ages ago from Newlook because I liked the dainty necklaces that were part of its set, and I think this is like only the second time I've ever worn this piece of jewellery though I'm starting to love it. 

These are both just two pieces I already had, proving you can make something out of what you've already got, and don't even need to DIY. Shout out to all those who are not very good at DIY's like myself.

Next onto the make-up. Honestly the make-up for this didn't quite come out as I had hoped for it, but I think it still does its job. I used a pale purple all over my lids and then a slightly darker purple blended into the crease to give my eyes some depth. I thought pale colours worked best for this as they make your eyes seem bigger, which results in a more doll like look. It would also work well if you had eye contacts that are slightly bigger than your original iris, I think you can also get anime like ones that I wish I could try out some time. Next I used a black eyeliner and lined the top of my eyes like normal then lined the bottom of my eyes slightly away from the water line, in hope to make my eyes seem bigger (I've used the word 'bigger' so many times this post). Then finally, I added a white along my water line and to the inner corners of my eyes and put on a good coating of mascara and my eyes were done.

The lips of this look I love! I tried to make a heart sort of shape and then lined them with my liquid liner to make the red stand out even more. I love this red so much and am so glad I can finally wear it as at college I try not to wear too much red lipstick as I fear it will scare people away aha. If you mess up on the lips use a concealer to tidy things up, concealer becomes your best friend when doing make-up!

So that's it for another Halloween post. I hope I've been able to give someone some kind of help on their Halloween costume, even if it's how not to make a mess aha. If you do give it a go, send me a picture on twitter (@thats_sosophie) or tag me in it on Instagram (same username as twitter). I love to see other peoples make-up looks as well as outfit posts.

Over to you, what Halloween movies do you like to watch?

I hardly ever watch Halloween movies *gasp*
Till next time, Sophie xox